Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS 2022

Music is a global commodity, part of the ever-growing entertainment industry. It is diverse in its form as well as the emotions it gives life to. Most people can even relate their entire lives with music genres.

In a competitive world, marketing platforms are important aspects for music. One such robust medium that provides music is iTunes. Endorsed by many, it remains near the top as a music distributor.

But the Apple Inc. application is not the only one around. There are other applications which are the Best iTunes Alternatives for Music Lovers in 2022. They are stiff competition for the iTunes application. But their commonality is the provision of top-notch music for everyone.

Overview of iTunes Alternatives 2022

iTunes is an elaborate music platform. It is important you understand its capabilities. It helps compare it to other similar applications.

For music enthusiasts, iTunes is one of the best platforms to go to. It remains at or near the top every year. It has some of the best features to promote and play music. You can view and listen to the top music on the application.

iTunes is a free music distributing platform. It provides all sorts of music for listeners. Not only that, it also lets you manage the content on the application itself.

iTunes is a free application. But you have to buy its music content. It only lets you listen to small portions of songs for free. To listen to full songs, buy them through their store.

But the iTunes directory contains more than music. Its best provisions are:

· Songs.

· Complete Albums.

· Free Applications.

· Paid Applications.

· Top Grossing Applications.

· Books.

· Movies.

· TV Shows.

· Music Videos.

iTunes also provides a music platform: Apple Music. It is available on the iTunes platform, and comes as a separate application for Android and iOS devices. On iTunes, you can find all the top songs of various music genres.

The platform also provides you ways to manage all that you own. There is no need to use another media player for content. You can run it throughout iTunes itself. The application also acts as a media player for all your content. The interface makes it easy to manage everything as well. You can run entire albums and organize complete playlists through it.

The iTunes content comes in the highest quality around. The baseline of video quality for most content is 1080p. Some videos are available in 4K HD as well. The audio reflects the video quality in its sounds.

iTunes is available for not only Apple devices. It also has support for other Operating Systems. You can explore it on the Web using the link in the Title. Or watch and listen on the go with the application for:

· Microsoft Windows.

· Android.

You can sync your iTunes content with other devices. It is a feature of the application. You need not stick to one device to enjoy your music and videos. It gives you access to the content through its syncing options.

Best Alternatives to iTunes 2022

The iTunes alternatives need to be close to the Apple platform in their capabilities. This is where most applications fall short. iTunes is one of the best around. It is difficult to match, or be better than the platform. The alternatives must have:

· Legal content.

· Large directory of songs.

· Global availability.

· Support for different Operating Systems.

· Friendly User Interface.

· Safe download process.

The Top Applications Similar to iTunes, 2022, qualify for the criteria list. These platforms have a large user base. These alternatives to iTunes are:

WALTR 2 - Alternative Link


WALTR 2 is an application of Softorino. Its primary purpose is as an alternative to iTunes. It more than qualifies for the job. The platform is one of the best options for music enthusiasts.

WALTR 2 plays a variety of content. They provide:

· Music.

· Ringtones.

· Videos.

· PDFs.

· ePUB Files.

The capability of WALTR 2 is its support for multiple formats. It runs all sorts of files with no manual configuration. You can input a file to the application. It processes the file for its content. Afterwards, it places the file in its respective column for you to run.

WALTR 2 has an automatic syncing ability with your other devices. Once you run the application, it detects Apple devices around you through Wi-Fi. This way, you can enjoy WALTR 2 on your iPhone and iPod without difficulties. It has support for the different Apple products.

It is also an option to read and listen to books. You can input iBooks and manage them on a single platform. It can run ePUB files and PDFs without issues.

Other notable features of the application are:

· SAC – Smart Adaptive Conversation.

· Secure connections through a Universal Connection Bridge.

· Automatic Content Recognition for all types of files.

· High Quality support for content. The files run at 60 fps, with up to 4K quality.

· Subtitle provisions.

· Apple Music compatibility.

Use the Title link to know more about WALTR 2. The application has support for two Operating Systems:

· Mac OS.

· Windows.

