Top Biggest Wins in Online Casinos

Land-based casino gaming was the order about two decades ago. Typical gamblers would visit the casino to meet other players and friends. They would share gaming tips and other experiences about gaming.

But that did not go on for a long time when online Canadian casino games became the new order. Most of the casinos shifted their gaming services online. That also led to the introduction of better games.

Many gamers who visit the Canadian casinos currently apply various gaming strategies to target an online casino win. We linked up with our expert and top gamer, Michelle Thomas (view profile), to enlighten you about some of the great wins in the online casino gaming arena. Here are the greatest wins in online casinos:

The midnight student win

Top Biggest Wins in Online Casinos:
Top Biggest Wins in Online Casinos:

Many students run out of money frequently because they get engaged in learning activities. The pocket money they get is inadequate and that makes them think that life is almost coming to an end.

But that wasn't the situation with the Norwegian student whose story was dubbed the midnight student. He was having a sleepless night and thought of something productive he could do. He didn't think further than logging into his gambling account. He knew gaming was the perfect way to kill insomnia.

He put away his fear of losing and went ahead to try his luck in the jackpot available on the site then. Unknown to him that it was a life-changing moment, he won US $13.3 Million. It's among the most zmoney won online gambling that amazes many to date.

Progressive Jackpot Win

As usual, Scott T. a Canadian resident was playing his favourite game. It was a progressive jackpot. Even though playing Blackjack was among the things he liked most, at no given point did he imagine winning huge at it.

Luckily, he won the progressive blackjack jackpot enabling him to pocket C$155345. What caught many in disbelief is that he won the money when four races were in a row and that has been a rare thing for many gamers. Modern gamers are always on the lookout for blackjack progressive jackpots on sites featured on Canadian casino online hoping that they can as well win big.

Rawiri Pou Mega Moolah

On June 17th, when Rawiri was going through his best 50 sites, he chose one of the incredible platforms with little expectations of online slots big wins. He only wanted to have fun by playing some slots.

He knew playing Mega Moolah reels was a great decision but didn't know it would turn out to be his lucky day. As he played, he did not believe it when he won the US $ 7.4 Million. When asked by the interviewers what he would spend the money on, he ceremoniously said his family.

Beginners luck

Many soldiers who return from serving their countries always want to have a humble time. They rarely like to get involved in activities that will keep triggering their emotions. At only 25 years, Jon Heywoodhad given his life path after winning big at the casinos.

At the time of his victory, he had come from Afghanistan, where he was serving as a soldier. He then got a job that was helping him settle his bills. But that did not stop him from gambling. He logged into his Betway online casino account.

With only $40 in his account as the deposit, he did not know that Karma was about to smile at him. As he was gaming, he proceeded to watch his favourite program that was running on TV. After spinning for a few minutes, he couldn't believe that he had $17 Million staring at him. Luckily, he won the massive prize at the time he needed it the most.

According to findings by Betway, after a follow-up on how he utilized the money, it came out that he invested part of it and used the rest to clear his fathers' hospital bill. He also aspired to own a Bentley but also talked about taking his family on a cruise.

There are lots of stories that will amaze you when you hear them. You will realize that you never know when luck will strike. But it's also important to keep trying your luck on various games as it may be your turning point. We will keep updating our list to ensure you learn about the biggest online casino as they happen.

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