Best Educational Websites For Kids

If you have the Internet at home, it means that your children have unlimited opportunities to acquire new knowledge.

Why a Need for Kids' Best Educational Sites ?

However, there are so many sources of information that you can easily get confused about them. That's why we've found online resources that can be safely advised to children. These resources will not only help broaden their horizons but will also turn thoughtless surfing on the Internet into useful leisure.

If you're looking for educational resources to boost your classes or teach your child any subjects or skills in a fun and interactive way, these 10 educational websites are your best best.

Before that…

What are the benefits of educational websites for your kids?

New technologies have substantially changed the way we approach knowledge. Mobile phones, tablets, or our traditional PCs have become a fantastic tool to access new knowledge and do it online and in a fun way. Some of the benefits include the following:

They allow you to access thousands of educational resources for free.

The courses and activities are supervised by experts in education and adapted for each of the stages of children's learning.

They are presented in a format that children are already familiar with: mobile phones and tablets, so an educational (and not just playful) use of these devices is also encouraged.

They offer the possibility of accessing knowledge focused on new technologies such as programming, robotics, or cybersecurity.

They allow parents and teachers to have interactive resources with which to liven up the learning or make the classes more interactive.

They reinforce the knowledge learned in class and do it from a playful perspective to encourage fun and interactive learning.

They introduce formats in which the child is the protagonist of adventures or online challenges which benefits the learning experience

And above all, they are fun and allow you to achieve the goal of learning by playing.

List of Best Educational Websites For Kids

Now that you know the benefits of educational websites for kids, it's time to find the right resources that can be useful for your kids. Hardworking and caring parents use the best offers for their children and do the right thing. This listing will interest you:

1. Spatulatta


Spatulatta is one of the best cooking websites for kids. This presents an opportunity to improve your children's culinary skills with over 300 video classes so that children learn to cook at the same time and also have time to practice on their own. The kids can now playfully prepare their first culinary masterpieces. Children will learn how to bake colorful pancakes and thin pizza, not excluding the opportunity to develop their creative skills: during cooking classes, children also play and dance, which helps them to relax and feel comfortable at home. These are not only cooking classes but an ideal pastime for curious minds that are always eager to know everything surrounding the kitchen activities.


In this selection of online educational platforms, we will not only focus on the traditional Primary and Secondary subjects but also on those new subjects that will be indispensable for the immediate future. specializes in programming for children through simple games and tricks that will help your kids to learn the computer language little by little.

3. Primary World

Primary World
Primary World

One of the great references when we talk about online educational platforms for children. This website offers you hundreds of resources and ICT games to promote learning, such as web design, project management, knowledge of the environment. In the same way, this website offers you the option to download and print files for coloring or exercise.

4. Childtopia


Among the multiple options of online educational platforms that you can find on the Internet, Childtopia specializes in online games and resources for children in Infant and Primary education. On this website, you can access video tutorials to make crafts, interactive puzzles, and riddles.

5. Smartick


Does your child have problems with math? Smartick is an educational platform that aims to facilitate numerical understanding and explain from an interactive point of view everything related to mathematical operations. It is recommended for school children between 4 and 14 years old. Registration is free, and you can access Smartick from anywhere in the world.

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy
Khan Academy

Focused on both Primary and Secondary students. Khan Academy is one of the educational platforms where you can access more than fifty online resources to review daily and in fun way subjects such as English, math, or language. If your child is ready, he can start with a pre-test after going through the tutorial that makes it easy to design a personalized learning scheme, and your kids have access to countless subjects like math, biology, language, literature, physics and chemistry, geography, history, and many others.

7. offers a wide choice of interactive games to print, for kindergarten or elementary school children. From 2 to 10 years old, the kids will find a multitude of games to learn while having fun. is the right point for coded coloring pages or educational sheets - vary the pleasures! Help your child read, count, and understand the world around him through online educational games. presents games and videos in different categories such as "Pre-school, "1st Grade", "2nd Grade", "3rd Grade", "4th Grade," and many others. The most obvious pluses of the site are free games, and there are no ads on the site! A downside is an insufficient number of these games. However, if you consider them, like any activity of the child at the computer, they will be enough for many exciting evenings.

8. Scratch


Scratch is a visual programming software intended mainly for the creation of interactive stories, games, and animations. It has a free pooling platform accessible to all. In science and technology, Scratch is also used for piloting and programming interfaces available in laboratories. This is one of the best websites for your kids to develop home automation and robotics idea.

Moreover, coding with Scratch is much simpler than coding with a real traditional programming language since the creation of scripts is carried out from simple instructions in the form of an assembly of blocks (controls, variables, sensors, etc.). So it turns out to be a very fun and educational tool for your kids.

The MIT Media laboratory manages Scratch. Scratch comes online as an interactive application and website, and offline as software with the same interface.

This project design process calls upon and develops several skills necessary for today's young people who want to be successful later in their lives: creative thinking, clear communication, good systematic analysis, effective collaboration, iterative reflexive design, and continuous learning.

Naturally, most kids will not all become professional programmers, just as most of them will not become professional authors. But learning to program has advantages for everyone: it allows students to express themselves in a fully creative way, helps them develop as logical thinkers, and helps them understand the functioning of the new technologies they encounter daily in their life.

9. Brainscape


Brainscape offers a large number of card games, and the service is available for schools. If your kids desire to develop their skills, this is the application to choose. It offers a combination of certified classes and user-generated sets. The quality is high, but not all are free. Some are trial version before you buy, and you can only unlock the full set by subscription.

10. Google Earth

Google Earth
Google Earth

With Google Earth, it became easy to explore the Earth every corner while staying at home, warm, with a hand in a cup of coffee or tea and the other mouse or the trackpad on which the fingers slide to zoom in or out in Google Earth. Google Earth can go a long way to improve your kids' understanding of the Earth.

Thus, the whole Earth is stared at every day by tens of thousands - if not by millions - of very curious Internet users, eager to know an environment, a landscape, a city, an environment, by exploring three dimensions if the Earth, then discover new ones. Google Earth also has many professional applications that can help kids.

Appeared in 2005 after the acquisition of the company Keyhole, which had developed Earth Viewer, its ancestor. Google Earth assembles thousands of views taken by geostationary satellites. Also gives the chance to use various angle with higher resolution, by planes, balloons and also by drones.

Conclusion of Best Educational Websites For Kids for Free

Education and teaching should not be confused. Teaching consists of transmitting a body of knowledge (knowledge and skills) and values ​​considered to be part of a common culture. The term educational, therefore, relates to teaching with the appropriate medium.

Learning online isn't difficult. And similarly, like every other website, the age-grade and focus of your kids determine which of these sites will be most suitable. It's essential to take note of the details to ensure they spend quality time learning new things that will develop their minds. The sites above will certainly help you give your kids the perfect online activities to build their careers.

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