You can try the alternative for free, or buy the application at:

· Free Trial Download.

· Buy for $39.95

MediaMonkey - Alternative Site


MediaMonkey does not run on a Mac. But it still offers similar services to iTunes. In that regard, it is an option for you to listen to songs. The application is even better than iTunes for certain communities.

The MediaMonkey platform runs more than songs as well. And it does that all for free. On it, you can get and process:

· Music.

· Movies.

· Podcasts.

· Other Videos.

MediaMonkey has a long list of features for music lovers. It enables you to run many media files. The application helps you manage the different category files. On the platform, you get to:

· Manage over a 100,000 media files.

· Play audio files.

· Video format support.

· Record CDs.

· Download Music and other media.

· Manage the content on the application:

o Tag Albums.

o Lyrics provision.

o Other Metadata.

· Divide files by genres.

· Wi-Fi detection for other devices.

One issue with the platform is its audio file extensions. Most of its support is for MP3 files. There is not much help for other formats. But you can run most audio files on the application.

MediaMonkey also has support for videos. It requires an extra plugin installation to run videos on it. Afterwards, you can watch movies and shows and music videos in high quality.

Like WALTR 2, this application also syncs with other devices through Wi-Fi. But unlike the former, MediaMonkey links to both Android and iOS devices. There are no issues connecting it to iPhones, iPods and iPads. It can also run through portable devices like a tablet.

The link to the MediaMonkey website is in the Title. The main compatibility for the application is for Windows. You can Download one of the application versions on your system. It is also available on Android and Microsoft tablets at:

· Android.

· Tablets.

MusicBee - Alternative URL


MusicBee is a media player of the highest quality. Its main Operating System is not iOS, like iTunes. But the application is an amazing service that works similar to iTunes. As such, it is a worthy alternative to it.

The MusicBee platform is simple yet powerful. It can run a variety of programs on the player. The best support on the application is for:

· Music files.

· Podcasts.

· Web Radio Stations.

· SoundCloud files.

You can find media files through the player. Afterwards, it is an easy step to run the file on the application. There are many great features to support the process. MusicBee gives you flexibility with provisions like:

· Auto-tagging to play music. You get to keep your library clean with this feature.

· High quality audio:

o Band equalization and Digital Signal Processing.

o WASAPI and ASIO support.

o No playback on audio files.

o Switch between “Surround Sound” and low bitrate modes.

o WinAmp plugins for even better quality.

· Interactive interface, with plugins to change appearance.

· Device syncing, with file extension conversion ability.

· Groove Music/Xbox Music support.

· Manage media files, including streaming.

The best part about MusicBee is its various appearances. You can choose a plugin to change the entire interface of the platform. All these plugins are colorful and interactive.

The application also supports various audio file extensions. There is support for SoundCloud audio as well. You can also adjust the audio quality with the many options. A unique feature is the switch between 10-band and 15-band frequency. That way, it works well on all systems.

The major Operating System for MusicBee is Microsoft Windows. A bonus of the application is its support for Groove Music. The previous name of the platform was Xbox Music, as part of Microsoft.

You can sync the MusicBee files with other devices. The application has seamless syncing for Android and Windows phones (version 8.1 and above).

Check out more about MusicBee through the Title link. You can also Download the free application for Windows. It is compatible with:

· Windows 7.

· Windows 8.

· Windows 10.

You can also look up Available Add- ons to improve your experience on the platform.

Amarok - Alternative Link


Amarok is yet another music player. It runs on an Open-source software. This makes the platform free for all users, under GNU Public License. You can use the platform for various purposes. But as a media player, it is an effective alternative to iTunes.

The basic purpose of Amarok is to play music. But it has extensive support, with:

· Last .fm integration.

· Magnatune directory. You can buy their music through the platform.

· Ampache music availability.

· Echo Nest recommendations for songs.

· All of Jamendo’s music directory.

· Librivox Audio Books.

· Audio and video Podcasts.

Its long list of features helps manage all media files. There are a lot of provisions for an amazing experience. The best Amarok services are:

· Community idea integration. The application has scripts for the best ideas from around the world.

· Create and manage playlists.

