Best Music Download Sites to Listen to Music Online in 2022

Music keeps life going. The notes and scales , rhymes and melodies , and the vibrant voices are some of the ingredients that give joy to our souls and put a smile on our faces. We gain a whole lot from music that we would deviate from the subject matter if we were to go into each of these benefits.

What a World without Good Music Download Websites for Music Online in 2022

Be it as it may, it's critical and needful of us to strike a point here. Please, pay close attention! It is not proper to come up with extreme stunts or ways to stockpile our gadgets or devices with music . We would instead recommend that we desist from such unfair acts and motivate these musicians . With their songs, our souls cry out for joy. To keep this going, we all need to pat them at the back by getting their tracks from legal sources .

By legit sources, we mean Apple Music and Spotify . Google Play Music could also be a good source.

Since we're all clear on that, there's no more reason to keep rolling on it. If we are to take a critical look or survey on the free trial version of both Spotify and Apple Music. What would be the apparent deduction? It's a one-word answer- LIMITATIONS . You get tired quickly with these limitations and restrictions.

You know we've always cared for your everyday life. Always have been, always will be! To this end, we bring glad tidings to you all, which is- free websites where downloading music is possible. With this, no boredom, as we keep basking in the aura of its refreshing goodness.

To ease your steps, we'll do a review on each site highlighted below. Stay close! It's unwise to start and not see it to the end.

Please, take note; the lion's share of the platforms discussed down here is not heavily designed and painted with on-demand artists . Nevertheless, if you get your way around it well, you may get one or two top tracks from big names in the music world . The platforms give a mix of tons of new and vibrant artists and a couple of big names to smoothen the flow. So, no matter what, good music you'd get. Most importantly, your credit card will smile at you, and your heart will thank you.

Summary of Best Music Site to Download Songs Online in 2022

Free Music Download Sites

At a Glance


  1. You'd find up-and-coming artists with ease.
  2. You can also stream all music.


  1. You've got a vast array of content to explore.
  2. A blend of top shots and upcoming musicians.
  3. Easy navigation.
  4. Free rights to stream every music before downloading.


  1. You can get the Mobile app.
  2. Online radio.
  3. Streaming is possible.
  4. Different filters are available for use.


  1. You can get the Mobile app.
  2. No registration needed.
  3. You'd get mixtapes from famous musicians.
  4. Full right to listen to any track before downloading.


  1. No registration needed.
  2. Streaming is allowed.
  3. Different filtering options.
  4. Mobile app-enabled.


  1. Free tracks you can stream.
  2. Song promotion.


  1. Online radio features enabled.
  2. Sheet music available


  1. Sort download lists.
  2. You have full rights to preview songs.

Best Music Download Website to Listen to Music Online in 2022

With no specificity given to the order of arrangement:

ReverbNation - Music Download Site


Did you know that Imagine Dragons and some others kicked off their pathway to stardom on ReverbNation? Yes, they did! A straightforward technique they applied was releasing their tracks at no cost. And, boom, their following, and the brand expanded.

This platform gives the right mix of genres . But, hip-hop and pop songs seem to take the front seat. It is packed with incredible features that navigation becomes easy. That means, using these features to parade round its database, you can fish out the next on the line to stardom. So that you know, there are approximately 4million labels and members actively participating on the platform.

The only thing that seems like a challenge here is the fact that an account( user account ) is of necessity to enjoy its services. In easy to read text, sign up is mandatory and you don't get all songs on the free download platform.

Soundcloud - Music Download Site


Next on the list! To put it straight to you, not all songs are labeled free to download on Soundcloud . Still, you have a blend of excellent tracks to make your selections. Top artists and up-and-coming ones are contained in the mix. Most of the time, you get old records from top shots in the industry for free.

To get the tracks may require you doing little things like follow on Twitter, comment, and like their page on Facebook and other stuff. That shouldn't take you ages to do.

