The Best Free Premium Link Generators for 2023

by Dan Sullivan

The Best Free Premium Link Generators for 2023 - If you want to make unhitched file downloads from the premium file hosting websites, then most times you need to make use of a premium link generator that truly works. Now, although you would find a number of link generator service providers, some of them are not free- which means that you’ll have to meet several requirements before you can proceed to use them. Consequently, the free premium link generators have become the best choice for fast downloads that work instantly and save your time. In fact, one notable trait with the free premium link generators is that you can make use of them any time, and without any registration or log in hindrance or restrictions.

We have listed about eleven premium link generators that are absolutely free to use, and which are guaranteed to be amongst the best you can find in 2023. To confirm that they work just fine, we carried out several test packages using file download links from the most utilized file host websites. Consequently, you can be sure that all premium link generators listed here, have truly earned the rights to feature on this review.

Also, since there are possibilities that other existing or newer premium link generators, may become very relevant, the list below is not absolute- as it would be updated when required.

Before diving in to see which are the best premium link generators in the current year, it is important first to understand what these download tools are, and their relevance to our everyday internet use. Now, if you’re a regular internet user who always have to download uploaded files from host sites, then you’ll probably appreciate the premium link generators, more.

Premium link generators are simply websites- which may otherwise be referred to as online tools, which enables a user to easily download files that have been hosted by any or all of the premium file websites such as Rapidgator, Uploaded, and Turbobit. Their use is characterized by an essential top download speed, which is accessible to the user, at no cost.

In essence, the free premium link generators are so called, because they grant users free access to premium file download benefits. Note that these benefits should normally be for users who have paid and subscribed to the premium download packages- usually with a premium account to show for it. Another good thing about the free link generators is the fact that users can always use them seamlessly on either of an Android device, or a functional computer.

Although there are several ways to go about a file download, I’ve come to agree that the best one for you, is to make use of the internet download manager (IDM). IDM beats the torrent, and the full premium download options, because of such factors as the relative speed as well as its independence on the peers and seeds numbers. If you use the IDM download option, you’ll discover that files are downloaded almost immediately you initiate the process.

This is not to mean; however, that premium value subscribers, don’t get real value for their subscription package. In fact, premium file hosting sites are reasonably more appropriate for both content upload and downloads. Hence, you could find this to be of more advantage if you’re both of a regular content uploader, and a downloader as well. These services provide enhanced storage, good speed, content security, and other expected characteristics of the premium packages.

The issue with premium account subscription, however, is their characteristic huge costs. Note that many people don’t have the financial strengths to cope with premium subscriptions, and hence the need for a substitutive framework that works equally well. Leechers (as free premium link generators are also called), helps you carry out easy and fast downloads, from the premium hosting sites- even when you’ve not paid a dime.

The Deepbrid Free Premium Link Generator
The Deepbrid Free Premium Link Generator

As far as we can tell, the Deepbrid free premium link generator is still the best in its category for the year 2023. The platform allows you to carry out instant downloads of every link you post up on the website, without even the slightest fuss. We’ve tried several link download patterns and formats on Deepbrid, and the efficiency and speed is top notch. This is remarkably true to its slogan- your links, served instantly, even since most users have attested to the validity of the platform’s claims.

Note that as a free premium user, the website allows you to perform up to five individual downloads- with each of the sizes of the files coming to a maximum of 1,200Megabytes (1.2 gigabytes). Deepbrid allows its free users to download files from such file hosts as Mediafire, rapidgator, extmatrix, icerbox, alfafile, mega, 1fichier, uploaded, filefactory, and several others.

To start using Deepbrid

→ Simply log on to

→ Start using the free premium download option, by clicking on the downloader

→ Copy the link you wish to download, and paste it in the download box (you may be required to input a password, but this is not necessary- so you should ignore it)

→ Proceed to generate the file, by clicking on the displayed generate option. After this is done, the file appears within a few seconds.

→ Once the file has been generated and displayed, click on download, and that’s it.

The Reevown Free Prem Link Generator for Uploaded
The Reevown Free Prem Link Generator for Uploaded

The Reevown premium link generator, just recently changed their platform interface and some of its features, to a better user-friendly interface. It also now goes by a new alias known as the Reevown Cloud™. Some of the new features on the link generator, are the traffic information stimulating how much download gigabyte, is allowed per specific premium host sites.

So far, Reevown happens to be the best premium link generator for the Uploaded premium host, because it specifically has an file link generator. This file link generator has a massive 63 terabyte storage space capacity, as well as 84 mirrors. The operation method allows users to download uploaded™ file sizes of up to 1 gigabyte for every singular mirror, per hour. This means that you reasonably have an unlimited premium download access, for uploaded™ file downloads.

