Unbiased World News Sources Free from Censorship

Access to original and first-hand news seems impossible in this current age as there are many diluted and adulterated news flying all around. This fact made it very difficult to believe any news heard as they are listened to because, more often than not, rumors are flying around.

More so, for many reasons, most news does not come out the way it should because of the uncalled editing that would have watered down the quality of the message. There are many sources of news that don't pay attention or intentionally close eyes to the news that will be of high interest to people for some reason.

We live in a world where money, greed, and selfishness have daunted and tainted integrity in all ways, and this has led to the untruthfulness in the world of journalism. The journalistic integrity has reduced based on pressure and sponsored bias to different spheres from politics to business and even industrial news.

The essence of this article then is to make a list of the best sources to get uncensored and unadulterated news around.

Rationale Behind Biased and Censored News

Unbiased news is those news stories present with all facts intact, without any wordplay to downplay the quality or any prejudice towards any sect, faction, political stance, or even the owner of the news source outlet. News with such bias is always insinuating the opposite of the real events. Most often, it tends to be positive news when it comes to the one controlling the outlet either politically or financially. And it is a piece of negative news when it is against anyone that is not in line with the line of influence in such a news outlet.

There are some examples of such news outlets that are believed to be of such caliber. An example is the Xinhua News Agency, the mouthpiece for the party, Peoples Republic of China. Another one is the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS), it is a news outlet owned and sponsored by the Russian government. But the truth is, who will speak against his or her sponsor? And that is the source of unbiased news presentations because the picture you paint of your employer will determine the extent and magnitude of favor you will receive from such an individual or organization.

Rationale Behind Biased and Censored News
Rationale Behind Biased and Censored News

Other western countries like the US and UK are not in any way innocent too. Those controlling the pens of the Journalists there are the leaders of big corporate organizations even ahead of the government leaders. The big five giant media houses in the US, namely The Wait Disney Company, Comcast, AT&T, Fox Corporation, and Viacom, are the ones controlling the market of the US media. This seeming monopoly seems to be preempted as there is a continuous merging of most media companies that have deals worth billions, and this concentrated ownership has led to a decrease in the number of media conglomerates.

In the wake of the last three decades, over fifty companies are controlling over 90% of the US News Outlet and media market generally. And as of 2011, it has reduced to just six of them holding the same percentage of the Media market, and even currently, the number has dwindled to five. This targeted and increased monopoly in the media and journalism world has reduced the freedom of expression, and thereby unbiased news will look so scarce. This is because there will not be other enough outlets to juxtapose and validate the news from a particular news source.

How will you want to believe that those signing paychecks for the reporters in these media houses are not in any way interfering with the quality of the news coming from the outlet? It will be really naïve to believe that in this current age.

This biased and censored news, as earlier said, has a significant effect on almost everything, from business to industry and to politics, which seem to the great playground of it all. A perfect example is a campaign for the upcoming presidential election. You will see different stations writing and publishing stories that will favor their own chosen candidates will they close their eyes to other news the audience will have a great interest in just because it is not in favor of their chosen man.

Summary of Unbiased World News Sources Free from Censorship

  1. BBC
In recent times, the BBC has been accused of favoritism when it comes to news presentation, but the AllSidesargues and yet rated the BBC as one of the world's top unbiased news sources.
  1. Christian Science Monitor
CSMonitor, as fondly called, has also made a name when it comes to the presentation of impartial and unbiased news. News stories on CSMonitor either support or attack government policies, and this is done based on obvious facts.
  1. The Economist
The Economist has done everything in the scope of journalism to blend both to the right and left simultaneously, leaving no imprint of prejudice. This impartial combination has earned them a rating as one of the unbiased news outlets that can be found around.
  1. The Financial Times
Being one of the oldest news outlets in the world, The Financial Times has beyond doubt maintained a level of excellent reputation in broadcasting unbiased news in regards to politics, economy, business, and others.

