How to Get Free PayPal Money in 2021

Apps Give Free PayPal Money

When you eventually become an adult, it comes with several duties which includes financial responsibilities. And if you are searching for means to make money online through PayPal, then this article is for you. It is very good to have cash isn't it? You could ask a family or friend for free money, but that is not good enough. You could take out an advance salary or wage loan, this is not a good idea either. You could also pawn some of your stuff, very true, but nobody likes doing that. There are many legitimate money making opportunities out there that actually works and will help you make cash easily and quickly. Whether you are urgently in need of money or you you want to pay off a debt. These platforms can help you make that extra funds through PayPal whenever you want. Although they are not a one-time money making opportunities, but they can be used to earn and save money every month. Most of these platforms send money into your PayPal account, so be sure to have a set up PayPal account. It is very simple and free to open, and it can be used for both business and personal purposes. These platforms will pay you for executing easy tasks like scanning of bar codes, surveys and even installing applications on your phone.

Best Ways to Get Free PayPal Money in 2021

Below are a list of chances to make free money on PayPal.

Survey Junkie

This website enables you to complete market research surveys and review products to earn money. They are among the highest paying applications for 2021, and also the easiest application you can sign up for. Once you have signed up on survey junkie, you can then take surveys and get paid. All that is needed from you is to qualify instantly, and then view several offers in exchange for your opinion and have access to clinical trial opportunities, paid surveys and other work offers. The interface of this website is very smooth and intuitive. Unlike many other survey websites that has an unattractive interface. The members of survey junkie get paid in cash through PayPal. This website is among the most reputable survey platforms out there. In addition, survey junkie has a rating of 8.9/10 on TrustPilot - a giant online survey company.

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Swagbucks - Money Link


Swagbucks is another great survey website to actually make some extra money, and many of the tasks on this platform is very easy to complete. Swagbucks allowsyou to make money in so many ways like playing games, taking surveys and even shopping online. Majority of the users love racking up Swagbucks (SB) watching videos in their spare time. You will earn the website's special currency known as Swagbucks for answering surveys, logging online activities, reviewing products and completing offers. Once you have accumulated enough Swagbucks (SB) currency, You will be able to redeem it for cash rewards or gift cards.

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This website is among the best platforms that pays you via PayPal. You can decide to cash out your Swagbucks (SB) as gift cards to thousands of merchants or get your money through PayPal. Many beneficiaries claims this platform to be among the best survey websites out there.

Rakuten - Free PayPal Link


If you are looking for a website that pays free PayPal money for signing up with them, then Rakuten is the site that does just that. and by obliging, you could help your pocket a cool $10. This platform will also help you make free money by indulging in online shopping- in which you may already like to do. This implies that you will get back a percentage of your purchase, depending on the store you buy from. Major lifestyle stores and retail chains pays a commission to Rakuten to send you their way, and then share the commission with you. This is very simple and plain. The payments are made directly to your PayPal account every quarter. Although the minimum withdrawal limit is $5.

Receipthog - PayPal Money Link


Receipthog is a major fun website where you can actually turn your shopping receipts that you would normally throw in the waste bin-into money using PayPal. And it does not matter what you buy or where you shop. This is very easy to do, that a pig could even earn it. It is available as a mobile application on both iOS and Google Play. Registered users will be required to take a photo of their shopping receipt (which can be from a toy store, supermarket, café or restaurant and any other store), and use the photo of the receipt to earn the receipthog rewards like sweepstake prizes, coins and spins (at the platform's virtual slot machine). The total number of coins you get depends primarily on the particular store you make the purchases, and the amount you spent in purchasing items at the store. Once you have successfully accumulated a minimum of 1000 coins (which is equivalent to $5), you will get an immediate free PayPal money through your online PayPal account.

Gigwalk - Money Link


Gigwalk is a great platform to earn some free extra money online. If you are looking to earn a few cash online, then the Gigwalk application is just for you. By becoming one of the 1.1mn strong group of gigwalkers, you can decide to work where you want and when you want. It is one of the best applications to make an easy and cool cash online through PayPal. You will get to choose the gig that will take just a few hours of your time- to make anywhere between $5 to a cool $150 and more. The payments are made directly to your PayPal account. This amazing application is available for download on both Google Play and Apple Store. The various gigs are available in Canada and across the United States.

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Qmee - PayPal Money Link

How to Get Free PayPal Money in 2021: Qmee
How to Get Free PayPal Money in 2021: Qmee

Qmee is very similar to Ebates in several ways. The difference being that you will earn money on Qmee via PayPal for shopping online unlike on Ebates where you get cashbacks for your shopping. Confused? Do not be. This platform is in fact a browser extension that will pop up products that are related each time you search for a product online. You don't even need to click or buy that product-you will however, still get a free PayPal money. In addition, with this website, you just need only a cent in your account to cash out through PayPal.


This is another great and easy gig that let's you earn free PayPal money online. Once you log in, all that is required to do is write and rate a small review for products ranging from mobile phone accessories, fashion, software, music and other product categories. You also get to choose the particular type of genre you want to review.

The more the depth of your review, the higher your payment bonus. This website pay it's users on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week (I.e they pay twice a week). You can cash out your earnings directly to your PayPal account anytime. The minimum withdrawal limit on this platform is $10.


Perk is also a very good online platform to actually make cool cash. The website reward it's users with points called perk points. You earn this points when you make use of the application for several things like shopping, searching, entertainment, trivia and many more. For instance, if you watch 2 new film trailers on the perk tv application and bang, then you have earned 5 perk points for yourself. You can also get 30 points for yourself if you take part in a pop quiz. Thus an amazing contribution to actually make money through PayPal. You can redeem your points for PayPal money once you have accumulated enough points in your kitty. The points can also be redeemed for a varieties of other rewards. This platform is currently available to users in the United States, United Kingdom, AU and CA.


Just like survey junkie, Opinionoutpost also pays you for your reviews and then share this customer reviews with companies so as to enhance their customer service experience. All you need to do is sign up, and begin taking paid surveys that will be mailed to you. You can redeem the points you have accumulated over time to earn free PayPal money. This survey platform also offers registered users a $10,000 fair crack quarterly prize. With every survey you complete, you move closer to this mouthwatering prize.

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You can make money on this website with PayPal when you register for a free account. You will earn cash on this platform simply by watching a 30 seconds videos or less, visiting websites, calling numbers using your mobile phone and clicking on links. All due payments for reviewing contents are made through PayPal only. And this is boldly stated in the invitation cards that are sent by the company before each task. Your PayPal account needs to be linked to your mobile phone number before you can receive any payment.

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