Asides Uploaded™ file downloads, users can also carry out premium link download from share-online with others, Turbobit, and a few others.

To start using Reevown:

→ Log on to

→ After logging on to the premium link generator, carefully observe the information listed on the interface: including the storage bandwidth details, user traffic, the added mirrors, and the link generator.

→ Copy the file link from the host site, and paste directly into the Reevown download box

→ Once the intended file comes on display, proceed to download by clicking on the download button.

The CocoLeech Premium Link Gen for Rapidgator
The CocoLeech Premium Link Gen for Rapidgator

For all my free premium link download, the CocoLeech remains the best for the Rapidgator premium host site. The CocoLeech download tool allows its free users to download up to ten Rapidgator files, of no size limit. Each time you use the service, you’ll see a list of the last one hundred Rapidgator source files, that were downloaded by various users. Note that this link generator is not restricted to Rapidgator use, as it supports other premium link host sites like Turbobit, letitbit, netload, amongst others.

An advantage with the CocoLeech premium link generator website is that free premium link users don’t need to register or login before they can make use of the service.

To start using CocoLeech:

→ Log on to the CocoLeech website on

→ Paste in the link you’ve copied from your premium link host, into the CocoLeech download box

→ Click the generate button, and wait for a few seconds before the download begins

4. The PremiumZEN - Gen Site

The PremiumZEN
The PremiumZEN

The PremiumZEN premium link generator is another download tool that is reasonably easy to use. In fact, the platform has made it possible for users to execute their download activities in just three steps. After you’ve searched for the file of interest, copy the links onto the download box, and proceed to download the files.

Note that PremiumZEN generator essentially supports all of the following six premium file host websites: Uploaded, Mediafire, Uploadgig, Turbobit, as well as Rapidgator source files.

To start using PremiumZEN:

→ Log on to the PremiumZEN platform on

→ Copy out the links from your desired premium file sharing website, and paste it into the PremiumZEN download box

→ Click on the file generate option, and wait for the file to display

→ After the file is displayed, proceed to download

5. The Leechall - Generator Link

The Leechall
The Leechall

We’ve recommended the Leechall premium link generator, because of its ease of use- and especially because you can download up to 3 link files, without a need to register or login. Each of the link files can have a size capacity of up to 10 megabytes, meaning that Leechall allows free premium download users, to make downloads of up to 30 gigabytes.

Premium link files to download on Leechall, include those with sources from Rapidgator, Depfile, Turbobit, 1fichier, Datafile, and so on.

To start using Leechall:

→ Log on to the Leechall website on

→ Go on to copy the download link from your choice premium file sharing platform, and paste it on Leechall

→ Click on the download button, and your file starts downloading almost immediately.

The Uploaded Prem Link Gen
The Uploaded Prem Link Gen

This one gives you a number of details that you may find useful when you’re looking to download specific files. Hence, the interface shows information like server strength and traffic, file host server, and other statistics. We discovered that this premium link generator provides details of every file that you’re downloading. Hence, if you necessarily need this information for your files, then you may use this particular service provider.

Supported file host sharers on the platform include mega, 1fichier,, file factory, etcetera. You’ll enjoy usage in this link generator since its server limit exceeds a 6-gigabyte capacity.

Although this link generator has its peculiar advantages, we don’t like loads of adverts and link splicers, that accompanies every use of it. Asides this, every other component looks pukka.

To start using Uploaded Premium Link Generator:

→ Simply log on to

→ Observe the server statistics for a while, so you’re able to choose the one with potential optimum download traits

→ Paste in the premium file link you’ve copied, and click on the generate (sometimes, a password prompt comes up, but you may successfully ignore this)

The Hungry Leech Premium Link Gen
The Hungry Leech Premium Link Gen

The Hungry Leech Premium link generator aims at providing top quality free premium link generation and download. So far, we think the platform is reasonable enough, for free premium link download users. However, they only support four premium link file hosts, which makes it use a little more streamlined. They also don’t provide any user benefit stats on server limits, past downloaded files, etcetera.

When using the Hungry Leech Premium link generator, be prepared to go through relatively more processes- in the course of your download. The platform supports premium files of fileboom, nitroflare, as well as the rapidgator.

To start using Hungry Leech:

→ Log on to

→ Paste in your copied links, and verify that you’re not a robot. After this is done, check the box to signify that you’re aware of the terms of use and that you agree with them.

→ Click on the generate option to display the premium links, for the posted link

→ Once the premium links have been generated, click on it, so that a drop-down arrow appears- on which you’re also expected to click.

→ A ‘request file' button shows beneath the link, which takes you to another page with a ‘leech it’ button.

→ After clicking on the leech it button, the platform brings up a series of ads, URL shortener, and some five second time count.

