Best Ways to Get Paid to Read Emails in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

The opportunities available to make money on the internet is getting better by the day and you can tell from numerous websites that pay people for doing what excites them. I mean - is it not amazing getting paid for your hobby? Certainly.

As you might already know, you can get paid for participating in several activities online. A good example of these activities are playing games, browsing the web, watching video clips or even completing surveys but have you heard about getting paid for reading emails? If you've not, then this article is perfect for you.

There are several websites available on the internet that will help you make money from reading not just articles but emails and we will like to discuss about them in this guide. We have carefully selected top legitimate websites that will pay you to read emails and while this is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a very good means of making extra cash by spending little time online.

List of 10 Legit Sites That Will Pay You to Read Emails

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Unique Rewards - Paid to Read Email Link

Unique Rewards
Unique Rewards

The first site on our list is Unique Rewards. It offers users several opportunities to get paid such as taking surveys, completing offers, shopping online and of course reading emails. This site pays users $0.01 for clicking on email links and you will get to see 2 to 3 daily. These emails offer sales promotions and exclusive deals.

Unique Rewards has a golden membership that will increase your earnings potential and the site also has an excellent referral program. There is no limit on referrals and you will get 10% on their lifetime earnings.

Key Points to Note :

  • You can make more money on referrals.
  • Cash out threshold is $20.0 USD and that can be done via PayPal or Check.
  • The payout day of the week is Monday and it gets processed within days.

Check out Unique Rewards Review to learn more.

Vindale Research - Paid to Read Email Link

Vindale Research
Vindale Research

This is a popular site that rewards users for viewing emails on their platform. You will get cash reward for every email link you open and view daily. This site offers one of the best means to get paid for reading emails because of its high rewards.

The cash out limit might be high but there are additional offers that will hasten your chances of accumulating cash on the site such as answering polls, filling survey questions and watching videos online. We highly recommend this site because it also offers $5.0 USD when you refer a friend to join the site.

Key Points to Note :

  • You will get $1.0 USD sign up bonus when you register.
  • Cash out threshold is $50.0 USD and can be withdrawn via Paypal.
  • You can also earn $2.0 USD for subscribing to Vindale emails.

Check out Vindale Research Review to learn more.

Cash Crate - Paid to Read Email Link

Cash Crate
Cash Crate

Cash Crate is another legit site that pays its users for reading emails. This site offers a special cashback reward deal whenever you purchase items on affiliated stores. It is a very good means of earning extra cash when you make payments.

Aside getting paid to watch videos and complete surveys, you can make money from reading emails. These emails are mainly from affiliates partners and advertisers. When you visit the links, you will get paid in return as it's a means of product promotion. You can also make more money when you refer friends.

Key Points to Note :

  • Cash crate offers a $1.0 USD sign up bonus.
  • The cash out limit is $20.0 USD which is paid monthly via check.
  • It is available to residents in the United States only with 13yrs age limit.

Check out Cash Crate Review to learn more.

InboxDollars - Paid to Read Email Link


This is one of the best reward sites on the internet. It is quite popular because the reward program it offers is legit. This site sends users paid emails from partners and advertisers which will be displayed in their inbox. You will get paid every time you visit the affiliate links and read the emails.

There are several other tasks on the platform that will get you extra cash such as playing games and completing surveys. You need to be very active to stand a chance of earning a high payout on this site.

Key Points to Note :

  • The site offers $5.0 USD sign up bonus.
  • Cash out threshold is $30.0 USD and it is issued via PayPal.
  • The spin or scratch program rewards users for staying active on the site.

Check out InboxDollars Review to learn more.

SwagBucks - Paid to Read Email Link


SwagBucks is basically the best "Get Paid To" site on the internet. This site is popularly known for putting cashback in your wallet whenever your purchase items with your debit or credit card online. Aside this amazing benefit, SwagBucks also reward users for reading sponsored emails.

This is a legit site and is available in various countries such as USA, Canada, India, France, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom. It is a worldwide GPT site. You can also make extra cashing while shopping online, taking surveys, playing games and watching videos from the comfort of your home.

Key Points to Note :

  • All earnings on SwagBucks can be received through PayPal or Gift Cards.
  • The mobile app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.
  • The minimum age requirements for registering on the site is 13.

Check out SwagBucks Review to learn more.

FusionCash - Paid to Read Email Link


This is an established money making site that has been running for well over a decade. We've included FusionCash on our list of sites that pay people to read emails because it has a proven payment history.

You can participate in trial offers, download mobile apps and watch videos while you get paid cash as reward for your time. The "Paid to Click" package will make you earn money for viewing and reading emails. Ensure you spend at least 3 minutes on the page. It also has an amazing referral program.

Key Points to Note :

  • All earnings not cashed out after 180 days will be lost.
  • It offers a $5.0 USD sign up bonus when you register.
  • Cash out limit is $25.0 and payments are issued via Check & Direct Deposit.

Check out FusionCash Review to learn more.

InboxPays - Paid to Read Email Link


This is another legit site that pays users for playing games, completing trial offers and reading emails. It also offers a rewarding referral program and a juicy signup bonus for new users. This site is available in United States of America and there's an age limit of 18 years before becoming a member.

There is also a "Spin the Wheel" offer for gamers to earn extra cash when they playing mobile games online. Sponsored emails are sent to user's inbox daily and they are required to open then and read in exchange for cash reward.

Key Points to Note :

  • It offers $5.0 USD sign up bonus.
  • You will get 10% per earnings on all your referrals.
  • The minimum cash out is $25.0 USD which can be issued via PayPal.

Check out InboxPays Review to learn more.

MyPoints - Paid to Read Email Link


The final site on our list that pays users to read emails is MyPoints. You will be required to follow specific links that redirects you to another website. This task ensures you get extra cash within few minutes. The site is legit and safe to use.

MyPoints rewards users with 5 points every time they open an email link from partners. To earn $1.0 USD, you must have accumulated 140 points. The site also offers gift cards with threshold limit of $5.0 USD and payments are also issued via PayPal or through direct cash deposit.

Key Points to Note :

  • Cash out limit is $25.0 USD which can be redeemed via PayPal.
  • Watching video clips online can get you up to 500 points per day.
  • MyPoints members get up to 40% cashback on purchases at top retailers.

Check out MyPoints Review to learn more.


There are several companies and websites willing to pay people to read emails and that is made possible via the sites listed in this guide. Reading emails and getting paid for it is another legit money making activity that can be added to your streams of income. We have explained in details all the top sites that will pay you to read emails and we indulge you to check them out. It will only take you few minutes.

You must be wondering why these sites pay users to read emails? It's simple.

Companies and big brands use the means for advert and product promotions.

As with many money making websites on the internet, some of these sites do come with disadvantages and scam alerts. So, we recommend you stick to the sites mentioned in this article as they are all tested and trusted. That is why review links for each of the sites were included. Do check them out and start making extra cash from the comfort of your home today.

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