Best Ways to Get HBO Free Trial in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

The practice of content streaming has been evolving, and different media content providers have been adding more and more features to stay ahead of the competition. Within this hustle and bustle, few of these content providers stay ahead of others, and one such provider is the HBO (Home Box Office).

HBO Trial Introduction

HBO Trial Introduction
HBO Trial Introduction

HBO is a cable and satellite television network that originated from the United States. It is a subsidiary company of the renowned Warner Media Entertainment. HBO provides original contents to content streamers in the United States and some US territories. The restriction should not be bad news for people outside US; subscribing to HBO via third-parties is a way out. What makes HBO outstanding is the provision of engaging storylines, excellent video-graphics quality, and sound productions. An unrestricted access to any of the HBO channel is a final goodbye to boredom. HBO provides various contents, but more of HBO contents are rated for violence, sex games and adult-related. However, not all contents from HBO are like this, there are child-related contents too and there are programs the whole family can enjoy together. With HBO there is something to entertain everyone. HBO features both season/series and movies among other various TV programs. One of the company's most recent works is the Game of Throne. I'm sure even if you haven't watched it, one of your friends would have, and he/she might have talked about how exciting the series is.

HBO offers premium subscription plans, the plans are flexible, and you can choose according to your needs or what you can afford. None of the HBO contents is free, but you can get a free trial. HBO trial typically lasts seven days depending on the method you follow. And believe me; it will leave you wanting for more. The good news is that within those seven days, you will have access to everything HBO has to offer. Afterward, you can subscribe to any of the HBO packages as explained later in the article.

HBO has two major channels for delivering contents to users; HBO GO or HBO NOW. Differences in the two channels are explained below


HBO GO is exclusively for users who have cable or satellite network. The exclusiveness also implies you will have to subscribe to your cable network, and the subscription must be one that includes include HBO GO channel. Some cable/satellite network will require you subscribe for a fixed plan that features all the channels on the network.

On the other hand, HBO NOW is available for more platforms. You can install the HBO NOW app on your smart devices, PC, even on gaming consoles. This stand-alone installation feature will give you the privilege to subscribe to HBO alone and as needed.

Both channels offer excellent contents; unlimited movies, series, TV family programs, documentaries, etc. The process of getting a free trial on both is initiated by registering an account with HBO. However, if you are going with HBO GO, it is compulsory to subscribe to your cable network. Some cable networks may extend the trial period or reduce it, but be assured that the minimum period is five days.

How to start an HBO trial

With HBO GO, you must subscribe to a cable network first, or download HBO GO app and proceed to the below steps if you have an active subscription.

1. Install the downloaded HBO GO app on your device.

2. Provide your HBO account credentials at the login interface.

3. Connect with your cable network provider; in these three processes:

I. Select your cable network.

II. Enter the username/ID associated with your cable network account.

III. Enter the password associated with your cable network account.

4. After you have been verified, a new interface will load, click on the button that says "Start Your Free Trial."

5. Set up your payment method

6. Complete other details required in the next interface.

7. You will get a confirmation message that your HBO GO free trial has started.

When the trial period has ended, you may be automatically charged for the preceding months. However, there are options to disable auto charge in the app settings.

With HBO NOW, the process is more straightforward and more transparent. Since HBO NOW is a direct service from HBO, you need not go through any cable network. Follow the process listed below to set up HBO NOW free trial account:

1. Download and install HBO NOW on your device.

2. Provide your HBO account credentials at the login interface.

3. Click on the "Start Your Free Trial Button."

4. Provide other details required on the next interface.

5. Set up your payment method, e.g., iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.

6. Click on the confirmation button.

7. You will get a confirmation message that your HBO NOW free trial has started.

Likewise, you may be automatically charged for the preceding after your free trial has ended. You can also disable this option in HBO NOW account settings.

Note that you will need a seamless internet connection to enjoy both apps. Ideal connection types may be 3G or 4G. Or WIFI connection with the minimum of 5Mbps internet speed.

7 Best ways to access free HBO GO trial

1. HBO Official Website - Link

HBO Official Website
HBO Official Website

The best way to get your free HBO trial is via the official website, and this can only be possible with the HBO NOW app. Visit and register for an account. Then proceed to download the HBO NOW app. Follow the steps highlighted earlier to set up the app and start enjoying your free trial. Note that the official trial period does not exceed seven days. Afterward, the subscription costs US$14.99 per month.