List of the unbiased news sources free from censorship

After careful examination of the rationale behind the propagation of biased and censored news, the next question is , are there no unbiased news sources? The answer is, "Yes." In this article, the list of the unbiased news sources will be made and examined.

Wall Street Journal - Link

Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal

With the test of time, the Wall street journal was known as a news outlet that reports news stories as it is with mincing words or filling it to reduce the story's quality. It gives the healthy and full dose of the news in reality from both sides of the spectrum, either in politics or business. One of the reasons why any reporting correspondent of Wall Street Journal will not get into a clash with the current president or anyone is not because they are picking sides, but they have learned to balance any stories they are publishing,

It is rare to see Wall Street Journal putting antagonistic and lambasting news stories on their front page. And in any story, they will explain what is happening, who is behind it, and for what reason without any excessive editorial activities or any writing rid of emotions.

An article from the AllSides confirms the authenticity of the Wall Street Journal and its integrity in presenting unbiased and uncensored news stories. In 2014, a Research Study Center named Pew carried research out on Where News Audiences Fit on the Political Spectrum and the found out that the Wall Street Journal has an equal and balanced coverage on the news without any bias whatsoever across the political spectrum. So, for better and less offending news, the Wall Street Journal is a recommended news outlet.

CBS News - Link

CBS News
CBS News

Right according to a Research study carried out by the Pew Research Study Center, it was realized that with the number of news coming from the CBS News, there is a proper balance, it shows that only 40% of the news is leaning to the left and 20% to the right. However, the political conservatives held that a higher percentage of bias to the left side against them; the truth is that stories from CBS News are more aligned to the center without any prejudice whatsoever.

Even if the story being covered is a controversial topic, which will be evident that some news outlets will not be able to present without any element of bias, CBS News will report such news stories using neutral and balanced language. This made all the articles on the site facts, and all debate opinions are well covered.

Reuters - Link


According to proper research carried out, Media Bias (also known as Facts Check) and AllSides concluded that Reuters is less biased in reporting news than the BBC, which is a rated less biased news Outlet.

Reading from the Reuters site does not need comparison in any way as the content can be taken as facts. The articles and news stories there are natural, and the news reporters report on facts, not emotions. The neutral ground that Reuters stood on has attracted less rift with any political stance.

Over the years, Reuters has proven to be a more excellent and trusted news source for politics, markets, and businesses, and even with issues regarding lifestyle and technology. Reuters news has a link to their past videos, and they cover so wide that you can find enough content regarding your region on their site.

The Associated Press - Link

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Founded in 1846, The Associated Press is known for a consistent display of journalistic integrity and has been an epitome of unbiased and uncensored news. This has made this renowned and popular news outlet to pull 53 Pulitzer Prizes to themselves.

This news outlet's integrity has made more reporters who seek freedom in the world of journalism to find The Associated Press as an abode to cover and report their own news stories.

AP Blog carries an article by John Daniszewski about the transference of fake news on social media, and it is titled "Getting the facts right." In there, he cited an internal memo sent out to the company's staff by their social media editor Eric Carvin. In the memo, Eric wrote: The language [and tone] we use: we want to emphasize the obvious and the specifics instead of generalizing or labeling whenever possible. In any case, let us say what we know to be true or false is based on our findings and reporting. This is the precise definition of unbiased news.

The Associated Press has learned over time not to paint glamorous rainbows on one side of any story while they draw dark clouds on the other side. They have mastered the usage of neutral language in reporting, and this has made them one of the pacesetters in the media market.


The truth is, it might look so difficult to get a perfect unbiased news outlet in the world, but then there are still some that upheld the expected integrity in the world of journalism. In the nine principles of journalism, the first is that every journalist has an obligation to the truth, and to express a life of a journalist successfully, the principle(s) must be the anchor.

The ability to neglect one's prejudice and present the facts without emotions is vital and valuable in journalism.

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