→ After that is done, you’ll finally arrive at the download page, where your download starts after a few minutes.

8. The 10-Download - Premium Gen

The 10-Download
The 10-Download

The 10-download premium link generator is still one of the easiest to use, as far as the best premium link generators are concerned. Its overall layout is simple, and almost anyone can easily make use of it for the first time.

However, the platform supports files with and 1fichier sources only, and the file sizes must not exceed 800 megabytes for, and 2048 megabytes for 1fichier. Note that this premium link generator, makes use of ads, so you better be prepared to wade through them.

To start using 10-Download:

→ Log on to

→ If you’ve got an ads blocker on your browser, then you may use it- to prevent the multiple ads that usually pop up your screen

→ Paste your premium download link into the download box, and click on generate

→ The download page opens, and you have to distinguish between the download link and the numerous adverts on the page.

9. The Leech Ninja - Generator

The Leech Ninja
The Leech Ninja

The Leech Ninja looks so much like the Hungry Leech, and it’s, in fact, possible that they’re owned and operated by the same individual. However, unlike the Hungry Leech that supports only three file hosts, the Leech Ninja also supports uploaded and Keep2Share, but not fileboom.

Since the link generator operates in a similar way to the Hungry Leech, you should also expect that the premium link generation procedures are equally that long.

To start using Leech Ninja:

→ Log on to

→ Paste in the copied link from your premium file host

→ Follow the same procedure as for the Hungry Leech Premium link generator

10. The BigSpeed - Generator Premium Site

The BigSpeed
The BigSpeed

Although Bigspeed seems to have performed well at some point in time, we did not really get to download any files on the generator. Efforts to download uploaded™ premium files showed repeated error prompts and no other file source has worked so far.

As it stands, it seems the platform is undergoing huge maintenance and upgrade, hence intending users may still be on the lookout for any coming updates.

11. The HarBlaze - Generator Site

The HarBlaze
The HarBlaze

This premium link generator has just been added to our lists because we’ve found it to supports relatively more file hosts than several other link generators. Asides that, the generator’s thirty gigabytes per file host download, is definitely something massive. Although this premium link generator is still relatively new, its impressive features have significantly increased its prospects amongst users.

HarBlaze also has a link checker facility, which you can use for confirming the validity of your links. Note that the platform supports more than twenty premium file hosts, which alone is something big.

Limited in the number of features it has but straightforward to use, RapidGrab allows fast and efficient downloads. You can only download up to 2GB file size when using RapidGrab. The good thing is that you can generate links as many times as you want.

RapidGrab supports about 30 file host including 1filchier, Datafilehost, and others. You can get the full list of supported file hosts on RapidGrab website.

To use this link generator

→ Access RapidGrab website via

→ No signup needed. Provide the link of the file in the space provided and complete the robot test. Once you pass the test, click the Convert button.

→ Your premium link will generate in seconds. Copy the generated link and start your download.

The Juba-get Premium LinkGenerator –Site Link
The Juba-get Premium LinkGenerator –Site Link

Juba-Get premium link generators come in two versions –the free and the VIP edition. Juba-Get offers users a lot of cool features and it is very easy to use the website. It is unnecessary to purchase the VIP license. You should know that the Free version offers only 500MB file size downloads. The VIP version offers unlimited file size download, ability to use the pause and resume feature, etc.’

It supports some of the top file hosts including Rapgator, there is a list of the full file hosts supported on the website for your perusal.

How to use Juba-Get:

→ Access the site via and create a free account on the website

→ Next, copy the link of the file you want to generate premium links for.

Note: If the file is bigger than 500MB and you operate a free account, try out other link generators on the list here.

→ Paste the link on the space provided in Juba-get and start downloading.

14. The Real-Debrid - Generator URL

The Real-Debrid –Site Link
The Real-Debrid –Site Link

Real-Debrid is not free all right; as it comes with a onetime fee of €3. Considering all the features it offers users, it is basically a steal. Real-Debrid is an efficient premium link generator that allows users to download files of unlimited sizes. With a whopping 50+ file hosts supported, there is almost no link you can’t generate using this link generator.

How it works:

→ Log on to the site here. The process is straightforward. You have to sign up and create an account

→ Once you make the necessarysmall fee, you can proceed togenerate and download your file.

→ You need to copy the link of the file you want to download and Paste in on Read-Debrid –there is a space allocated for this.

→ Once you generate the link, the download should start almost immediately.

15. The LinksVIP - Generator Site Link

The LinksVIP –Site Link
The LinksVIP –Site Link

LinksVIP allows users to generate premium links at no costs at all. No registration or sign up is mandatory. LinkVIP supports a little above 20 file hosts. There are daily file limits for different file hosts but these limits are large. The daily limits depend on the file host. While some file hosts –,, and more- have over 20GB limits, file hosts like have only 2GB.

