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by Dan Sullivan

The convenience of online world can indeed cradle anyone who surfing in it. All sorts of things can be found online. As a result, many parties eventually use it as a commodity in the search for profit.

These commodities come in the form of advertisement. Unlike the ones in radio and newspaper, the ads on internet often appear without us wanting. They are almost everywhere; on video, website, even to application program.

List of Best Ad Blockers for Android 2023

Besides on computers, the ads are now starting to get into the realm of Android smartphones. They more often appear on games or websites. This surely annoys many people, until finally they come up with an application called ad blocker. The following will display the best Android ad blockers for 2023.

1. Adblock browser - Ad Blocker Link

Adblock browser
Adblock browser

Who does not know about Adblock? One of the best ad blocker apps in the world is now entered into the realm of Android smartphone. This app is able to eliminate various types of advertisement in your android browser.

Its use is quite easy, user-friendly, also comes with a guide if you first use the Adblock browser. Moreover, it can be found for free in the Google play store, but the features you get are limited to preventing advertisement from appearing on browser. If you want to close the ad on your game, the app or video player, you can buy Adblock plus for more features.

Don’t worry if your smartphone is in rooted condition since Adblock Plus will work more optimally and able to provide features that don’t exist in unrooted conditions. However, you don’t need to root on your smartphone.

Well, the regular features of Adblock plus are qualified enough to keep advertisement at bay. The downside of this application is that it limits the features, and you need to pay additional fee to buy the completed version.

2. Adblock Fast - Blocker Site

Adblock Fast
Adblock Fast

Many people don’t understand that the ad providers also understand if their ads are often filtered by blocker that many installed by consumers. Therefore, they appear with less intrusive advertisement. For that, you need Adblock Fast; an application made by Rocketship Apps that works uniquely to filter all kinds of advertisement.

In addition, it is also considered light enough, so it does not take much memory and certainly has a complete and fast functionality. Unfortunately, this app will work more optimally for handheld Samsung.

3. CM Browser - AdBlocker URL

CM Browser
CM Browser

Starting from a mod named CyanogenMod, the developer is now developing its own specific browser called CM Browser, which does not only provide a medium for your convenience of surfing the internet, but also ensures your browsing experience becomes ad-free. As a web browser, it has a fairly complete set of features compared to other choices.

The features include the ability to download video on the spot along with browsing protection services for your identity. However, as a third-party browser, countlessCM Browser takes a lot of memory, so it often makes your smartphone slow. It's not recommended for you who have smartphones with low internal memory

4. Cygery Adskip - Blocker Website

Cygery Adskip
Cygery Adskip

This app is devoted to YouTube users who are annoyed with the advertisement at the beginning of video. Although advertisement is a source of revenue for content creators, its appearance is often considered annoying and detrimental, especially at times and internet quota. That's why Cygery Adskip was created.

As one of the Android ad blockers, Cygery Adskip are able to eliminate advertisement on YouTube video overall, then it also classified as light and without need to do additional setting.

Therefore, after finishing installing, you can immediately feel the difference. Unfortunately, this app isn’t available in the Google Play Store, so you should spend a little time looking for it on third-party app provider websites.

5. Appbrain Ad detector - Blocker URL

Appbrain Ad detector
Appbrain Ad detector

As an android app, Appbrain takes the form of being a one-stop protection app that's able to protect smartphone, not only from advertisement but also malware and untrusted apps. It works by scanning the entire content of your smartphone, including the apps and files, which are likely to be affiliated with advertisement providers.

Then, it will report those applications to you for further command. This technique is believed to be able to root out the ads to the roots. AppTornado-made applications can be found easily in the Google Play Store. However,Appbrain tends to misinterpret which apps contain ads and which one doesn’t; it needs a little adjustment every now and then.

6. Blokada - Blocker Link


Blokada is a lightweight and stable ad-blocker application. Its small size allows it to work in small RAM as well. Besides its free applications, Blokada also has a pretty good user experience, considering the operation is also quite easy for users who first try it. However, again, this app isn’t available in the Google Play Store,and the advertisement blocking is not very powerful.

7. Adguard - Blocker Link


Adguard is one of thebest ad blocker for android 2018that's also open-source and available in the Google play store. It uses VPN as its primary base. What does this mean? It means that Adguard is able to block advertisement provided by region-specific.

Often you notice there are advertisements that specifically mention a local website or use the local language where your android is located. That's what is called a specific advertisement.Adguard is able to filter the wide range of ads that exist in your entire handheld.

Unfortunately, since it uses VPN as the primary base for ad blocking, Adguard needs a high memory usage. Sometimes, it may even lag your phone. So, you better take note to the system requirements before installing.

8. Adclear - Adblock Site


This app was created specifically for unrooted device users, giving more features than other pre-rooted ad blocker apps. Not only focusing on an intrusive advertisement on the browser, Adclear also cleans your YouTube from annoying ads.

In addition, Adclear features Doze that works when the handheld is in inactive or idle position, so Adclear can work on the background, and your smartphone battery remains durable. However, since it was targeted for the unrooted device, its features doesn’t really complete and some people argues that Adclear crashed their smartphone.

9. Netguard - Blocker Link


With a simple yet informative user interface,Netguard is able to create the fluid but fully customizable impression. Besides the ad blocker, it also has a useful Firewall feature to block unwanted apps from internet access. As the cons, this app is still not available in the Google play store, but you can still download it on various sites third party

10. DNS66 - Blocker Link


For you who want total control and full customization on the ad blocker you install,DNS66 is the best choice. Equipped with advanced settings and ad filtering capabilities to the DNS level, it's considered as the most powerful ad blocker application today. Unfortunately, this app isn’t available in the Google Play Store, and the complicated settings sometimes trouble the first time users.

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Those are the choices of the best ad blocker for android 2018.It has been explained about the specific details, advantages, and drawbacks. In download the app, do not forget to adjust with the capacity of your smartphone, and features you need most.

Now, you no longer need to be annoyed with the existing ads on smartphone because the various applications of ad blocker are ready to filter for you.

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