For easy navigation, you can search for your song of interest via genre , recent uploads , or artist of interest .

Now, the fun part! A section of the platform has been marked for tracks distributed under the umbrella of

Creative Commons Licenses. That is, you can download and then do some mixing to spice it all up.

There's no problem if you decide to stick with the free packages . But, if you want more and don't mind releasing a few cash from your wallet, then you can sign up for the premium packages .

Jamendo - Music Download Site


This site is replete with tons of tracks from a countless number of musicians. So that you know, you can get numerous records , thousands at least, from its database.

Owing to this fact, it is arguably the music download site with the biggest archive of free songs on the net. Little wonder, it earned a space in this great post.

It's far past that stage of the one-way solution. Currently, you can search for tracks via:

1. Genres.

2. Release dates.

3. Popularity and other related stuff.

So, no need to go on with the long searches just to get a track you like. Candidly speaking, up-and-coming artists have a high probability of being exposed to the outside world real quick via this platform.

DatPiff - Music Download Site


Have I got lovers of rap music in here today? Gather here; this is for you! Hip-Hop music has taken structure and has the grounds for free music. Most of the songs are in the form of mixtapes . It could be in any of these forms;

  1. Mixtapes done by the artists probably to draw people's attention.
  2. Freestyle rounds on prominent instrumental rendition from contemporary.
  3. A track dropped by an artist who's trying to be generous and give diehard buffs something to reminisce upon.

Arguably, it keeps the first position for diehard fans of music to;

1. download fresh tracks.

2. view release dates.

3. Listen to mixtapes courtesy of fans.

To put the icing on the cake, pop-out music player option is available for use. It merely means you can go on and listen to tracks before downloading. Now, tell me, what more can you ask for?

Audiomack - Music Download Site


The hip-hop and rap music arena( Datpiff ) now has a worthy challenger, which goes by the name Audiomack . In its archive, you'd get quality tracks that your ears will be happy to receive.

I believe you'd have observed that most music download websites have taken the download button far away from users. So, users are left with no choice than to settle for online music streaming . To brighten your day, it's a thing of joy to let you know that a great portion of the tracks on Audiomack is download enabled.

NoiseTrade - Music Download Site


If, for one reason or the other, you haven't come across a music download website that meets your preferences, you might want to check this out! Stay close. It's a music download site that serves two distinct purposes which are;

1. Song promotion.

2. Getting free music

Upcoming musicians drop their songs and even album on the platform, and you have the full right to access all. Simply drop your email address and postal/zip code, and you're good to go!

On the song promotion end, you can tap the ' share it' on major social media outlets if the song came out nice to you. This will undoubtedly boost the artist's exposure to the outside world. Also, you can decide to make donations to encourage the artist further. But this is strictly based on individual judgment or will, not made a 'must-do.'

To make everything fit in, the site structure and interface is friendly and quite easy to work through.

The website professes to have in its archive top-secret releases by artists before they get aired on other neighboring platforms. To give it proper closure, they provide straight links to hook up with artists on their social media platforms.

Musopen - Music Download Site


Every music download site is well-known for something unique. For Musopen , it's the classical kind of music. Fans of the classical style of music, please don't miss this.

You get sufficient classical hits in its archive, and don't worry your brains out; copyright isn't a problem.

Kind of instrument used, a period of release, and many other filters are available for you to employ when searching for tracks.

Be it streaming or downloading , you'd get these tracks in good quality. Here comes the exciting part! Musopen provides you with sheet music . So, you get double benefits- listen to the track and sing along or get to practice the song on your own.

Amazon - Music Download Site


I know we all do some stuff on Amazon . However, did you know that you can get free music on this platform too? Its archive is stockpiled with enough tracks for you to enjoy your day-easy steps to get it all done. If you like a song, simply place it on your cart , check out, and that's all.


Music download sites are up for grabs now. You need not cut corners to get these tracks. Ensure you hit the share button to help others benefit from this great post!

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