Best Under Table Jobs - Where and How to Do it in 2022

The world is changing; everything is taking a new turn with the number of vibrant and capable minds released into the outside world from colleges every year. Job hunting has now become a small piece of cake for a dozen to share.

Why Looking for a Good Under Table Job in 2022?

More so, the working-class also crave a job on the side with which they can make extra cash. There are several reasons why people opt-in for under the table jobs . However, they all amount to the same conclusion -extra bucks on the side without any comprehensive record of tax and other whatnots.

When we say, " Under the table ," what does it imply? This phrase is synonymous with saying getting cash or payment " off the books." This means, your boss or company's managerial committee does not take any comprehensive record of this not to talk of deducting some cash for tax. It's most likely you go home with your hands full when doing " under the table." works. You can easily make wise investment plans with the extra bucks you make on the side doing under the table works.

One good thing about scores of under the table job is the fact that they hardly demand any certification or college degree.

Before we plunge into these jobs, it's imperative to discuss how to discover which of the work (s) is a perfect fit for you. You can't just go all around being a jack of all trade.

Pay rapt attention to the following as it can help you make an excellent conclusion.

1. Take a sheet and a pen or draw out a clean sheet on your notepad. List out all that you can easily do to proffer solutions to problems.

2. Also, write out common issues people encounter and will be happy to pay to see it solved. To get the best results on this, you could use some of your time on quality and insightful sites like Reddit, Quora, and others. You can get a list of known problems among groups of people that they'll be eager to get someone clear it up on their behalf.

3. Lastly, match out your capabilities against the common problems. At the end of this, you'd be able to design your own preferred under the table job.

Summary of Some Good Jobs Under Table in 2022

Under the table jobs

Skill required



Basic knowledge in subjects of interest

1. You control time

2. Office space not required

3. Little or zero competition

Care for children and aged ones

No special skill required

1. You get paid per job based on hours spent and number of people involved.

2. You get referrals.

3. You connect with different categories of people better.


Basic knowledge of tools and their applications.

1. Get paid immediately.

2. Garner more experience in handling tools.

3. Connect with more people.

Exercise instructor

Basic knowledge

1. Get paid per hour.

2. You dictate time.

3. You connect with more people.

Freelance writer

Ability to write well

1. Get paid per job.

2. Work for different people.

3. Open to lots of demand.

4. Garner more experience.

5. Increase your general knowledge.

Building and construction

Basic knowledge

1. Get paid weekly.

2. Develop an excellent team spirit.

3. Garner more experience in the field.


Basic knowledge

1. Get paid in cash.

2. Make people happy to pay less than usual.

3. Get referrals.

4. Garner more experience.

Best Under Table Jobs in 2022

It's right, there are lots of jobs in this category, but their prospects, requirements, and most notably, returns differ. However, with the quick survey provided for you up there(do well to go back to it, if you skipped that part), you should be able to blend well to your most suitable under the table job(s) from the list below.

Become a tutor

Become a tutor
Become a tutor

Say hi if you had or was close to someone who had challenges in some subjects in high school or during collegiate days.

You would agree with me that if other subjects seem easy to pass, not like mathematics, sciences and some languages. I can relate to how students make an extra effort just to get it all right.

So, what stops you from giving a helping hand if your capabilities match up with the task? And, do you know that you're building a life while you get your returns? It's no doubt, a good under the table job for anyone equal to the task.

To hint you on something, these subject areas will draw the highest cash because of its sensitivity and high demand.


1. You control the time.

2. Office space not required.

3. Little or zero competition

Taking care of children or aged ones

Taking care of children or aged ones
Taking care of children or aged ones

Honestly speaking, taking care of children or elders is not familiar to all people. Not that some people are born wicked, but, they don't just know how to do it right. And, you have some other set of people that find it relatively easy to do. It's more or less innate. That's a skill!

Giving proper care and attention to these two classes of people can get to be your own under the table job. It sure can fetch you extra cash on the side. To make it juicier, the formula for payment is according to the number of hours spent and persons put in your care.

Simply create awareness by devising a list that gives full info about your services and the attached rates. Or you could check for people who made this part of their listings for services needed. Family members can also be an excellent way to begin.

Take it from me; you'd get referrals as far as you have been tested, and your services excellent and trustworthy.


1. You get paid based on hours spent and the number of people

2. You get referrals.

3. You connect with people.

Become a handyman

Who is a handyman? It is someone accustomed to all kinds of tools and appliances. A handyman can do a lot of jobs within the house and its environs. The list of possible posts a handyman could get cannot be exhausted.

For the job to go all well and good, you've got to have your tools and a convenient way of conveying them. Plus, background knowledge on how to fix all kinds of household appliances is needed.

Be aware; you might not do any repair or things of the sort. It could be a pure moving of stuff from a location to another in the house.


1. You meet people

2. Gain more experience with handling tools

Exercise Instructor

You workout readily, and you've mastered the pros and cons of the act? Then channel it into an under the table job to fetch yourself some extra bucks .

A lot of people are seriously on the lookout for trainers and exercise instructors to help them get the best out of it. Going to the gym and others might be expensive. That's where you come in. You could make your price half of the usual price to attract clients and boom, you've started!

It could be a lifesaver if you mastered the art properly as you'd get lots of cash doing this.


1. You dictate the time

2. You gradually connect with more people

3. You get paid per job, which is mostly calculated per hour.

Freelance writing

You write well and equally don't see doing quality research as trouble, then your calling might be Freelance writing . It's great under the table work to make extra bucks.

A lot of people out there require the services of competent writers and editors for all kinds of jobs. Starting from the student in her final year in College who's looking for someone to review her work. To site owners and bloggers who heavily demand quality write-ups for their sites and blogs. To bust your bubbles, there are different kinds of people who are on the lookout for someone who could help them come up with a sweet romantic letter for their loved ones. You can't exhaust the list of people on demand for quality writers.


1. You get returns, depending on how good you are.

2. You garner more experience.

3. You work for different people.

4. You increase your general knowledge.

Building and construction

In search of an under the table job that pays per week? Then, enlisting with a building and construction team can be right for you. With something like this, you can build yourself right from scratch to the top. It's okay, especially for those in that line of work or field.

And, if you have an excellent background in some building works already, nothing stops you from subcontracting jobs. Then, you get some assistants to work with you.

Tons of works done under the table are work-alone kind of jobs. But, if you do well with people or working with a team, you can consider this as it helps you socialize.


1. You get paid every week.

2. You develop an excellent team spirit.

3. You garner more experience in the field.


Yeah, sure, a useful skill is required here. However, you can learn it. The good thing about learning this skill is that you can get off the books jobs quickly. Clients may decide to put a call straight to you for a job, and you get your money in cash when done.

No two ways about it, neighbors and others are always in need of someone to help with the fuse box, sockets, and stuff like that. And, who loves to pay a big load of money to get all that done? Nobody! With your fees low, you can get called for electrical works anytime.


1. You get your pay in cash.

2. You make people happy to pay less than usual.

3. You get referrals.


Take it from me; there are a lot of under the table jobs you can create for yourself. But, just like an anticodon in a tRNAfits perfectly into a specific triplet codon in a mRNA, your capabilities and skills have to match with the description of the job to get maximum output. Tell us what you feel about this article.

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