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Thanks to technological advancements, website developers and tech geeks can now get a valid credit card number to test the integrated payment system. This benefit is largely due to the introduction of the BIN generator. BIN (Bank Identification Number) are unique numbers that are important to all merchants and business owners. The importance of BIN generators to tech geeks, web developers, and the business world necessitates the need to discuss all you should know about it. Therefore, today, I will be telling you all information about BIN generators.

What is BIN Generator

BIN generator is an excellent tool developed to generate unique payment card numbers from BIN Numbers that are entered in the appropriate window. The tool is free of cost and offers incredible services by comparing the BIN Number entered with those available in its database. It also defines the validity of the card by checking with the cards available in its database. The BIN generator compares the issuer of your credit card with the transaction. All you have to do is to enter the first four to six numbers. Then the BIN Number will be generated by the tool. BIN generators also give relevant information about the level of the card - maybe it is designated as a business, premium, or black card. The tool also gives you details about the type of card - maybe is a prepaid, credit, debit, or gift card.

Features of BIN Generator

Online Free CC BIN Generator Tool 2023, Best Credit Card BIN Number Generator App
Online Free CC BIN Generator Tool 2023, Best Credit Card BIN Number Generator App

BIN generators have some exciting features it offers its users. Before you proceed to choose a BIN generator, you need to have a good understanding of the features of the BIN generator. In this session, I will tell you the features of the tool.

1. Generate Unlimited Cards

BIN generators are developed to help its users generate an unlimited number of credit or debit cards. These credit cards are valid for testing purposes.

2. Generate Valid Payment Card Number

With the BIN generator, you can generate unlimited valid card numbers for different payment cards like debit and credit cards.

3. Credit Card Validator

An excellent BIN generator is developed with a credit or debit card validator. With the validator, you will have full assurance of getting a valid card.

4. Luhn Algorithm Checker

Luhn Algorithm checker is an important feature that must be present in all BIN generators. The feature helps to verify the validity of the card number before it is issued.

5. Generate CVV Code and Card Expiry Date

BIN generator helps its users to create the unique three-digits codes that offer security services to the card. It also helps its users to generate random expiry dates for debit and credit cards.

6. Free of Cost

The BIN generators work perfectly at no cost. All the features are also accessed at no cost.

How to Generate BIN Number

  • Copy and paste the BIN Number or enter the BIN Number in the window provided.
  • Click the "Generate" icon.
  • Choose the card issuer
  • Hit the Generate icon to create the card details.
  • Choose the expiry date
  • Enter the 3-digits CVV security code or leave it blank if not needed.
  • Choose the card quantity.


The table below summarizes the pros and cons of BIN generators


It is useful to web designers and other tech geeks.

It is used for testing purposes alone.

It helps to generate valid credit or debit cards.


BIN generator is an excellent tool needed by web developers and tech geeks. Today, I have discussed all you should know about the BIN generator. Thank you for reading it.

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