Best Sites to Purchase Bitcoins for Your Personal Use in 2021

Hello everyone, today we will be discussing about bitcoins. But before then what are they?. They are virtual currency that you can use to pay for goods and services. With Bitcoin, you can easily pay for anything anywhere in the world. Today we will discuss sites that you can easily purchase bitcoins for your personal use.

Sites that sell bitcoins quickly and easily

We do have a lot of sites that promise with their sugarcoated deals. To offer their user the best deal available. But with this article, you are guaranteed to get the best of the best. So what are the best site to buy bitcoin?

1. Coinbase - Site Link


This is one of the biggest and most popular site. It is reliable and trustworthy for individuals interested in the sales and purchase of bitcoins. They offer users to buy BTC(bitcoin) in dollars, pound and euros currency. You can pay for the purchased BTC through the following ways.

  1. Bank Account
  2. Credit
  3. PayPal

With its slick and UI friendly interface. Coinbase makes it easy for its users to navigate through its site. You can easily purchase and make transactions on the site. It offers a competitive fee which is required for any transaction made. The fee is affordable according to the reviews gathered and customers are satisfied with it.

They offer security to most of the stored funds. You as a user can sleep peacefully at night. They have a very good insurance policy that covers their digital currency. They also have one of the best vault protection, where you can safely store your funds. Other features include;

  1. Available on both Android and iOS app for different users.
  2. Various payment methods.

2. Cex - Site Link

Best Sites to Purchase Bitcoins for Your Personal Use in 2021: Cex
Best Sites to Purchase Bitcoins for Your Personal Use in 2021: Cex

Originally constructed to be a mining operator. They have gone to be one of the best sites to buy BTC. They offer their services globally to every user in the world. They offer users various kinds of features. They offer various kinds of payment methods;

  1. Visa and MasterCard
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Cryptocurrency

They also offer remarkable fees and affordable fees on each transaction. Though, they provide special offers for buyers of large volumes of cryptocurrency. With its slick and UI friendly interface, users are going to find it easy to navigate. It's a great site to trade various currencies. The transaction is secured and reliable. Users can rest assured that their transaction is safe.

They offer a similar level of security. They offer an air-tight security that protects all your currency. They protect from hacking and DDoS attack with its very unique data encryption.

3. CoinMama - Site Link


CoinMama is one of the best sites to trade BTC. They are one of the most popular sites to use. The website is easy, slick and UI friendly interface. The sites are designed to attract users towards the site. CoinMama has spread its tentacles to a wide global coverage. They offer other cryptocurrencies which include the following; Steam, Ethereum, Ripple and other popular cryptocurrencies apart from BTC.

The steps you make use of when you want to make use of the site. These steps include;

  1. Open the site link and Register.
  2. Finalize your account, by confirming your details.
  3. Afterward, trade the cryptocurrency of your choice.

The methods that Coinmama offers users for payment of BTC. The main method of payment that they use is a credit card or debit card. If you have Visa or MasterCard, you are good to go to make any purchase. Before you can begin any transaction, you will need to provide your personal information. The reason for the provision of personal details is for security purposes. If you are scared of identity theft. Calm your horses down, Coinmama is one of the sites that provides the best and highest security. They offer some legit and serious privacy standards and security. They keep your currency and account safe. All these processes are for Coinmama to verify your identity.

This verification process is highly scrutinized over by the Coinmama team. They go through all your details, one by one. All this verification process takes a few hours. Upon completion, you can start trading BTC.

4. BitStamp - Site Link


Another site slowly gaining ground as one of the best in the world. They are gradually gaining more and more users around Europe, where they are based. With a unique, slick and UI friendly interface. They offer an easy sign-up process for their users. The verification and validation process is quite easy and fast. Upon verification of your account, you can start the purchase of BTC. Withdrawal of your virtual currency is very easy and fast. That makes them one of the top sites to make use of when withdrawing BTC.

When you are looking for the cheapest and most affordable place to trade at high volumes. Look no further, this is the best place to do that. They attract a high number of daily customers. They accept all forms of debit cards and the major credit cards for payments. They don't charge any hidden fee for any transaction taking place.

One unique feature of Bitstamp is the fee schedule. They show you all the trading transactions pair( Deposits and Withdrawals) on ETH, BTC, XRP, Ripple and BTC cash. Though they do collect transaction fees on a purchase, deposit and card purchase. All with a different percentage. You can visit the site to get to know more about their fees.

5. LocalBitcoins - Site Link


A global exchange making big steps on the map. One of the best sites to make use of when you want to buy and sell BTC. They offer a wide range of features. Making it one of the most sophisticated sites to use. They don't stress the users by asking for personal information. While making trades, which makes the user free from identity theft. You are not required of any form of ID verification and email address to signup on this site. Though some buyers and sellers may request information before trading with you. This is to ensure there is a level of trust between both parties. They accept a varying range of payment methods which includes;

  1. PayPal
  2. Debit card
  3. Credit card
  4. Bank Transfer

This site is available for 99% of the entire world population. Well, places like Germany and New York are not accessible to this site. You may need to migrate to a new location or use a VPN.

6. Kraken - Site Link


Release the Kraken monster!!!!. Yes, this is one hell of a BTC exchange site. It deals with users that are professionals in the game. The site was not designed for beginners, so it might be difficult to use. The site design is not as simple as the other listed sites. Kraken similar to the monster name has lots of buttons, pages and varying degrees of trading features. One of the unique features of this site includes;

  1. They offer quick and efficient funding.
  2. They charge very low fees for the transaction process.
  3. You can make a withdrawal and deposit anytime with low fee charges involved.

Other features professionals can look forward to includes; Security (which is top-ranked among the listed sites) and Credibility. Kraken offers one of the best customer support which is always online every time. They are ranked as one of the best. Because they have never been hacked by hackers. So when you signup with this site, you know you are going to be safe with your funds.

7. Binance - Site Link


Fun facts about Binance - The name was coined from the words Binary and Finance. They have a burgeoning reputation of being one of the best. They trade other cryptocurrencies apart from BTC. Using Binance you can rest assured of security and stability of their system.

Due to their highly-rated performance, they have struck various partnerships with sponsors. This has helped the site grow massively over the years. They offer one of the best and fastest exchange services on planet earth. One feature you will rarely find on other sites is, Binance is available on multiple OS devices. So you can operate the app from any device you own. As with Kraken, Binance has one of the best customer support (even in multilingual).

8. Paxful - Site Link


To the last but not the least on the list. We will talk about Paxful. It's also a top-ranked site for exchanging BTC. One feature they offer which attracts users is the over 300ways to pay for BTC. They have a wide range of payment methods. They allow users to interact with each other, making the trading of BTC easier. Just open the link and signup, and start trading immediately. Don't worry about being scammed. Paxful always verifies the seller's identity before they can sell. They offer the users maximum security and safety for their funds.

In Conclusion

Hope you enjoyed the article. With the listed sites above, you can start trading BTC. The sites listed are one of the best you will find. They are trusted and reliable. All with a good reputation and proven track record based on several reviews.

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