Best Apps like Photoshop for Android Devices

by Dan Sullivan

Before now, most people take pictures for fun or to keep memories of important events and ceremonies. At this time, the photography world lacked photo editing tools. Hence, all pictures taken were processed without add extra effects to make them more attractive and fascinating.

Thanks to technology, you can now edit your favorite photos before posting them to social media platforms or saving them for reference purposes. Nowadays, many photo editing tools have been developed. One of the famous and widely used photo editing tools is Adobe Photoshop. Since its introduction, Adobe Photoshop has continued to provide efficient and fantastic photo editing services to its users. However, the amazing photo editing tool didn't act fast in developing a mobile app that can perform the same editing functions. By the time it eventually yielded to its users' demand, it came up with an app that fractured its services in different apps. With this, Adobe Photoshop users could not access all its photo editing features in an all-in-one app. They were left with the option of downloading different Adobe Photoshop apps. Hence, users of the tool had no choice but to seek better alternatives to Photoshop.

Summary of Best Apps like Photoshop for Android Devices

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of the best apps - like Photoshop.

Apps Pros Cons
  1. It offers non-destructive editing services.
  2. It has excellent filter and effect features.
No cons are documented.
  1. It has a huge effect, overlay, layering, and styling tools.
  2. It is updated with new effects regularly.
Its editing services are free but display ads.
Toolwiz Photos
  1. It has an outstanding color correction feature.
  2. Fascinating user interface.
The free version displays ads.
PicsArt Photo Studio
  1. It has excellent collage making tools.
  2. It offers users stock pictures and free templates.
Its free version displays ads.
  1. It offers over 8000 free templates.
  2. It has wide arrays of artistic and design tools.
The paid plan is a bit expensive.
Fotor Photo Editor
  1. Outstanding photo collage creation.
  2. Users can earn money.
  3. Users can showcase their photo editing skills in weekly competitions.
No cons are documented.
  1. It has a powerful in-app camera.
  2. It has amazing photo editing tools.
The free option displays ads.

Best Photoshop Alternatives for Android

In modern-day technology, many apps perform the same function as Adobe Photoshop. Therefore, it is imperative to discuss the best apps - like Adobe Photoshop. With that said, today, I will be telling you the best apps like Adobe Photoshop you can use on your Android devices.

1. Snapseed - Photoshop Alternative


If you are a new entrant in the photo editing activities and need an excellent photo editing app, Snapseed is the best app you can use. The app is designed with a highly intuitive, pleasant, and fascinating interface that makes it easier for new users to navigate effortlessly. With Snapseed, you will get all the vital tools you need to produce an attractive photo. All the photo editing features of Snapseed are embedded in the app. Hence, you don't need to download different apps to edit your photo. On Snapseed, you will access about 29 sets of tools and filters to edit your pictures. These editing tools include exposure, healing, color, structure, brush, and reshaping and masking tools. When you use the filter tools of Snapseed, your edited photo will appear natural. Snapseed has excellent non-destructive editing tools. Snapseed is free of cost. Hence, you will enjoy all its features without spending your dollars. Snapseed does not disturb its users with ads display.

2. Plixr - Photoshop Alternative


Plixr is another outstanding photo editing app you can use as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Though its interface is not looking simple or attractive, Plixr provides fantastic photo editing services to its users. With Plixr, you will enjoy many exciting photo editing features. When you install and use Plixr to edit your pictures, you will access features like overlays, effects, and wide arrays of filter tools. On Plixr, you can blend various fascinating pictures together to form a collage. You will enjoy other photo editing features like c olor fixing, photo collage creation, and styling pictures with pencil, poster effects, text overlay, focal blur, masking, and many more. Plixr is entirely free of cost. Hence, all the photo editing features of the Android app are enjoyed without spending your hard-earned dollars. However, Plixr displays a few ads while in use.