· Run Amarok in multiple languages.

· Simple and interactive interface.

· Manage individual files with labels.

· Bookmark your favorite files.

· Track files at all times.

· CD ripping capabilities. You can run audio CDs on the application.

· Integration with iTunes settings.

· Cross platform support.

Amarok has direct support for iTunes. You can import your iTunes and old Amarok version settings. It becomes easy to make a permanent shift to the application.

You can discover and buy new music through Amarok. It has collaborations with other music providers. As such, there is a huge directory of songs available on the platform.

You can know more about the free platform using the link in the title. The best part about Amarok is its multiple platform support. It is very easy to sync music with other devices. You can run the application by Downloading on:

· Linux.

o Kubuntu.

o Fedora.

o Gentoo Linux.

o ArchLinux.

and other Linux variations.

· Mac OS.

· Windows.

You can also download the software scripts at:

· Source Code.

· Development Pointers.

VOX Music Player - Alternative Link

VOXMusic Player
VOX Music Player

iTunes is a primary application for iOS devices. One might wish to have a similar application that runs on the same Operating System. For the purpose, VOX Music Player is the best solution. It is a media player that has capabilities very close to iTunes.

As the name suggests, VOX supports music files. Its basic purpose is to process music for users. It runs both audio and music videos. The impressive part is its flexibility in file format support. The platform can run music files with extensions:

· MP3.

· MP4.



· DSD.

· WAV.

The best part about VOX is its high-quality sounds. The audio has zero noise through the “Hi-Res Audio” system. Its best format for audio is FLAC. The files have high bitrate and frequency. It reduces noise levels to produce “Lossless Music” files.

There are a lot of VOX products for iOS devices. You can either visit the link in the Title, or check out the individual products:

· VOX for Mac.

· VOX for iPhone.

· VOX Premium. Buy at $4.99/month.

· VOX Music Cloud.

· VOX Radio.

· VOX Chrome Extension.

· VOX Media Controls Extension.

· VOX Music Share.

WinX MediaTrans - Alternative Site

WinX MediaTrans acts as a transfer medium for media files. In that regard, it is an alternative option to iTunes. You can shift files between devices with different Operating Systems. It provides one of the easiest ways to shift files.

To represent a substitute to iTunes, WinX MediaTrans supports transfer of music files. It also supports other media files. With the application, you can process:

· Photos.

· Videos.

· Music files.

It has support for other media as well. The software makes use of “Organize Book” and “Podcast” features. With them, you can manage your eBooks and audio podcasts. The notable file handling provisions of the platform are:

· Photo Backup.

· Manage Music files through the application library.

· Transfer Videos without any data loss.

· Use your iPhone as a Flash Drive.

· Customize new Ringtones.

· Voice Memos.

· Encryption for safe file transfer. Uses services like:

o 256-bit AES.

o 1024-bit RSA.


o Argon2.

· Construct and manage Music Playlists.

· Reduce Video size without losing quality. Supports MKV format for up to 4K quality videos.

The best WinX MediaTrans service is its “Two-way Music Transfer”. In this way, it behaves similar to iTunes. You can use the platform for seamless file relocation.

WinX MediaTrans supports several audio and video formats. Its best provisions are for MP3, MP4, HEVC, and DVD. You can convert between file extensions, and manage them through the platform.

Get to the WinX MediaTrans page using the link in the Title. You can Download the application for Free. Or Buy a Full Version package. You can transfer files between a Windows PC and iOS devices. There are other similar products on the WinX MediaTrans Download page.

DearMob iPhone Manager - Alternative Website

DearMob iPhone Manager
DearMob iPhone Manager

The primary Operating System of WinX MediaTrans is Microsoft Windows. But for people who prefer to stay with iOS, DearMob iPhone Manager is the solution. It is yet another file transfer medium, but for iOS devices. It has comparable ability to iTunes as a media transfer system.

You can do anything with this application that iTunes can in terms of file transfer. The application is very fast, and supports media files like:

· Photos.

· Music.

· Videos.

· Books.

· Podcasts.

