Alternatives to Amazon For Online Fashion Shopping

Hello everyone, today we look at Amazon alternatives. But before then what do we call amazon ?.

Amazon is an online store that offers their consumers low priced goods and an easy ordering process. It's one of the most regarded and visited online stores in the world. With lots of users that visit the online site every day. Though they might be one of the best but they do have their flaws. They have been accused by several media outlets of trying to control the pricing of goods.

Well, we would be sectioning the alternatives into various categories. Firstly, we would be starting with lifestyle choices like fashion. Amazon was once regarded as one of the best in these categories. But over the years, this section has been on the decline. So what alternatives can we use?

Alternatives to Amazon For Fashion Shopping Online

1. Boohoo


This is one of the best alternatives to Amazon when it comes to fashion. It is based in the UK, and have their products aimed at ages ranging from 16 to 30years. Founded in 2006, is a specialist in their branding company. They own over 100 new products that they upload on their site daily. They have the awards to back up their already burgeoning reputation. Another amazing feature about this site, they give a reasonable discount to students (that are users). Though the student needs to sign up and they can also earn a chance to win some cash prize. A feature you will enjoy as a buyer. You can return purchased goods with 14days of purchase.

Pros of Boohoo

· It offers a special discount for students that are registered users.

· As a Boohoo user, if you make use of the Boohoo premier. You will get a reward of free next day shopping for a year.

· They offer a regular deal on the products in stock.

· You get free returns on any purchased goods.

2. Rakuten


Established in the late 90's. Rakuten had previously changed the name. They were previously known as a site called the Until the purchase, and the renaming which occurred in 2010. Well, Rakuten doesn't own any line of products. Rather they do something similar to eBay, they connect you with some legit partners that will help you grow. They have a well-arranged and managed product category. They have several categories like toys, fashion, travel, home and garden, entertainment, jewelry, and many others. Another bonus feature is that they have video reviews that are on some products on the site. They run a something unique(program). In this program, you get points for each product that is being bought by you.

Pros of Rakuten

· They have a huge stock of products. All on various categories.

· They provide video reviews on products that sell.

· They offer daily deals, to get more users to use their site.

· The super points program they run is useful. It enables the user to gain more store credits which they can use later on.


Alternatives to Amazon For Online Fashion Shopping: ASOS
Alternatives to Amazon For Online Fashion Shopping: ASOS

ASOS (AsSeenOnScreen) is a British online market store. They mainly deal with fashion and cosmetics products. Founded in the year 2000 (over 20years ago). ASOS has been known yo deal with the sale of over 850brands. They are also into their clothing and accessories line which comes at the varying range. Students who sign up with ASOS get up to 10% worth of discount. Sometimes this discount can reach as high as 20%. They have options for the Click and Collection option. This option offers the user the select the collection point where they will pick up their order. They also offer free returns on goods purchased on their site. Though you at least 28days to make any return on any goods.

Pros of ASOS

· They offer some great student discounts. Which is rarely found on another site.

· They do hold some special and great seasonal deals. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc have their special deals.

· They offer free delivery of products worth over £25.

· As a premium delivery user, you are guaranteed a free next-day delivery for a year.

Alternatives to Amazon, when looking for technology and electronics.

We move onto the next section. We will discuss the alternatives to Amazon modern technology and the electronic inclined section. Users of the online market place might be interested in buying from this site rather than from Amazon.

4. Newegg


This alternative is said to be like Amazon. The only slight difference deals with they are only into selling electronic goods. While Amazon has an electronics department that helps with repairs. They don't have on the Newegg site. They have a wide range of categories like toys, hobbies, software, automotive, industrial, etc. Founded in the year 2000, by 2005 they were regarded as one of the best retailers shop online. It has various awards to back up its prestigious reputation. They are known to offer quick fast and reliable delivery They have a wonderful customer service according to various reviews. They do have plans to go bigger than before. They want to go global and deliver goods to more countries.

Pros of Newegg

· They offer special daily deals to their users.

· They offer a free 3-days shipping on every purchase made.

· They also provide their user with a weekly report and live stream about products. Also included are reviews of products.

