Best Free TV Apps for Android to Stream or Watch Live TV Shows in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

To be candid, we all want to minimize the rate at which we subscribe for cable. There are many reasons for this.

Why Watching TV Shows on Android Apps in 2023 ?

One of the first reasons is the fact that most of the time, the majority spend the bulk of their time away from home. Sometimes in the office, at the eatery for lunch, religious gatherings, and to see a friend. So, lots of people get tired of continuously dipping hands into their purse and wallets, just to pay for something they might not enjoy since they spend less time at home.

And, of a truth, it's practically not possible and advisable to go all around with our flatscreen TVs and cables to enjoy the services that it offers. So, we're earnestly looking for other suitable options- options that come with ease and better prices with a lot of packages to enjoy. But, you'll all agree with me that these options will inevitably involve portable and very easy to carry devices from one place to another. You don't need to look too far, as the answer is right within your reach- your mobile devices(Android devices).

If you do not know, let it be known to you today that one of the compelling services your android device can provide, apart from making and receiving calls is simple. Smartphones can serve as mini or light-weight devices for fun and entertainment. And, of course, you can move from one point to the other with them.

We do not need to go into full detail about other things you can do with your smartphones or Android devices. Things like;

1. Sending emails

2. Taking photos and selfies

3. Surfing the web

4. Playing games and many other whatnots space won't allow us to mention.

Now, to solve the problem of renewing cable subscriptions without really enjoying all that it has to offer due to space and time. Your Android devices can also be channeled into that as you can make use of your smartphones to stream Tv shows and channels. Also, get aware of what's going on around you through the news.

To do all these and more, you have to get connected to one or two online platforms through mobile applications. Be assured you have a place to get everything - Google Play Store it is. It is replete with several requests for watching Tv shows and all.

Best Free TV Apps for Android to Stream or Watch Live TV Shows in 2023

So, without slowing down, we plunge into our business for the day- best Tv applications to watch Tv on Android devices.

Kodi (Free) - TV Show App

Kodi (Free)
Kodi (Free)

It is quite notable, and it works as a media player. It is integrated with an interface more or less in a graphical format. But, quite simple when it comes to navigation. As soon as it is fixed, you get to comfortably watch videos, check pictures, podcast messages, and even music. To hint you all on this, Kodi doesn't give you the specific program or content you're interested in.

However, to solve this, you can invariably get another video outlet or plugin. A good example is the " exodus on Kodi." This way, you are bound to enjoy unrestricted materials from original service providers or sites. Plus, an unlimited number of channels on Tv, films and Tv shows.

Youtube - TV Show App


YouTube is one of the first platforms that come to mind whenever we hear the word videos. Why? Well, probably because it's a first-class app for watching videos. Plus, it grants every user the opportunity to watch a whole lot of content of the various mixes. Be it;

1. News

2. Videos(in terms of music)

3. Comedy

4. Movie thrillers and many other whatnots.

Lots of Tv channels, particularly the ones with a lot of exposure and audience, go live directly on this platform. It's even very possible for you to get unrestricted access to channels that interest you. With this, you get notified of any post, make your preferred list of how you want everything to be played, air your views via the comment box, get to stream using all sorts of devices and even get to share these videos on other social media platforms.

ABC Live Tv - TV Show App

ABC Live Tv
ABC Live Tv

Lovers of ABC shows gather here for a selfie. You'd love this! With this mobile application, you have the free right to watch complete events from a vast area of materials and/content.

SPB Tv - TV Show App


Looking for a free mobile application that grants you the freedom to stream over two hundred channels in more than one language? Then you're in the right place! More so, you might not like to use a platform if it's not suitable to navigate. Even if it has all the excellent features, every Tv app should have. Fortunately, SPB Tv comes with an attractive and smooth interface. Therefore, easy navigation and unique user experience are guaranteed.

With this remarkable interface, you can quickly run through the list of channels and set apart a handful of them as your preferred channels. By doing this, you get straight access to them. With a hundred percent certainty, it sits in a convenient spot on the list of best Tv apps. Mind you; it's free.

HBO Now - TV Show App


HBO now is a free mobile application. It gives you straight access to HBO's unique series, everything on your Android device. Simple to use form that ensures you have automatic entry to every of your desired episodes on HBO. At first, you get a free thirty days trial version to enjoy every one of its goodies and services. When that is exhausted, a subscription fee of approximately fifteen dollars per month will be needed so as for you to keep enjoying their services.

History- Free - TV Show App

History- Free
History- Free

From its name, you know what it is all about. It's focused more on lovers of history and historical events. It gives several shows and video clips on the history-related matters. It comes free of charge. However, you get to have better access to a variety of factual content if your Tv service provider supports it. So many features to enjoy. A good example is a custom-made watchlist of shows that so much interest you. Not to worry, its got a lot of good stuff plus new ones are uploaded regularly.

Examples of the shows you get to watch are;

1. Vikings

2. Ax Men

3. Big Easy Motors

4. The Curse of Oak Island

5. Izzy and many other whatnots

One remarkable thing about the app is the free access to restricted episodes or video clips that you do not get to see on Tv.

Viki - TV Show App

Best Free TV Apps for Android to Stream or Watch Live TV Shows in 2023: Viki
Best Free TV Apps for Android to Stream or Watch Live TV Shows in 2023: Viki

For those sets of people who sincerely love watching Asian movies and novels, you'd like this mobile application. Engineered by a group of diehard fans, every of its release is subtitled into one hundred and fifty languages, at least. So, do not fret, no form of language barrier. Just find your preferred language and enjoy the goodies it has to offer.

It gives unique content, far different from what you'd get from other counterparts, as it concentrates more on Asian films and shows. It's a blend as the material consists of Tv shows and other services. Its got audience, especially non-Asians covered as it provides subtitles arguably for all its programs.

Cartoon Network- Free - TV Show App

Cartoon Network- Free
Cartoon Network- Free

The good thing about these Tv apps is that there's always something for every category of people. Cartoon Network is there for kids or young adults that love kid shows. One good thing about the app is the fact that you get to see a couple of episodes before the time they are made available on Tv. Isn't that amazing? Lots of shows at your disposal. Also, it might interest you to know that you need not login or anything of the sort before you can get access to complete episodes. Sometimes, you come across a key on some of its content. All you need do is to input your information, that is your Tv provider details to gain access. And for those without keys, unrestricted access it is.

Crackle- Free movies and Tv - TV Show App

Crackle- Free movies and Tv
Crackle- Free movies and Tv

With Crackle, you get a drop-down list of exciting films and other series from yours truly, Sony Pictures. You get fresh content each month, so you don't have to get bored with seeing old stuff. Also, every one of their services come with no charge. Probably due to the free service, you encounter ads while on the platform. Well, its original series is very much at your disposal and no charge or cost.

Showbox - TV Show App


Well, this mobile application is kind of different. In what sense? You can get other apps mentioned above from the Google Play Store but not Showbox. So, you have to go right through the link we've packaged for you; then, you download the recent APK for it.

As soon as you have completed the simple step, you have full access to stream a vast array of films and shows without worrying about subscription fees. It is right for you to know that fresh content is uploaded from time to time.

To bring it to a close, I'm sure you must have noticed that no category of people is left behind. So, all you need do is to choose from the available options according to how well it suits your requirements. Now, tell us, what do you think about the article?

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