Similar to WinX MediaTrans, this application has many features for file transfer. There are similar features between the two applications. In terms of performance, they are better than iTunes as well. With DearMob iPhone Manager, you can:

· Backup iOS data. The application does not limit the data either.

· File management system. You can transfer files between different Operating System devices.

· Encrypted file transfer:

o Military Grade Encryption.

o The original iOS data remains secure.

o For local and Cloud files.

· Export complete contact lists.

· Voice Memo.

· Set up and manage Ringtones.

· Manage your texts to other users.

· Manage your iPhone calendar.

· Get your iPhone to behave as a USB.

The application has separate Music and Video Managers. There are multiple formats for each section. The platform processes the highest quality files at fast speeds. It also compresses huge data files into smaller ones. This frees up space on your device, as well as quickens the file transfer process. There is a unique feature for 8K quality video support.

There are no complications with file transfer through the DearMob iPhone Manager. It keeps the interface and the procedures simple. It also has the highest security level for file transfer applications.

You can know more about DearMob iPhone Manager using the Title link. The platform works well on both Mac and Windows. You can transfer files between iOS devices, or connect a Windows PC to iOS devices. You can Download the free and paid versions on:

· Windows:

o Free Version.

o Paid Version.

· Mac OS:

o Free Version.

o Paid Version.

MUSIQUE - Alternative Link


Musique works as a music player, similar to iTunes. It is a versatile platform with a large user base. It is a substitute to iTunes, with features that makes it stand out. There is a lot to work with using the application.

The purpose of Musique is to run music files. There is no other meaningful ability of the application. But its media playing capability is noteworthy on its own. The best features of the platform are:

· Contains photos for artists and albums. You can browse using your recognition of music artists.

· Display Lyrics to songs.

· Organize your music files.

· Personalize your playlist for custom playback.

· Lightweight application.

· Separate files for different categories.

· High quality audio formats. The media player runs most audio file extensions.

· Metadata for albums and tracks.

· Last .fm integration.

· Multilingual application.

Musique is a simple and powerful platform. Its versatility shows in the Operating System support. The application is free on all platforms. You can Download it for:

· Windows:

o Windows 7.

o Windows 8.

o Windows 10.

· Mac OS: Version 10.12 and above.

· Debian & Ubuntu: Ubuntu Version 18.04 and above. Also works on personal builds.

Know more about Musique using the link in the Title.

Swinsian - Alternative Link


Musique is not the only music player for iOS devices. Another option is the Swinsian platform. It offers bigger and better provisions for the purpose. You can consider it a much better media player than iTunes.

The Swinsian application focuses on iOS devices. It is not as comprehensive in that regard as Musique. But its music playing capabilities are better than any other platform. You can use the advanced Swinsian features, such as:

· Manage a large library of files.

· Separate music files for categories.

· Edit the metadata for tracks with Advanced Tag Editing.

· Support for many audio formats.

· High quality sounds.

· Complete control over music folders.

· Customize using options like:

o Art Grid.

o Browser.

o Custom Columns.

o Playlist Window.

· Organize files with the:

o Tag Editor.

o Duplicate Finder.

o Find & Replace.

o Smart Playlists.

· Complete playback control at all times with:

o The Mini Window.

o The Desktop Widget.

There are other elaborate and unique features to the application. They all improve your experience and let you enjoy music. The platform supports audio extensions like MP3, MusePack, WAV, WMA, AC3, etc.

There is no loss in audio files. The music plays at the highest quality through Swinsian. You can switch the band equalizer to match your system settings. There are also variable sample rates for songs.

Go to the Title link to explore more about Swinsian. You can Download the free and paid application at:

· Free Trial.

· Full Version at $19.95.

Conclusion of iTunes Alternatives for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS 2022

iTunes is an Apple Inc. product for music lovers. It is an elaborate application that lets you buy and play songs. It also has support for videos, and allows you to manage media files. It is one of the best applications of its kind.

This list of Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows PC, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS in 2022, are substitutes to iTunes. These applications have the similar capability to the platform in question. You can use one or more of them for various purposes. It is never a bad idea to have more than one platform to manage your content.

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