Best Apple Watch Faces You Should Try in 2022

Apple watches are smartwatches produce by the Apple manufacturing company. The smartwatch is used for different purposes. They can work in conjunction with the iPhone to make calls, text, and perform other essential function of the mobile device. It can also be used for fitness tracking, make payments, and play music. The Apple watch can connect to a nearby Wi-Fi network to perform essential functions, thereby reducing the need for iPhone in most cases. The Apple Watch comes in different faces. Each face of the Apple watch suits the purpose with which you decided to purchase it. Though the orientation of the face can be changed, it is of high necessity to get the best Apple watch face for the purpose you decided to purchase the Apple smartwatch.

Summary of Best Apple Watch Faces in This Discussion

The features of the Apple watch face discussed are highlighted in the table below.

Apple Watch Faces



1. It has eight complications.

2. Four of the eight complications are displayed at the corner of the watch face.

3. Shortcuts for apps, music, and other activities are displayed on the watch face.


1. It has a bold, neat, and analog look watch face.

2. It displays for complications.

3. The complications can be customized.


1. The watch face has a blend of Arabic and Roman numerals.

2. It has two complications, with the option of extending it by four.

3. It has the Always-on-Displays mode feature.

Liquid Metal, Fire/Water

1. It displays animations.

2. The animation can appear like liquid metal, fire, and water.


1. It displays attractive colors and styles.

2. Users can choose complications at will.

Siri Watch Face

1. It displays live scores and meeting schedules.

2. It displays weather forecasts, upcoming events, sunrise, and sunset notifications.

3. The digital crown is displayed on the watch face.

Numerals Duo

1. It displays bold and colorful three digits.


1. It gives information about dusk, dawn, twilight, sunrise, and sunset.

Toy Story

1. It displays animations.


1. It displays 24 pictures randomly from your photo gallery.

2. Time is displayed at the right corner of the watch face.


1. It displays different locations.

Best Apple Watch Faces in Detail

Today, I will be sharing with you the best Àpple watch faces selected from the wide varieties of smartwatches produced by Apple company.

1. Infograph - Apple Watch Face Link


The Apple Infograph remains the most complicated watch face produced by the Apple company. The watch is widely embraced by Apple watch lovers in different parts of the world. The face provides you with eight complications. Four of them with complications are located at the corner. They could display some extra information when the need arises. Some of the information presented by the complications include weather and the temperature of your location. However, some of the complications can be turned off, depending on your choice. Also, shortcuts like apps, music, and other activities can be displayed in the free space in the middle of the watch.

Check the link below for more information.

2. Meridian - Apple Watch Face Link


Meridian is another Apple watch face that has made it to the gallery of the trending watch face produced by Apple. It has a bold, neat, and analog look watch face. The watch face comes with a gorgeous outlook with four complications. The complications can be changed as you wish. The watch face offers its users full-screen mode with a redefined outlook. So if all you need in an Apple watch face is the full-screen mode with few and flexible complications, you can go for the Meridian Apple watch face.

3. California - Apple Watch Face Link


California is a unique watch face designed by Apple. It looks attractive with a blend of the Arabic and Roman numerals that serve as an indicator of the watch. The California Apple watch face has two complications. However, you can extend the number of complications it can accommodate by four. This is done by switching the face to a circular dial. Each of the four added complications is positioned at the corner of the watch face. The California watch face also has an "Always-on-Displays" mode. This mode is most times useful for the watch owner.

4. Liquid Metal, Fire/Water - Apple Watch Face Link

Liquid Metal, Fire/Water
Liquid Metal, Fire/Water

The Liquid Metal, Fire/Water Apple watch face is a beautiful watch face designed with different animations. If you love seeing animations on your device, this Apple watch face is designed for you. It has a fantastic feature whereby you see amazing animations when you shake your wrist or tap the screen. The animations can display like liquid metal, water, or fire because it has a lot of animation designs in its library. The watch face also displays complications on the screen. All you need to do is to switch to the circular dial shape. Then you have complications you can customize.

5. Simple

Just as the name implies, Simple is the simplest of the watch face designed and produced by Apple. The watch face is made for Apple watch users that delight in using watches with simple outlook. You can customize the face of the beautiful looking watch face with different attractive colors and styles. Also, you can decide to choose complications for the watch. This largely depends on you as it is not displayed on the watch face by default. So if you need an Apple watch face with a simple look, try out the Simple Apple watch face.

6. Siri Watch Face - Apple Watch Face Link

Siri Watch Face
Siri Watch Face

If you area kind of person that loves sporting activities or you are busy with different meeting schedules, the Siri Watch face is for you. The beautiful looking face of Siri has the live score displayed for sports lovers and meeting schedules for the busy individuals. It also helps you with its suggestive day to day activities. The Siri watch face displays weather forecasts, upcoming events, sunrise, and sunset notifications. The live score, meeting, and other important information are neatly displayed on the face of the watch. Furthermore, Siri watch face has a digital crown that can be scrolled through the activities display on the watch face.

Visit the video below for more information

7. Numerals Duo - Apple Watch Face Link

Numerals Duo
Numerals Duo

If you have a casual meeting or date with friends and colleagues and you need an Apple watch face that is best for the occasion, the Numerals Duo is the best choice for you. The watch face looks cool with a uniform background color display. It also displays bold and colorful digits that tell you the time of the day. The shade of the dial is designed with different colors. If you are not comfortable with the default color of the digits, the colors can be changed. The digits are just three, and their display styles can be changed at will.

8. Solar

The Solar watch face is a fascinating looking watch face that is designed for individuals that love traveling and desire to use interactive devices. This Apple watch face is designed with a beautiful outlook. It displays the position of the sun in real-time and gives information about sunset. This feature makes it a good watch face for you when you are traveling. It also has clock hands that run in opposite directions to the time. The watch face has a digital crown feature that monitors the trajectory of the sun during the day. Additionally, the watch face informs you about dusk, dawn, twilight, and other essential information.

9. Toy Story

If you are a movie freak or you like seeing animations or toys, the Toy Story watch face is the right choice for you. The watch face displays different animations that delight you when you see them. To get some exciting animations programmed to the Toy Story watch face, Apple has programmed impressive animations like Woody, Toy Box, Buzz, and Jessie. The Toy Story watch face can mainly attract your kids, thereby distracting them due to their love for animations and cartoons.

10. Photos

If you are obsessed with snapping and showcasing your pictures, the Photo watch face is the best for you. Just as the world has shifted to the use of social media to upload and display your images, Apple has also moved a step forward by creating a watch face that can show your photo effortlessly. The Photo watch face is programmed to display 24 pictures randomly from your photo gallery. The picture is shuffled and showcased to you. However, the Photo watch face will only afford you the chance to have a digital check of the time of the day. The time is displayed at the right corner of the watch face.

11. Timelapse

The Timelapse watch face is an elegant watch face designed and produced by Apple. The watch face displays different locations of the world. You can choose places like New York, Shanghai, Mack Lake, and many more. The locations are stylishly displayed on the face of the watch. The watch face does not show complications at default. However, you can add complications to the Timelapse watch face effortlessly.

Check the video below for more information.

Wrap Up

The Apple Watch face has offered its users a lot of benefits by adding to their beauty, keeping them informed of the happening around them, and other activities. The apple watch face discussed here are the best Apple watch face you can try. I hope you will find this guide helpful when you decide to purchase your desired Apple watch face in 2022.

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