HD Movie APK Apps for Android 2023

by Dan Sullivan

Does low-quality movies turn you off or do you simply prefer to watch your movies in HD? Well, if you answered yes then you're among the 100% of every one of us who prefers to watch our movies in HD. Common, what were you thinking who wouldn't rather watch his favorite movies or the latest blockbuster movie in high definition format. Maybe a time traveler from the past who awaken in 2023? Okay enough with the joke for now, let's get to business and get ready to go full HD mode with our gadgets because today we would be looking at some of the most exciting HD Movie Apps you can use for Android devices.

List of HD Movie APK Apps for Android

In no particular order, we present some fantastic and legit HD movie Apps you can use for your Android Devices.

Crackle - App Link


When Sony acquired the App once known as Grouper, the outcome was always going to be fantastic. And that is Crackle's description in one word. Crackle is one of the most famous App to stream HD videos on Android and it sits right there along with the very best. Crackle has a large and vast gallery of HD movies of which it allows you to access without Signing up, though the option is there. Interestingly, Crackle also offers you a download option where you can save your favorite movies to watch offline. Crackle doesn't cost you anything making it remarkable but the only downside to that is its consistent adds that pop-up often. Crackle also ensures its uses is not left out of the community by giving you the ability to rate movies with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Crackle indeedis fantastic and comes with a user-friendly interface and navigation.

This fantastic HD movie App can be downloaded in Play Store here

Vudu (HD and 4K Movies) - App Link

Vudu (HD and 4K Movies)
Vudu (HD and 4K Movies)

There can be no mention of high definition movie Apps without Vudu making the list. Vudu experience is cinematic, it offers you full-length movies in 1080p and super sound quality by means of Dolby Atmos. Vudu also supports 4K further proving the notion that the App was designed for high-resolution entertainment. Vudu would require you sign up in other to access its movies. Vudu has its movies up for rent but you can access a thousand movies that have been made available for free but no without Pop-up Ads.

Vulu has a wide gallery of HD videos and can be download here

Movie HD App - App Link

Movie HD App
Movie HD App

When Sky HD and HD Cinema collaborated to develop an HD movie streaming Android App, the result was Movie HD. Movie HD is compatible with chrome cast and considered by many to be the best HD Android App for watching movies. Movie HD is free and comes with no subscription or signs up to access their enormous categories of HD movies. The App is specifically designed to aid your movie watching experience. It comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to filter movies by year, rating or genre. Last, subtitles are added for a greater experience.

To download Movie HD for your Android devices, visit it website movie HD APK Download

Amazon Prime - App Link

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

Amazon prime video is also known as Prime Video. It provides a service which requires a little token as subscription fee. As the name implies, it gives access to prime videos through different channels depending on your country of subscription. Getting to watch the most recent and most popular movies is no longer a problem as Amazon Prime has rights to most of the largest movie production companies around the world. Online streaming through web player is one of the most exciting features on the Prime Video App. It also offers various streaming options such as 4K (UHD), 1080p (HD), and high dynamic range (HDR). The interface of the App is as simple as possible without any form of clutter. If you're interested in using Amazon Prime but skeptical, it has a free trial so you can have a taste of what you'd be paying for. There are categories peculiar to nature, genre, language and other sections of the App. Amazon Prime updates its videos on a consistent base ensuring that you're up to date with all the latest movies and TV shows.

This App gives you little or no option at all when it comes to making the right choice for your HD Movie App.

You can get Amazon Prime on Play Store by clickinghere

Netflix - App Link


When you talk about popularity in the streaming service chart, Netflix ranks among the very top as it provides a large collection of movies and TV shows for a subscription that covers a month. It service can be used on almost any gadget you can find around.

Netflix packs all the way from recent movies and the latest episodes of well-known TV shows to a wide range pick of old favorites. With Netflix, you need not worry about missing out on the latest updates.

Netflix has made so many deals with large companies like Disney and Marvel Studios to mention but few, these deals go by making Netflix the first outlets where you can find their latest movies and TV shows. Besides the agreements Netflix has had with popular companies, It has its own inventive movies and TV shows varying from Orange in the New Black, Master of None, House of Cards and so many more.

And should in case you decide togo one step further than HD, Netflix service supports 4K.

Netflix Android App can be downloadedhere

Kodi - App Link

HD Movie APK Apps for Android 2023: Kodi
HD Movie APK Apps for Android 2023: Kodi

The next App on the list is not your regular streaming App but it is still a great App with access to thousands of movies and TV shows. Kodi serves as file storage that allows you to stream lots of movies. Kodi is managed by a non-profit organization and the App is consistently updated by professional coders all over the world. You can stream your favorite video on Kodi by first downloading the repository file and then installing the Add-on. Kodi allows you to connect your gadgets or phone to a bigger television screen making your HD watching experience even more remarkable.

On its downside, Kodi stands a risk of potential piracy and scams from a third-party add-on.

Kodi can be downloaded on Play Store here

TubiTV - App Link


Speaking of a HD movie App for Android, TubiTV would almost always make anyone's list. The App was launched in 2014 and has an average rating of over 4.0 on Play Store, making it one of the Top rated Movie App on the Android market. TubiTV also offers you a wide variety of movies such as Drama, Comedy, Action, Documentaries, Horror, Hollywood movies and lots more. On a bit of a downside, TubiTV would require you'd have an account to stream movies from its App. It is also, only available for Android 4.0.4 version upward and contains Ads. But even with that, TubiTV remains up there with the best. It is totally free to use and constantly update itself to keep you up to date with the latest movies.

TubiTV can be downloaded on Play Store here

Crunchyroll - App Link


If there 's ever going to be a word in the dictionary synonymous with anime movie series, then it has to be Crunchyroll. Speaking of anime, Crunchyroll is not just your regular free movie streaming App. It is a paid App and rightly so for the services it offers. Crunchyroll brings you up to date with your favorite anime series immediately after its broadcast in Japan. Among this series are Attack on Titan, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super and many more. Crunchyroll is ready for you and has tens of thousands of episodes in HD for you. Though Crunchyroll is a paid App, it offers you access to TV shows a week after its broadcast but that gap can definitely be shortened when you subscribe. Crunchyroll also offers you a 14-day trial use of the App for free for you to taste what you'd be putting your money into. On the bright side of paying, you need not worry about pop up adds because Crunchyroll is Ads free.

Download Crunchyroll App for Android here

Popcornflix - App Link


Popcornflix is known to update their movies frequently ensuring that you're stock up with all the latest movies. Popcornflix is free, doesn't require any sign-up and provides you with a wide variety of movies such as Action, Comedy, Documentary, Drama and so much more. If you're ever looking for a genre for your kids, Popcornflix has a section which it dedicates for kids entertainment.

Popcornflix can be downloaded for on Play Store here

TeaTV - App Link


TeaTv is a free movie watching App that allows you to stream movies and TV Shows in HD.

TeaTV not only keeps you up to date by uploading movies, it also offers trailers and update for upcoming movies. TeaTV comes with a user-friendly interface and keeps your watch history for you.

To download TeaTV for Android, visit its website here

We've reached the end of our list for HD movie Apps for Android. No doubt there're certainlya lot more out there but these ones were compiled to provide you with all you would ever need in your HD movie watching experience with your Android devices.

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