Best Ways to Get Paid to Code Online

In a technology driven world, it is important that everyone learns how to code. Your educational background or status shouldn't be an issue, you can learn how to code if you're interested. Even the children are being taught how to code now.

Why Getting Paid to Code Online at Home ?

The year is 2022 - You can become rich as a tech guru or a programming genius.

Senior web developers sees coding as fun but for a newbie, it can be stressful. Learning the skills of coding takes time, it can be weeks or months but the end result generates a great deal of reward.

People like making money from doing stuffs they love. For instance, an artist gets paid for his paintings and artworks the same way a footballer gets paid for kicking a ball around. These are hobbies that creates money making opportunities.

As a web developer or programmer, I can bet you stay up at night just to fix a bug and you won't back out until you're done. It can be frustrating but for you it's fun.

It then becomes much more fulfilling if you're getting paid. In this guide, we will look at the best ways to get paid to code online.

Best Ways to Get Paid to Code Online

Here are reliable ways to get paid to code online;

Start as a Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn big online. You can build a career in freelancing as a programmer, same way professionals in other fields dive into the world of freelancing. Just like an entrepreneur, you can become your own boss.

Freelancers offer expert services while they get paid in return by clients giving out projects. You can start a gig as a programmer and get paid for your coding skills. However, you must be very good with coding as the expectations are high.

Note : Join platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork to start earning as a coder.

Start as a Freelancer
Start as a Freelancer

Build a Personal Website

If you love coding, building your own website shouldn't be something that will give you sleepless nights. You don't have to pay someone to do that for you.

A personal website sets up a means to showcase your coding skills to the world.

This is a good way to brand yourself and create a unique portfolio. You can also promote your service as a coding expert on your personal website. If it is properly designed and customized, it gives clients assurance that you know your stuff.

You can also create a blog section on your website to share coding tips and interact with visitors and potential clients. Sharing good coding related contents and proper interaction with site visitors will boost your earning potential.

Note : Your personal website gives you the chance to earn more from adverts, sponsored ads and even affiliate marketing. It is essential.

Become a Coding Coach

A good way to make money as a programmer is to pass on your knowledge to others willing to learn from you. If you know your stuff when it comes to coding, you can tutor coders new to the game. Most new coders go online to search for materials and guide on how to become an exceptional coder - this offers you a good opportunity to make money.

Teaching people how to code comes with additional benefits aside making cash. Considering how broad the world of programming is, it also helps you to learn more as a developer. People are so passionate about web development and this pushes them to go extra miles to gain more knowledge so much they pay huge just to get a perfect coach.

You can make use of your experience as a developer to earn extra money from tutoring newbies online. You can start online coaching sessions for individuals or groups of coders similar to slack groups.

Become a Coding Coach
Become a Coding Coach

Note : To start, record tutorials with lined up projects and share them on your personal website. Furthermore, link it up to Google AdSense to promote it.

Participate in Coding Contests

Several coding contests on the internet offers cash prizes for those who join competitions on areas such as web design and web development. The purpose of these coding contests is to promote skill learning in the programing world. This is a good way to challenge yourself with various tasks and projects against fellow programmers in the community.

Participating in these contests is fun and also sets up a good opportunity for you to learn more. That's not all… You can also earn cash prizes if you stand out.

You will get to compete in single round tournaments in fields such as Data Science, Development and Design. Just like any other completion, you will get paid if you come out victorious. This is also a good way to network and put yourself out there in case a top company is in search for talented developers.

Note : A good example of coding contests you can join are;

CodeChef, Topcoder, CallingAllInovators and HTML5Contests.

Develop Mobile or Web Applications

A major way to get paid to code online is by developing apps. There are several software and programs designed to help build a mobile app. You can make use of any of them as developing apps does not require high level programming skills.

In our world today, everyone wants an app that will make life easier for them.

It could be an app to shop online, or an app to pay electricity bills. It can even be a fitness app to help keep one in good shape. The types of app that can be created are endless and we recommend you find a need and build an app to solve it.

Converting marketable ideas into an app is a good way to make income online. You can develop basic android and iOS apps with your coding skills within days and launch them on app stores for download. You will earn a lot of money from selling those apps to the masses.

Note : You can make use of Appcelerator and PhoneGap to develop unique apps.

Create Your Own Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money as a programmer. An average developer can earn $10,000 USD monthly by offering their expert services on their blog. You can monetize your blog in numerous ways such as;

  • Creating premium contents in the programming niche
  • Showcasing coding and web development skills
  • Exploring the best opportunities through affiliate links

Ensure you create SEO optimized contents to help attract traffic to your blog.

Note : The cost of creating a blog is quite low as compared to building a website. So, you can start with this through the use of Bluehost or Siteground.

Work for Local Brands

Multi-million dollars organizations employ high level programmers to take care of their business but there are small business that needs the services of a web developer. If you can't get those high level jobs, you can make extra cash for yourself by coding for small scale businesses. If you look around your community, you will find local brands willing to hire you to work remotely. Don't look down on such opportunities as they can be a stepping stone to higher grounds.

Note : Gain experience with this and boost your chances of landing a big job.

Work for Local Brands
Work for Local Brands

Create WordPress Plugins

Most websites available on the internet are powered by WordPress plugins and a good way to earn money is to create these plugins with your coding skills. The demand for WordPress plugins is quite high as it helps to improve people's sites. Individuals and companies are always ready to pay you if you can create effective plugins for their sites. So, why not spare some time from your busy work schedule to create unique WordPress plugins and earn extra cash.

Note : Offer free versions and earn through donations and extra features.

Ways to Learn How to Code

We can't possibly list all the ways to get paid to code online, the ones we've discussed about are the most reliable ways. However, we will like to point out ways to learn how to code. These are the best approach to get better with coding;

  • Make coding a routine and set daily challenges to improve your skills.
  • Join free code camp communities like Chingu or #100DaysOfCode.
  • Buy paid coding resources and courses to improve your coding skills.
  • Listen to programming podcasts such as CodeNewbie and SyntaxFM.
  • Join local slack groups and share your daily progress on social media.

Finally, you can create your own coding contents and sell them as courses online. You can also develop mobile games in exchange for cash. The opportunities with coding are endless and you can use it to set yourself up for financial freedom.


Coding can be a good side hustle for you as a programmer or better still a major profession for you to earn monthly. The amazing benefits of coding from the comfort of your home is massive and we've pointed out the best ways to get paid while you code online. Ensure you work on them.

As a programmer, you can put an end to your financial struggles if you know the right areas to channel your energy. Furthermore, stay motivated and consistent.

Do you know about other ways to get paid to code online? Why not share them with us in the comments section.

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