Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

The world of anime has fast become a go to for teenagers and adults around the world. If you love to stream anime online, it is very important to learn about the best anime streaming sites which is a major reason for writing this article.

Therefore, this article is for anime lovers!

What is Anime?!

When you hear about anime shows, some might think it is a cartoon series dedicated to children but really it's not. It is a term used for Japanese animation movies production with storylines generated from Japanese comic books known as manga. This television animation shows are not aimed at just children but mainly adults.

This category of Japanese film production is known for its colorful graphics, amazing themes, and also have its characters designed with huge eyeballs. For viewers across the world, the term anime is basically understood as Japanese animation. It is pronounced as ah - knee - may.

History of Anime

The word anime is not an abbreviation of the English word animation. It has its own history and we will like to talk about it briefly. In 1917, commercial animation was produced for the first time and as at 2023, Japanese anime makes up well over 70% of the animated series produced around the world. Anime has a special graphics and themes which is way different from regular cartoon images.

There are several streaming sites dedicated to anime viewers and we've carefully selected the best in no particular order. In this guide, we will introduce you to the best Anime Streaming Sites with huge library of anime shows. So, for those planning to stream anime series online, this guide will point you towards the best website available for your viewing pleasure.

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The Best Anime Streaming Sites in 2023

Hulu - Anime Site

Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online in 2023: Hulu
Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online in 2023: Hulu

This is a popular U.S based streaming platform. It is an amazing streaming service dedicated for watching movies, series and TV shows online. It has well over 30 million subscribers across the world.

Hulu has a large data base of anime movies and series which makes it one of the best sites to stream anime online. Its wonderful collection of anime series gives you access to watch anime shows such as Naruto. We recommend Hulu because it is free from annoying ads.

NOTE : Hulu offers a 30 days free trial but requires subscribing to packages after.

GogoAnime - Anime Site


Anime shows can be streamed for free on this platform. It is the largest anime streaming site because it offers every Japanese anime series you can think of. This site also stands out because English subtitles is available on all its series.

It has a wonderful user interface that is easy to navigate and also has a mobile app version for those that loves streaming anime on a mobile device. All the latest anime shows can be streaming in high quality on GogoAnime. Do check it out!

NOTE : You can stream anime shows for free on this site.

Crunchyroll - Anime Site


This is a legal anime streaming service. This site has a huge library of roughly 30,000 anime episodes and they can all be streamed in HD quality. It has over 1-million subscribers around the world and a forum to share their experience.

One of the reason why we highly recommend this site is because you can stream anime movies and shows in different languages unlike some streaming service that restricts you to just the Japanese and English languages.

Crunchyroll offers additional contents such as manga, drama, music and video entertainments. These are additional Asian contents from different genres. Shows like Tower of God and Princess Connect are some of the series you will enjoy.

NOTE : It offers a 14 days free trial and $7 monthly subscription.

Anime Freak - Anime Site

Anime Freak
Anime Freak

This anime streaming site makes our list because it allows users to watch dubbed episodes of anime series. There are well over ten thousand anime episodes on this streaming site and it is widely used in countries like the UK, USA and India.

The major reason why Anime Freak is one of the best anime streaming sites is because you can get new episodes of on-going anime shows faster than many other sites. It has a user friendly interface and categorizes the movies and series on its data base in alphabetical order. It is easier to search for your favorite series.

NOTE : Anime Freak is free to use but pops up ads that my upset live streaming.

Anime Heaven - Anime Site

Anime Heaven
Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven has a very attractive layout and a comprehensive collection of latest anime shows. It has a nice online community that allows users to communicate with other anime lovers.

You can watch dubbed and subbed anime series on this streaming site. It is very unique because it gives users access to download their favorite anime shows in any video quality they prefer. It allows episodes to be searched by release date.

NOTE : Anime Heaven is absolutely free and doesn't pop up annoying ads.

Netflix - Anime Site


Netflix is arguably the best streaming site currently. Netflix might not be dedicated for anime series streaming but it will be wrong if this excellent site doesn't make our list. There are well over 50 anime series on Netflix.

Netflix is a premium site, which means it is not free. You have to subscribe to a monthly package to enjoy amazing anime shows like Seven Deadly Sins and Voltron on the site. You can also enjoy subtitles in English for top anime series.

NOTE : Netflix is not free, it requires you subscribing to a monthly package.

Kiss Anime - Anime Site

Kiss Anime
Kiss Anime

This is one of the best anime streaming site on the internet. It has a really nice interface that allows users to customize the appearance. It has series of theme and a dark mode feature. These beautiful themes makes it very attractive.

We highly recommend Kiss Anime streaming service because it has series of mega quality anime shows. Anime videos can be streamed in several formats such 480p, 280p, 720p and 1080p. Awesome right?! Go get it.

NOTE : It does not require you to pay for monthly subscription as it is free .

9-Anime - Anime Site


This streaming site has a large collection of 25,000 plus anime movies and shows. Most content on this site are in high resolution which is a major reason we've recommended it. For non-Asian viewers, you can watch anime shows dubbed in English. It is such a wonderful site to stream Japanese anime series.

You can sort the library of movies and shows by genres, latest, release date and the most watched. This makes it very easy to catch up with popular anime shows.

Personally, it is one of my favorite anime streaming site.

NOTE: It pops up limited ads but it offers free streaming service .

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Viewster - Anime Site


You can watch the best anime shows for free on this site. Popular Korean dramas can be streamed on this platform which is an added advantage to the collection of popular Japanese anime series.

It has a search box that allows you search for your favorite anime movie or series. On-going anime shows can also be streamed. You can even select the particular episode you want to watch from the search result display at a click. It is a very unique streaming service and we love it.

Viewster has an android app if you love to watch on a mobile device.

NOTE : It is free with little ads to deal with.

Anime Planet - Anime Site

Anime Planet
Anime Planet

Anime Planet is the final anime streaming site on our list. It is a very popular platform for streaming top quality anime series. We decided to include Anime Planet on our list because it provides users with a summary of the storyline for the movies and shows in its library.

You can also interact with other anime lovers on its amazing forum. This community makes it easy to make friends with people that share same interest.

NOTE : Anime Planet is totally free .


The ten top anime streaming sites we recommended in this article are arguably the best. Many of them are free but the paid versions will give you access to enjoy a better anime streaming experience.

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Ensure you check each and every one out and also share your thoughts in the comment section for us to know about your views and learn about other anime streaming sites we didn't mention.

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