How to Manage Bills and Plan Budgeting Effectively

Best Personal Finance Software

by Dan Sullivan

It is not news that we always strive to manage household expenses in the best way possible. It goes back to the time since people have started earning. Managing or keeping a budget is one of the best yet most straightforward ways to have a happy living out of your limited earning. Especially, if you are on a budget, planning can help you a lot. We all have been writing down our budget on paper. Haven't we? But now it's a smart era, and it is not common to pen down everything. So, there is a significant number of online options for you to plan and manage your budget. Without taking much time and effort, you can plan your weekly or monthly.

List of Best Personal Finance Software to help you in Bill Management & Budget Planning.

1. Quicken


Quicken is one of the best personal finance software. It can be a great help to you if you are a pro-active person. Quicken was established in the 80s and has been used worldwide since then. What makes is so popular is its user-friendly interface with many options to choose from. Quicken lets you design your budget, manage your bills, track your debts, and even watch your savings. You can access the website from any device, whether iOS, Android, or Windows. It is not free, like many other such websites, but it has some fantastic features. Where the standard features let you plan and monitor your budget only, the advanced options allow you to pay bills from Quicken itself. Moreover, it enables you to estimate the value of your significant possessions too. Quicken also notifies you of your outstanding bills and rental payments.

Try Quicken here right now.

2. Money dashboard

If you have loved Quicken but don't want to spend money on it, we got Money dashboard for you. Money dashboard does not aim to take over the duties of your bank. But it is an excellent tool for all your money management needs. This practical application is absolutely free! Yes, you read that right. With all the fantastic features, this application does not cost a single penny. Money dashboard enables you to monitor all your accounts and ATMs by connecting them to the app. It also provides you pie charts to compare your balance details with that of previous months. This way, you can judge how well you have been managing your budget this time. And one more thing to mention is the security Money Dashboard provides. Your information is entirely safe in this app as they are saved in a read-only format for you to access and edit your data.

Have a look at Money Dashboard.

3. Mint

How to Manage Bills and Make Budget Planning Effectively: Mint
How to Manage Bills and Make Budget Planning Effectively: Mint

If you have already been searching for some planning and money managing platform, Mint is the right place. Mint is considered to be the best overall money management website by the experts. It is not long since Mint has been a part of the list, but it has made its name to the top.

There are a few things that make Mint a favorite among people. First and foremost, it's free! If you are getting some amazing facility without having to pay for it, it's always a plus! Mint is a complete app for controlling all your expenses. Let's see how does Mint works. Firstly you have to sign up on the website to make an account that is exclusively yours. Then you have to link your credit card to the account for monitoring. Mint offers you a variety of categories to track your spending and saving though you should always double-check the categories. It automatically updates the status, making it user-friendly. Additionally, it sends you email notifications if you over-spend your budget. Mint is also great for tracking your due bill payments and Venmo account. Also, you can input your cash spending for better management.

Visit Mint now or get on iOS.


You Need A Budget, commonly called YNAB, asks to Give every dollar a job! By this, they mean that you should know where you are spending each of your dollars. And that money should only be spent on that specific purpose, not here and there. There are three more rules, YNAB emphasizes on. It asks to Embrace your true expenses, Roll with the punches, and Age your money. This means that you should know all your expenses beforehand and try to accommodate the expenses with the earnings of last month. You would understand it more by using it. YNAB makes tracking easy by color-coding your goals and purchases. You Need a Budget is not free to use, but you get a huge 34-day trial period to see if it caters to your needs. It offers a money-back guarantee. Though, you won't mind paying the annual $84 owing to the amount it saves you. YNAB claims to help users save up to $6,000 on average.

Wanting to give YNAB a try? Click here.

5. Spendee


The majority of financial management websites are for personal use. But if you have a joint account or sharing your expenses with others, Spendee can be the best choice. You can import your bank transactions and keep an eye on your expenditures. It lets you keep a budget amount for different categories that you can categorize to your will. The bill functionality tracker feature lets you keep track of your unpaid bills. Overall, Spendee is great for managing your entire household expenses and checking if the expenditures exceed the budget anytime.

Visit Spendee now.

6. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is being mentioned a bit later in the list, but it makes its name among the best personal finance software for 2023. It is particularly good for advanced users who want to keep track of cash flow and investments too. Personal Capital allows you to link your accounts to the app and manage your expenses in different categories. It is popular among users as it has a wide number of categories that other apps don't offer. Personal Capital offers a customizable retirement plan feature for your ease. The AI of the app lets you analyze risk management for your investments and ways to save up for your retirement. This app can be called the ultimate money-saving app for the future.

Try out Personal Capital on Web, iOS or Android.

7. Prism


If you are always stressed about your bills, then instantly register yourself at Prism. Prism lets you manage all your accounts and bills in one place. The app facilitates more than 11000 billers, helping them with scheduling their bills. By adding your bills to the app, you can monitor the due dates. The interface of the site sends you a reminder to pay your bills before the due date. Other than this, you can also schedule your bills to be paid on that very day or a later day. It helps to manage all your bills without missing to pay any of them, resulting in penalties. Also, Prism does not need to login to multiple accounts.

Visit Prism here or get it for your Android

8. Albert


Looking for a personal advisor that is trustworthy and smart? Albert to the service! Albert acts like a personal advisor to all your financial issues and does all the mathematical calculations for you. Albert keeps an eye on your budget, earning, and expenditure. If you have an estimate of your monthly or weekly savings, Albert adds that up directly to Albert savings. What if I tell you Albert rewards its users for their savings! Albert rewards its users 25cents for every $100 and $1 for every $100 to Albert Genius users. As already told, Albert is a smart app; it also has a genius version. Albert genius is not free, but it is up to the users what they want to pay for the Genius. The app suggests a minimum of $4 monthly, yet users pay a $6 on average. Albert Genius caters to almost all your financial queries if you want to buy a leased car or planning a trip to Baku, Albert got its genius suggestions for you.

Find Albert on Web or iOS.

9. Clarity money

Clarity Money is an excellent choice for those who are subscription-junkies. It is not only subscription specific, but that's a bonus feature. It lets you manage your accounts in the same way as Quicken or other apps. But it also lets you monitor your subscriptions. Clarity money notifies you of your unused subscriptions and lets you get rid of the clutter. This way, you have lesser subscriptions to manage and pay money for. It also shows you the increment in subscription fees over some time and shows you other money-saving options. The money saved by linking accounts is insured up to $250,000.

Try clarity money for Android or iOS.

10. Good budget

Good budget
Good budget

Good Budget can be your go-to place for budget planning and management if you spend more manually than by card. It can be the right app for your household expenses as it allows access by different devices. Now let's tell you how the app works. Good Budget has an envelope budgeting system that allows you to keep a specific amount of money for each category. You can track your spending by reviewing the amount of money left in every envelope. The app has two modes. One is the basic one, and the other is the plus plan. The basic plan allows a limited number of envelopes and plans, but it is free! Whereas the plus version is $6 monthly or $50 annually. It allows unlimited envelopes and up to 5 devices access.

You can get Good budget on Web, Android and iOS.

All these apps and websites are widely used by consumers to manage their expenses and bills. But it depends on your needs which one suits you to the best. Analyze the best app according to your requirements and start saving today!

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