The only issue with using LinksVIP is the language on the website. This is not much of an issue thanks to language translating software like Google Chrome or other browser plugins.

To get started on LinksVIP:

→ Log in to (official LinksVIP website)

→ Access and copy the download link of the file you want to download from the file host website. Paste it on LinksVIP and click the download button.

→ Once the link complete generating, your file will download immediately.

The SimplyDebrid premium linkgenerator –Site Link
The SimplyDebrid premium linkgenerator –Site Link

SimplyDebrid sports a very user-friendly interface and is also efficient. SimplyDebrid supports over 20 file hosts and with more than 7 language support. There is no need to register on the website when using it. It supports most of the popular file hosts including 1fichier and Datafilehost.

To use this link generator website:

→ Access the website –

→ Paste the link of the file you want to generate a premium one for in the provided box.

→ Once you generate the link, you can copy it and start your download.

17. The - Link Generator Website

The –Site Link
The –Site Link

To describe just how fast is impossible –it is just exceptional. There is no download limit so you do not have to worry about how much you use the link generator. allows you to generate a premium link to make your download private thus make it faster.

Also, has the pause and resume support as is common with all premium link generators. This makes it easier especially if the internet connection is bad and unstable.

You can generate and download from almost anywhere. It even supports links from most of the top social media websites –Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more. Thanks to this, you can download videos and comedy skits on social media websites with ease.

You can check if the file host you want to download from is available on support list via the website.

To get started with

→ Log on to the

→ The interesting thing about is that you do not have to waste time signing up on the website. Paste your links in the input box provided on the website.

→ Once the link generates, Download starts immediately.

18. The PremiumLinkGenerator - Prem Link Generator Site

The PremiumLinkGenerator –Site Link
The PremiumLinkGenerator –Site Link

PremiumLinkGenerator is one of the best premium link generators right now. It supports over 30 file host websites. This is, in fact, one of the biggest file host support you can see from any link generator. It supports some of the most popular file host sites including MediaFire.

You need to sign up and create an account on the site before you can use the generator. There is a trial account where you can try out all the features on the link generator. You can now pay for the full premium account if you are okay with the website’s service. One feature of PremiumLinkGenerator is the pause and resume support; which helps if the connection is not as stable as it should be.

How to use PremiuLinkGenerator:

→ Log in to the site (the link to the site is above)

→ Copy the links of the files you want from the file host the file is on. Paste the file in the provided box on the PremiumLinkGenerator download box

→ Click the generate option and wait for the link to generate.

→ Once the process is complete, you can now start the download.

19. The QFI - Generator Link

QFI is one of the good ones if you ask me. QFI saves time it is as simple as that. It is one of the best link generators when uploading or downloading files on the internet. There are a lot of features that are available when users are generating premium links using QFI. One of this feature is the pause and resume support. With this, you can download or upload any size you want without fear of the file getting corrupt. Also, the upload speed of QFI means you do not have to wait for ages if it is a big size file.

To use QFI:

→ Access the QFI webpage (link is above)

→ You would have to paste your links in the box provided. The premium links should start immediately.

The Dasan free Premium LinkGenerator –Site Link
The Dasan free Premium LinkGenerator –Site Link

Dasan supports over 50 file host sites and like Real-Debrid is a steal for the price. Dasan allows you to download files at very fast speed. There is also a pause and resume support for your files in case of interruptions caused by your internet connection.

Some of the major sites it host include,,, and a host of others.

How to get started:

→ You need to register an account here

→ Insert the link you want to generate in the box provided and click the generate options. Once you generate the link, you are good to download.

The HyperDebrid Premium LinkGenerator –Site Link
The HyperDebrid Premium LinkGenerator –Site Link

HyperDebrid is the last on our free Premium Link generator list. It is 100% free to use; in fact, you need not register on the website before using the website’ services. HyperDebrid supports generating links from over 30 hosting sites. There is a full list of host sites you can download from on HyperDebrid website and you can access them at awill.

Also, HyperDebrid is good to use especially if there is link shortening and redirects before you can access a file. HyperDebrid download speeds are fast and stable.

How to use:

→ Go to HyperDebrid website

→ You would a box where you can paste your link and generate. You should note that HyperDebrid does not allow bulk link generating. Generate premium links one at a time.

Note: Before you can start the download, you need to go through some deep ad-1layered webpages. Once you do, the file will start downloading.

Now, downloading premium files for free, have become significantly possible, and less difficult. Even if one premium link generator does not support your file source, you’ll definitely find another free premium link generator that supports it.

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