5. Currys and PC World

Currys andPC World
Currys and PC World

A combo of Currys and PC world birthed this innovation which was trialed in 2015. And it has been an outstanding success to date. They have products like PC accessories, Computer accessories, etc. A unique feature is the free standard delivery offered to any delivery made. They own over 800stores where you can easily pick up your goods. They offer a product return of just 21days. Though the return period may be extended in seasonal days. They also help with the recycling of your old equipments, saving the user the time and energy is disposing of it. They are a well known electrical company and a good alternative to Amazon.

Pros of Curry PC World

· They give out free delivery on all goods ordered.

· They have a standby "Team Knowhow". Who helps with repair and installation of electrical and electronic appliances.

· They have regular sales for customers.

· They offer a recycling option that saves the user time, energy and money. They do so when delivering a new appliance.

Alternatives to Amazon, when looking for Unique Gifts

Finding the perfect gift is not as easy as it sounds. We do have websites that specialize in selling the perfect gift. Though, Amazon is a great site for getting gifts. They also produce products in large quantities. So you might find it hard to find a unique gift. But with the listed sites below, finding the right gift is made easier. You will find an unusual and unique gift for that special someone. You will find individually crafted items that look special. Using this site, you help develop local artisans rather than the high level cooperate business. These alternatives include the following:

6. Overstock


Fun fact, the site was founded to offer helping hands to sites that weren't doing good. Sites that had issues selling goods off from their site. So they sold various goods like furniture, home decor, etc. Currently, they deal with the sale of new products and they run a special feature called the "Worldstock". Now they have made it possible and easier for users to buy stuffs. Stuffs that are usually well-handcrafted products. These products are from artisans that are from around the whole world. They use this method to support the rising artisans and gain by splitting the revenue.

Pros of Overstock

· They help grow community artisans.

· Their offers are so good, you save loads of money.

7. Etsy

Alternatives to Amazon For Online Fashion Shopping: Etsy
Alternatives to Amazon For Online Fashion Shopping: Etsy

You looking for a specific gift for that special person. Launched in 2005, they specialize in marketing unique gifts. Most of the products in stock are usually handmade. Products like jewelry, accessories, handmade clothing, etc. They offer classic and vintage items. But these items can only be bought by individuals older than 20years old. The sellers of each item, are required to pay a meager fee to list their products. While the buyers are afforded the choice to drop reviews and read reviews about the seller. As a buyer, you are not required to sign up for an account on Etsy. You can easily log in using Facebook and Google accounts.

Pros of Etsy

· They support the growing artisans. They do so, by giving them revenues generated from the sale of products.

· They have amazing customer service.

· They provide many items that are very rare to find. This products can be personally customized to suit one's taste.

Alternatives to Amazon when looking for household and grocery shopping

It's not easy going out and getting the daily need of the household essentials. But with Amazon, you can easily get all these items right at your doorstep. These goods ate usually less expensive when compared to another physical grocery store. With Amazon alternatives, you even get a wider range of products to buy.

8. eBay

Alternatives to Amazon For Online Fashion Shopping: eBay
Alternatives to Amazon For Online Fashion Shopping: eBay

This is probably the biggest alternative to Amazon. They don't usually sell their line of products but rather act as middlemen. Between sellers and buyers of the product. While on this site, you can get your desired products in two ways. Firstly, it's by clicking on the "buy it now" option. Secondly, by winning it in an auctioning. They have various sections for the users to select from. They have some sections like "Best Offers", where you can find some ridiculous cheap items. This section has the low valued items placed in it. Other categories include toys, fashion, collectibles, home entertainment, home and garden tools, etc. They offer featured sales and some special events to help users. A unique service they offer is the eBay Money Back Guarantee. This service is used when you don't receive your purchased item. And your money is returned to you. They also help connect people to various charities organization for a good cause.

Pros of eBay

· The unique buying options. You can easily buy using Buy It Now, or buy products at a lower price using the Auctioning.

· They offer discounts and special deals for their buyers.

· They offer varying delivery options depending on what the buyer wants.

· The eBay Money Back Guarantee helps protect the buyers from the loss of money without goods.

In conclusion,

With these listed sites, I hope you can find a reliable alternative. They may not be as good as Amazon. Or as massively filled up with products. But they are a good backup to Amazon when you need one.

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