Ways to Get Paid for Leaving Your Computer Running

by Dan Sullivan

Thanks to technological advancement, the world inhabitants can now diversify their sources of income and also earn some money while still searching for their dream job. Technology has presented to us various options through which we can earn income to cater to our financial obligations. One of these ways is the use of computers. Since its invention, the computer has proven to be an inevitable tool that can be used to earn money in the IT industry without any stress. Call it a side hustle, and you may be right. With the computer, you can perform different tasks to get paid. Also, there is various software you can run on your computer and get paid for leaving it running. The money earned through this method can be accumulated and cashed out once you have gotten enough money from the tasks performed. That said, the vast majority of computer owners are not aware of the fact that they can get paid while they leave their computer running.

Summary of How to Get Paid for Leaving Your Computer Running

The table below summarizes the features of the ways through which you can earn money when you leave your computer on.

Distribution Computing Platforms Features
MQL5 Cloud Network
  1. Get paid by sharing your computer's processor power with trading robotic companies.
  2. You get paid hourly.
Digital Coin Generation
  1. Install the software that mines digital coins in your PC.
  2. Rent out about 5% of your PC's processor and get paid.
Golem Network
  1. Animators, scientists, and developers rent your computer and pay you for sharing its processing power with their system.
  2. You are paid in cryptocurrency.
  3. Payment is deposited in your escrow.
My Cashware
  1. Install software andshares your computer power for mining coins.
  2. Get 20% referral earnings.
  3. Cash-out your money from $5 and above.
  1. Share your computer to solve mathematical tasks.
  2. Get paid in points.
  3. Redeem the points to money or items.
Ougo Browser
  1. Earn by running the browser on the background.
  2. Get 5% from your friend's earnings.
  1. Complete complex tasks with your Windows PC to make money.
  2. Collate the completed tasks and send them to LoadTeam daily.
  3. Get paid daily for each task completed.
  4. Earn $0.20 as a signup bonus.
Summary of How to Get Paid for Leaving Your Computer Running
Summary of How to Get Paid for Leaving Your Computer Running

Therefore, today, I will be telling you the methods through which you can get paid when you leave your computer running.

Ways to Get Paid for Leaving Your Computer Running with Distribution Computing

Distribution computing is one of the significant ways through which you can make money while your computer is running. In distribution computing, some highly revered companies needextra computing power to carry out tasks likedata analysis and scientific research. The companies reach out to computer owners that are interested in renting out their computer processor power to carry out some of these tasks. When the company rent your computer, they pay you between $0.10 to $0.40 or more - based on your agreement. In the section, I will be discussing the various ways where you can make money through distributed computing.

1. MQL5 Cloud Network

The MQL5 is one of the effective channels through which you can get paid by renting out your PC. The MQL5 cloud network gives trading robots some considerable processing power on computers in various parts of the world. With this, the performance of the trading robots can become optimized. Also, increasing the computing power provides a multi-threaded strategy of MetaTrader 5 with the opportunity to run a lot of tests in a few hours. Because the trading robots require massive computing power to function efficiently, companies use methods like crowdsourcing to rent computers from individuals and agencies that rent out computers for such purpose. If you are lucky to have your computer hired by the companies, they connect your computer with the MQL5 cloud network. Then they pay you on an hourly basis through various payment methods.

2. Digital Coin Generation - Make Money Link

Digital Coin Generation
Digital Coin Generation

Nowadays, the world has become digitalized. There are several digital currencies have been introduced to enhance the ease of purchasing goods from online merchants. The companies that generate these coins do so with the use of the software. With the coin generation companies, you can rent out about 5% of your PC's processor. Then you get paid for the use of your PC. Before you can benefit from this process, you need to signup for an account. After you register, you can leave your computer running so that you can start earning income. The money earned can be accumulated over a period. You can cash out your money when it is up to $50 or reinvest it in a plan that could fetch you about $1000.

3. Golem Network - Make Money Link

Golem Network
Golem Network

Golem network is one of the newly introduced P2P network systems that use smart contractor Ethereum to carry out transactions. Since its inception, the Golem network has continued to strive to become the best P2P network platform where animators, scientists, and developers can get computational power from computer owners to carry out their computing tasks. It doesn't matter if you are a single computer owner or an agency. The Golem network provides an avenue to share your computer and get paid. When you share your computer for use, the Golem network pays you with cryptocurrency. They also use other payment systems like the escrow system where the money is deposited in your account and get released within a specific period. It should be noted that the amount paid by companies that hire your computer is not fixed. Hence, your earning per time will depend on the amount paid by the company that hires your computer.

4. My Cashware - Make Money Link

My Cashware
My Cashware

My Cashware is another platform through which you can earn income by leaving your computer running. My Cashware platform is designed for people that have a computer that is not in use or for those that desire to earn extra income with their computer. To earn income with My Cashware, you need to install its software and allow it to run on your computer. By doing this, My Casware shares your computer power with its mining system. Then you can earn some money through the participation of your PC in the mining process. The mining process deals with the creation of virtual currencies like bitcoin. While you run My Cashware's software on your computer, you can still perform other functions with the computer. The platform also rewards you with 20% of your friend's earnings when you refer them to the platform. The payment policy of My Cashware is incredible in that you can cash out as low as $5.

5. MinePrize - Make Money Link


If you desire to earn points and redeem it to whatever you need, MinePrize is the best platform to choose. MinePrize uses your computer power and pays you in the form of points. The tasks performed on MinePrize are basically mathematical calculations. To become eligible to earn on MinePrize, you need to signup for its services. The registration is done at no cost. All you need is your email address and a strong password. Once you become a member of the platform, you can take complex tasks through your browser and solve them while your computer remains idle. You can complete as many tasks as possible to accumulate the points earned. The points you earn from your activities on MinePrize can be redeemed to cash or other items. For instance, you can redeem 10,000,000 points to $100, 8,5000,000 points to 128GB Kingston HyperX Savage. Also, you can redeem 310,000,000 to MacBook Pro13inch.

6. Ougo Browser - Make Money Link


If you want to earn some cash without performing tasks with your computer, the Ougo browser is the best platform you can choose. On the Ougo browser, you can get paid by simply downloading, installing, and allowing its browser to run for 24 hours daily. When you run the Ougo browser for 24 hours daily, you earn $10 dollars. Isn't that awesome? Now you can accumulate your earnings to $300 for 30 days. The amount accumulated can be withdrawn at your desired time. Ougo browser also rewards you with 5% of your friends' earnings when you invite them to join the platform.

7. LoadTeam - Make Money Link


If you are looking forward to selling your computing power to earn some cash, LoadTeam is the best platform you can use. With LoadTeam, you can make some money seamlessly on your Windows PC. The LoadTeam software does not interrupt other activities on your computer because it runs in the background of your Windows PC. Once your PC completes a task, it collates and sends the result to LoadTeam so that your payment can be processed. On LoadTeam, you can cash out your earnings when it is up to $1.00 or more. This you can do via PayPal account. Apart from earning from tasks performed, you can get $0.20 when you newly signup to LoadTeam. Unlike other channels through which you make money with your computer on, you can access LoadTeam on mobile devices through its well-designed app. With the app, you can check your balance and perform other essential functions.


The computer has presented its users with various channels to make money effortlessly. Discussed here are the trusted methods through which you can earn extra income by leaving your computer running for as long as you wish to earn.

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