2. HULU - Link

Best Ways to Get HBO Free Trial in 2023: HULU
Best Ways to Get HBO Free Trial in 2023: HULU

HULU is one of the most popular media content providers, and you can get a free trial of HBO via HULU. HULU is home to several original series from different sources, movies. Series from HBO included. Per HBO agreement, when you register an account with HULU, you will get free access to HBO contents on HULU for a limited period. But first, you need to activate your HBO account via HULU website or app. To do this is simple, subscribe for the HULU base plan (which is US$5.99), and you will have access to a seven days HBO trial.

3. Amazon Prime - Link

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

Amazon is popularly known as an online store, Amazon Prime is the entertainment division of Amazon. Amazon Prime provides high quality and original contents to users worldwide, and one of the many companies that Amazon features is HBO. To get a free trial of HBO, you must register an account with Amazon Prime, and you must also have Amazon Prime active subscription. Then you can proceed to register an HBO account, and you will be given seven days of free trial. Once again, further access after the free trial is US$14.99 per month.

4. Roku TV - Link

Roku TV
Roku TV

Roku is another streaming contents provider, with Roku you will have access to over 5000 movies and more varieties of original TV series. One of the channels that you can watch via Roku is HBO, and you can get a free trial of HBO on Roku. To start the trial, power on your Roku player and navigate to the premium subscription section. Find HBO, register an HBO account, and start your seven days trial immediately.

5. Playstation Vue - Link

Playstation Vue
Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue is also one of the streaming services that can give you access to free HBO trial. Playstation Vue is a premium American internet service, and Sony owns it. The process of accessing free HBO trial is similar to others; subscribe to Playstation Vue first, and then sign up for HBO account under the premium channels sections. However, the trial period of HBO on Playstation Vue is five days, and then you can make standard HBO subscription which via Playstation Vue. is US$14.99 as usual.

6. AT&T/DIRECTV - Link


AT&T has acquired DIRECTV NOW and you can get access to free HBO trial via DIRECTV. AT&T Customers will have to go through DIRECTV NOW to sign up for the free trial. It is evident that HBO wants people to subscribe to full DIRECTV NOW subscription before they can have access to its free trial.

7. YouTube - Link


This method is free, but before you get too excited, you will only be streaming short clips and trailers, little is better than nothing. HBO has several social channels, and YouTube is one of them. Every time HBO is about to release new movies or episodes from ongoing series, the clips from such movies/series is posted on YouTube. You can stream it free of charge. All you need is a YouTube account, and you are good to go.

After getting your HBO trial account, here are the recommended shows you can watch within the seven days trial period.

Game of Thrones (Season 1 – Season 8)

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly the best work of HBO. The series features 73 episodes in all. The average length of each episode is 40 minutes, 40 multiplied by 73 is 2920. Within the trial period, you can watch the 2920 minutes of Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is scripted on a story of ice and fire. It is a fictional story of seven kingdoms of Westeros, on the violent struggle of noble families to claim the Iron throne. Some of the family has to sacrifice a little, and others sacrifice all. While some want nothing to do with the throne but still has to pay a high price against evil threatening humankind.

The Leftovers (Season 1 – Season 3)

The Leftovers is based on Perrotta's novel, which has the same title. The series contains a total of 28 episodes. The Leftovers is a story of mystery; 140 million peoples suddenly disappeared from the surface of the earth, and there is no explanation to it. This changed the life of people who were left behind; families were divided, faith and hope turned into cynism, equilibrium was employed in place of normality. Someone must keep the peace, and it is not going to be an easy task.

True Detective (Season 1 – Season 3)

You will be fascinated with this series if you are someone who likes to see mystery unraveled. The storyline is about a conspiracy that weaved around a murder case in Southern California, the sudden disappearance of the city manager after the case sparks suspicion and later led to an investigation. A police stuck on the line; between serving the people or serving gangsters, a criminal trying everything not to lose his hard-acquired empire. There is a lot to see in True Detective and the HBO free trial is an opportunity to watch the series.

Veep (Season 1 – Season 7)

If you are a fan of comedy series, you will definitely love this one. Veep is an American drama series that features a politician who believes politics is all about people. However, she later found out after getting into office that that people are not as she sees them before. She has a lot of work to do to settle in the new lifestyle she found herself, and this affected her personal life.

Girls (Season 1 – 6)

Three girls in their early 20's are trying to find the meaning to life so that they can live a fulfilling life. On this series, you can follow them as they try making their own life meaningful in a girly way.

There is a host of many other great movies you can stream with the HBO trial, Chernobyl, WestWorld, Big Little Lies, and so on.

Conclusion of How to Get HBO Free Trial in 2023

HBO restricted service is not active when you use any of the above media to access HBO contents, so you do not need to worry about not located in the US. The full-fledged HBO trial is great, and it gives you 100% access to all HBO is offering. You can get legitimate access to the trial via third-parties mentioned above. We hope you have fun.

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