Online Jobs to Help You Earn Money While Working Remotely

It's not new knowledge that people can now earn money while working remotely. Online jobs can be done from any location around the world but it's important to understand the type of jobs good enough to help solve your financial needs.

Why Online Jobs to Help You Earn Money While Working Remotely

As there are billions of internet users worldwide, the opportunities available to make money online is also endless. Due to the current pandemic ravaging the world, many firms, businesses, companies and organizations had to close down their offices. While many couldn't operate during this period, some companies had to transition their employees to work remotely.

Despite certain businesses and companies embracing remote operations, many still find it difficult to work from home. This has since led to thousands of people struggling to make ends meet.

The purpose of this article is to point readers to the best online jobs to help people make money from the comfort of their homes or from any location they find themselves around the world. Due to the enforced lockdown and restrictions, many can't move around but that does not stop anyone from making money. What's important is having the required devices and access to good internet connection.

Aside the movement issues associated with the current pandemic, a large percentage of the current workforce will become freelancers in the next decade. All thanks to social media and constant technology improvement.

This current COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world that a large portion of jobs can be done remotely. So, many companies and individuals have finally embraced working from home or any remote location around the world.

If you are really interested in making money remotely, this article will recommend the best legit online jobs that are profitable. Ensure you continue reading.

List of Legitimate Online Jobs in 2021

Now let's take a look at legitimate online jobs to help you make money in 2021.

1. Freelancing

2. Blogging

3. Travel Agent

4. Virtual Assistant

5. Social Media Manager

6. Medical Transcriptionist

7. Web Developer

8. Translator

9. Graphic Designer

10. Data Entry Personnel


This is one of the most popular online job opportunity and the most lucrative. There are several freelance jobs on the internet and to become an exceptional freelancer, you have to develop yourself by learning new skills.

What kind of skills are we talking about here? Skills such as Web Development, Graphics Design, Writing, Translation, Digital Marketing and many more. The list of services you can render as a freelancer is endless.

Best Freelancing Sites

There are several freelancing sites on the internet today but we will like to specially recommend the best ones that will give you a platform to earn a lot of money while working remotely.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer

Check out the essential tools and applications for freelancers if you want to become more efficient as a freelancer.


Blogging is up there as one of the best online jobs on the internet today. As a blogger, you can work actively or passively and earn a considerable high amount of money without stress.

You can earn money from blogging in several ways such as:

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Posting adverts (ads)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Sales Promotion

It's important to understand that as much as blogging will provide an excellent means of earning money remotely, it requires you putting in hard work and also exercising patience.

Starting a blog is quite easy and requires little capital. If you are a web developer, you can easily build your own website. If not, you can visit Bluehost to pay for their services in building a professional website for you.

Brainstorm a unique blog name that will attract your target audience to visit the blog, create your preferred niche, build your brand and start your blogging journey. Furthermore, always increase your knowledge about blogging by taking some online courses so as to improve and increase your chances of earning more.

Travel Agent

One of the online jobs you can get involved in remotely is working as a Travel Agent. As a travel agent, you can help people plan their travel adventures from the comfort of your home.

Many people are too busy to find time to plan their travels and will most time seek out firms that will help them do that. If you explore the internet properly, you can figure out amazing holiday spots and also help clients plan tours.

Therefore, as an individual you can become a self-employed travel agent without having to work with any travel agency. You can earn as much as $40,000 yearly.

Virtual Assistant

Many companies and organizations now hire virtual assistants to help with various tasks. A virtual assistant is an individual that offers creative, technical and administrative service to series of clients in different fields while working remotely. They are like independent online contractors.

A virtual assistant render series of tasks such as answering emails, writing contents, making travel plans, attending to business enquiries and scheduling meetings. The responsibilities of virtual assistants are endless and they use devices such as smartphones and a computer system to communicate.

Tools like Skype and Zoom are used to interact due to location differences. So, it's important to have a reliable internet connection. A virtual assistant earns roughly $30,000 USD per year on average and while the responsibilities are diversified, the pay also varies.

Social Media Manager

The year is 2021 and most business and organizations now run social media accounts to help promote their products and services and also interact with clients and customers. This has helped to reduce the cost of advertising on newspapers, radio or television.

This has led big organizations and businesses to look out for individuals that can manage their social media accounts. Many of them hire these individuals fulltime.

As a social media manager, your duty will be to help grow employer's online presence and outreach. It's quite lucrative, which means you can earn a lot of money working as a social media manager.

You will also be required to protect the business or company's reputation while your market their products and services. You can check out sites like Simply Hired or Career Builder to see a list of available social media manager jobs. You need to have developed a reputable online presence and huge following on social media platforms yourself before most business can consider your application.

Medical Transcriptionist

You can earn money online by transcribing recorded dictions from physicians and medical doctors. People find it hard to interpret and understand a medical personnel when they speak or send out recordings due to the professional terms involved.

Most medical transcriptionist work within a medical facility like clinics and hospitals but many have started working from home in recent years. You must have undergone a training as a medical transcriptionist before applying for this online job. Research shows that medical transcriptionists earn $18 per hour.

Web Development

One of the best online jobs in recent years is web development. As a web developer, you can build websites for clients and companies that needs the service. You can make a living by building blogs and websites for individuals and firms from the comfort of your home.

There are several educational sites online that gives people the opportunity to learn by taking several courses in a field of interest. A good example is Udemy.

It is an online learning platform that gives internet users the opportunity to become professionals in any field they so desire. After completing a web development course, you can start applying for jobs remotely. Check out this coding boot camp article to learn how to develop your skills as a programmer.


Are you bilingual? If yes, you already have a skill you can use to earn money online. This online job involves translating from one language to another.

Many translators work from home as freelancers while some work for companies and institutions as home based employees. A large percentage of translators are self-employed which means many of them work remotely. According to National Median Wage, translators earn as high as $100,000.

Graphics Designer

Graphics design is a very lucrative job. It is one of the best job opportunity that offer people lots of money on the internet. Internet users tend to relate better with pictures and image designs than texts, so this has help boost the need for graphics designer's services.

Companies and businesses are always in in search for people that can help design flyers, brochures, business cards, logos and visual ads. Therefore, if you are a talented graphics designer you can apply for jobs from home or any remote location you find yourself. Graphics designers earn as high as $50,000 USD per year.

Data Entry Personnel

A data entry personnel assists companies and organizations to input data and information into a system. These data can be in various forms such as taking inventories, measuring employee performance, imputing customer service reports and many more. Data entry gigs are limitless on the internet.

To harness this online job opportunity you need a computer system, good internet connection and skills in Microsoft Word and Excel. The good thing is the fact most businesses and companies need a data entry personnel service.

How to be More Efficient While Working from Home

  • Look good and comfortable in a smart dress.
  • Create a work space at home to avoid distractions.
  • Write a daily work schedule.
  • Always schedule breaks at intervals.

The most important thing while working remotely is to be disciplined.


You can earn a living with online jobs by working remotely. However, as much as there are several online job opportunities, you still need to be mindful of potential scams. The online jobs recommended in this article are safe, 100% legit and will offer you a reasonable amount of money while working from home.

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