Spotify Premium Apk Download January 2021

01/2021 Latest Version - Recently Updated By Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium Apk Download January 2021 - We all enjoy listening to music every now and then. As the popular saying goes, “When words fail, music speak”. That’s only one of the many purposes that music serves. It really could be an instant mood booster at times. What about those days when music helps to ward boredom away? Priceless.

Why Spotify Premium Apk?

This is why just about everyone loves and needs a music app like Spotify. What makes Spotify even more special is the fact that it isn’t available on only mobile devices. Yes, you can download Spotify on your PC too. With Spotify, you get access to a wide range of songs from various artists.

Though it is an online music streaming service, it offers much more than music. If you are just joining the Spotify gang, then you might not know this. On Spotify, you can get access to podcasts, audio books, novels, soundtrack and so much more. If you are a huge fan of audio content, Spotify would meet your needs in more ways than one.

For an elite music app like Spotify, there are both free (freemium) and premium versions. The free version is just as amazing as the premium version but , of course, there are differences. The Spotify premium version comes with unlimited listening time. It also comes with access to a wide range of music. So does the freemium version. The difference, however, is this. The freemium version comes with a couple of ads. These ads could interrupt the music and affect your overall listening experience. The premium version comes with no ads. Also, on the free version, users are unable to download music for offline listening. Upgrading to the premium version, however, comes with this feature. These extra features and more are the reasons why you shouldget a premium Spotify account.

Spotify Premium Apk Download January 2021

As already stated, you get unlimited & uninterrupted access to music with this version. You also get to listen to your favorite songs even when there is no internet connection. This would help you tosave your internet data in the long run. You would also be able to enjoy listening to music in the absence of a good internet connection. A Spotify freemium account wouldn’t be able to help you with that. Only a premium account can.

Does the account come freely, though? No, it doesn’t. In the first three months of subscription, you have to pay about $0.99. Fair enough, right? However, in the months that follow, you have to pay as much as $9.99 per month. That could be quite pricey for people whose pocketbook is not so large. Does this mean they have to give up on getting a premium account? Not quite. This post has something to help outwith that. The Spotify Premium Apk is what it is. You should read on to find out how to get it. Before getting to that though, how about we dive in further on the features and benefits that it comes with?

Features and Benefits of Spotify Premium Apk

1. User friendly interface

You really can’t deny the fact that a pretty interface makes any activity to be more appealing. The design of the interface is clean, simple, and easy for users to navigate. This makes it easy to browse through the many songs on the app.

2. Downloading of music for offline listening

Yes, you can get to download your entire playlist on your phone. Though the songs are limited to 3,333 songs. This feature would prove to bevery useful in many cases. For example, if you want to listen to music when in an area with a poor internet connection. You may want to read or work on a project while listening to music without distraction from social media.

3. Topnotch sound quality

With the premium account, you can listen to music in three different modes. They are the normal, high, and extreme modes. The extreme mode is very top notch as the music speed is as fast as 320Kbps. This would see to itthat your listening experience is more enjoyable.

4. Unlimited music skips

With the free account, you have tobe patient until the song that’s currently playing stops. With the premium account, you get to skip as many songs as you want. Of course, this leads to a more enjoyable music listening experience. What more could a music lover ask for? This is as opposed to the freemium account where you can barely choose what song you want a playlist to start with.

5. Absence of ads

Premium Spotify account is equal to zero ads while listening to music. Both visual and audio ads associated with a freemium account are totally absent. Imagine you are about to vibe to your favorite part of a song and boom, an ad pops up. That is not so cool.

6. Premium features for free

When you download the premium apk file, you get to enjoy free all the features of a premium account for free. Free downloads. Free amazing features. Definitely a double win situation.

How to Download Spotify Premium Apk

App NameSpotify Premium
Latest UpdateJanuary 2021
VersionZZ.APK Latest
DeveloperSpotify LTD
Android Required4.1+ (SDK XT)
Downloads100,000,000+ and counting

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Spotify APK Download for PC Window Download - Microsoft App Store January 2021 Download

The Apk has all the features of a Spotify premium account. Also, you do not have to root your device before you can install it on your device. It would work perfectly on both your Android smartphone and tablet.

Follow the steps and guidelines below to download and install the apk on your device

· First of all, you have to download and install a third-party app like Aptoide to be able to download the apk file. This is because it is the only way to get the Spotify premium version for free.

· After installing Aptoide, open it and then type in ‘Spotify premium Apk 2021’ into its search box.

· If you already have the official Spotify app on your device, you should uninstall it. This is because you would have no need for it as you are about to download the premium app.

· Download and unzip the file. The apk file is in zipped format and so, you need to get it unzipped. You should be able to unzip it straight from your device’s file manager. If you can’t, you can download an app used to unzip files to get it done.

· Once you have gotten it unzipped, you may begin the installation process. Should your device refuse to install the app, do not fret. Simply go to your device’s settings to grant permission for the installation of the device. This is necessary as the app is from an unknown source. Once you have granted this permission, you would find that the installation continues.

· Once the app is done installing, you would have to create an account. Even if you already had an account, you should endeavor to create a new one.

· After creating a new account, you are one step away from enjoying all the premium features for free. Easy easy!

In the rare case that the installation and usage process is not as seamless for you, don’t give up just yet. We have put together a list of problems you may encounter. We have also made available solutions to these problems.

Common Solutions to Problems with Spotify Premium Apk Download on 01 2021

1. Unavailability of Spotify in a country

Yes, Spotify is not available in many countries. The consequence of this is that residents of those countries cannot download the app. There is a solution, though. That solution comes in the form of a VPN. With VPN, you can actually change both your IP address and server location. You would then be able to choose the country of your choice. In the simplest terms, using a VPN means you can change your country from a country ‘A’ to country ‘Z’. Country ‘Z’ has to be a country in which Spotify is available. The United States and the United Kingdom are great choices to work with as Country ‘Z’. This way, the server would not be able to decode the country you are in and then restrict you from downloading.

2. Inability to login

If you are unable to login into the app, all you have to do is to clear your cache. You also have to delete all the data of the app via the app manager. Go to the storage of your device to do this. Then you have to enable VPN before you can log in again. This method will help you tosolve the inability to login problem. For clarity sake, follow these steps

· On your device, go to Settings and then Apps

· Look for Spotify amongst the list of apps. Click on it when you find it

· On the Spotify app info page, you would see a tab that says ‘Storage’. Click on it

· Then, select ‘clear data and clear cache’ options.

· A message would pop up telling you the consequence of clearing your data and cache. It would also have a ‘Delete’ option. Click on that

· If you don’t already have one, go to the Google Play Store to download a VPN app. With the app, enable VPN and choose a VPN location.

· Open your Spotify app and try to login again. You would see that you can now login

· Once you have logged in, you can then disable the VPN function. You would be able to keep using the app without a VPN.

3. Inability to skip songs

It can be heartbreaking to find that even after downloading the premium apk file, you can’t skip songs. The problem is not with the apk file though. You most likely forgot to uninstall your previous Spotify app. all you have to do is to uninstall that app. After uninstalling it, you would have to reinstall the apk file to completely fix the problem.

If you are a music lover, Spotify is that app that you need. With its premium version, you can take your listening experience to a higher level. It has lots of beneficial features that would see to this. Though it comes at a cost, there is a way around it. We have outlined steps that would help you get its apk file, all for free. Download it and get to enjoy all the features for free and without hassle.

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