3. Toolwiz Photos - Photoshop Alternative


Toolwiz Photos is an excellent app that caters to its users' photo editing needs on their Android-powered devices. The app is designed with an elegant and user-friendly interface that is not difficult to use. Toolwiz Photos has a lot of fantastic features that will thrill you when you launch the app. With Toolwiz Photos, you can access amazing photo editing features like HDR support, watermark, art effects, magic filters, borders, frames, painting styles, doodling support, drawing, text overlay, and lots more. Toolwiz Photos also allow you to have unlimited access to blur effects of different types. The photo editing tool has over 200 tools through which you can retouch, edit, and enhance your favorite pictures. Toolwiz Photos has advanced color editing and correcting tools. You can also maintain photo tones with features like RGB curve, contrast, brightness, auto-tone, color transfer, gradient map, etc. The photo editing services of Toolwiz Photos is free of cost. It also displays few ads in the free version. You can eliminate ads display with an in-app purchase version.

4. PicsArt Photo Studio - Photoshop Alternative

PicsArtPhoto Studio

If you are a user of Android-powered devices, PicsArt Photo Studio is a popular photo editing app you will see in the Google Play Store. To date, PicsArt Photo Studio has recorded over 500 million downloads - making it one of the most downloaded editing apps in the Google Play Store. The app has an elegant and user-friendly interface that is straightforward to explore. With PicsArt Photo Studio, you can enjoy a wide range of photo editing features. It has fantastic features that help its users crop, create cutouts, clone, stretch, adjust curves, and add text to pictures. The photo editing features of PicsArt Photo Studio comes with a brush-like mode that makes the editing tasks easier and quicker. Aside from editing photos, PicsArt Photo Studio also serves as a photo retouching app. The photo retouching features of PicsArt Photo Studio include collage maker, user-created stickers, memes, collage creator, free clipart library, drawing tools, and many more. The photo editing tool offers free and in-app purchase services. In free services, ads are displayed. The in-app purchase version disables ads to display.

5. Canva - Photoshop Alternative


Canva is an excellent Adobe Photoshop alternative that does more than photo editing. The tool has a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface that is straightforward to maneuver. The photo editing tool has a lot of exciting features you will love to use. With Canva, you can access tools that will help you add effects, styled texts, and apply beautiful borders to your favorite photos. The photo editing tool also has features through which you can create dozens of photo collages. Apart from its photo editing functionalities, you can use the Canva Android app to create logos, posters, and graphics designing. You can also use the app to create Instagram stories, YouTube thumbnails, banner images for platforms like Pinterest , Facebook, and other social media platforms. Canva provides free and in-app purchase services to its users.

6. Fotor Photo Editor - Photoshop Alternative

FotorPhoto Editor

Fotor Photo Editor is an outstanding app like Photoshop - you can use to edit your favorite photos. The app has a fascinating and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate for its users. With Fotor Photo Editor, you can enjoy arrays of photo editing features. The app has massive editing tools through which you can add unlimited styles, effects, and filters to your photos. The styles available on Fotor Photo Editor include vintage, film, black and white, kaleidoscope, and many more. Fotor Photo Editor has beautiful pre-build collage templates in which you can easily choose from and convert your photo to amazing art. On Fotor Photo Editor, you can monetize your edited photos through licensed platforms like the stock photo marketplace, PxBee, and many more. You can create your personalized portfolio so that people can view your edited photos and spend their dollars on them. As a user of Fotor Photo Editor, you can participate in photo content sponsored by Uber, Sichuan, Ctrip, and many more. If you win the contest, you will be rewarded with cash. Hence, if you want to take your photo editing prowess to a higher level, Fotor Photo Editor is the right app for you. The app provides free and in-app purchase services.

7. PhotoDirector - Photoshop Alternative


PhotoDirector is an excellent photo editing app that offers its users a lot of amazing features. The app has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is not difficult to use. With PhotoDirector, you can take pictures with its in-app camera and apply live photo filters and effects to them. You can also change the saturation and white balance of the picture in real-time. PhotoDirector also has exciting features like HDL sliders, brightness, exposure, contrast slider, darkness, and RGB color channels. The app offers free and in-app purchase services to its users.


Today, I have discussed various photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. Please read through the features and choose the best app you desire to edit your favorite photos.

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