Unblocked Music

by Dan Sullivan

Music is one of the major forms of entertainment in the world today. Through music, you can pass different kinds of messages to your listeners. Some music contains violent content. These songs have been restricted or blocked so that high school students will be unable to listen to them. However, some sites that have a large library of music are unblocked. Through these websites , you can listen to music at a convenient time.

Summary of Unblocked Music Sites

The table below summarizes the features of the unblocked music websites discussed above.

Unblocked Music Website


Music World Notation

It contains the latest song albums, remixes, and latest songs.

It updates its music library.


It is free and easy to use.

You can search for a song using the artist's name and song's name.


It can be accessed by colleges, schools, and workplaces.

You can download your favorite music from the website.

You can contact the admin to upload your favorite song.

You can make a song request.


You can stream both music and radio.

It displays the picture of musical artists together with their songs.


You can play music regardless of your location.

You can stream both music and radio on it.

You can download songs from the website at no cost.

It has both a free and paid version.

Audio Block

It contains creative, documentaries, presentations, and other educational music.

You can download your favorite audio files at no cost.


It offers webcasts, music, and radio services.

It contains different kinds of music.


The website is easy to explore.

It has a large collection of music that is arranged in alphabetical order.


The content from this website is mainly for educational purposes.

Music from the site is utilized for games, videos, and other communication.

Google Music

It is easy to access.

It has a large library of songs

It has both a free and paid version.

MGC Online

It does not keep scripts of songs in its library.

You can download your favorite music free.

Unblocked Music Sites and Apps

Today, I will be discussing some of the websites with unblocked music.

1. Music World Notation

The Music World Notation is one of the new websites whereby you can extract a lot of unblocked music. The website contains the latest song albums, remixes, and latest songs . The website has been visited by a lot of music lovers. Music World Notation website has a verified Twitter account where you can follow them to see the new unblocked songs added to their music library. The website is easy to navigate. All you need to do is to visit the site and choose your favorite song from the albums enlisted in the site. You can listen to your chosen song with a tap of the button on the title of the song's name.

2. Grooveshark - Unboicked Music Link


Grooveshark is a website through which you can listen to songs at no cost. You don't have to sign up to the site before accessing it. The Grooveshark website has a very simple interface that is easy to navigate. The search interface is easy to use. All you need to do is to input the name of the song you want to enjoy. You can also input the name of the artist and it will show the results of your search. The Grooveshark website has features that will help you download the song you desire when you are connected to the internet. Then, you can listen to the song when you are offline. All you need to do is to click on your chosen song's name and download icon will pop up. Then you can download and save the music on your PC or smartphone.

Visit the video below for more details about Grooveshark

3. CBHits

CBHits is a well-designed and trusted website through which you can listen to unblocked music. This website is mostly used by people in colleges, schools, and workplaces . All you need to do to listen to unblocked music from this site is to download the song when you are connected to the internet. Then you can listen to the downloaded song at your convenient time. The website has a song request feature whereby you can search for your desired song. In case you can't find the music you want, you are privileged to contact the admin of the CBHits website as they will help you to search and upload the song.

4. Slaker - Unboicked Music Link


Slaker is a website that will allow you to have full access to unblocked music. You can access music in the free and paid versions without any stress. All you need to do is to select the genre of the song you wish to enjoy. The song appears with the picture of the artist that sang it. Then you tap the play icon to stream the music. The website can also be used to stream radio via its internet radio services.

5. Tunein - Unboicked Music Link


If you need a website that will suggest songs for you, the Tunein is the best for you. The website host a lot of unblocking music that doesn't take the region you are into consideration. This means that you can play songs from any region and location you live in. Through the website, you can play both radio and music . The website has both free and paid versions . For the free services, you don't have to sign up to the website to access its features. However, if you choose to subscribe to the website, you will have to create an accoun t. Through the account, you can subscribe to the website and log in to access other exciting features of the website. Tunein has both the desktop and mobile device app that makes its services more accessible to you at your comfort zone.

Learn more about Tunein in the video below

6. Audio Blocks - Unboicked Music Link

Audio Blocks

The Audio block is a website that has a large database of unblocked music on their website. The Audio Block website is unique among other unblocked music sites because it hosts a lot of creative, documentaries, presentations , and other educational music that is beneficial to college students. Users have access to listen to music by tapping the play button on the web page. All services enjoyed on this website is entirely free.

For more details about Audio Block, kindly check the video below

7. AccuRadio - Unboicked Music Link


AccuRadio is an amazing website that offers webcasts, internet music, and radio services to users. The AccuRadio website allows people to have access to different radio channels. You can also have access to your favorite and popular music. AccuRadio website hosts different types of music like Blues, Chill, Classical, and lots more. The website has features that allow you to go through the list of songs on it. Once you can locate the song you wish to listen to, you can tap the play button to listen to it at no cost.

Learn more about AccuRadio in the video below


8. SongArea - Unboicked Music Link


SongArea is an excellent website designed with a simple interface for easy accessibility to users. This website has a large collection of music and recordings. All you need to do is to visit the website, search for your favorite music, and play them. The songs available on the website are listed in alphabetical order making it easier to figure out your desired song.

9. Soundzabound - Unboicked Music Link


When you need a website that is designed specifically for students to access their favorite unblocked music, you can check out Soundzabound. The website has a large database of educational music that can serve student's entertainment purposes. Music obtained from Soundzabound can be utilized for games, video, and other communication purposes .

Learn more about Soundzabound in the video below.

10. Google Music - Unboicked Music Link

Google Music
Google Music

Google Music is one of the most popular and efficient websites through which you can access unblocked music. The website has different kinds of music for people to access. To make Google Music accessible to its users, the mobile application has been designed with all its outstanding features fully loaded in it. The Google Music app is free and easy to access. However, Google Music offers paid services. If you are interested in subscribing to the Google Music paid version, you can create a profile and then login in anytime you want to listen to music from it.

11. MGC Online

This is a new website that has a good number of unblocked music. The website allows you to stream music and download your desired music online without any stress. All you need to do is to search for the song through the search interface. One unique feature of the website is that it doesn't keep scripts written for songs. This feature makes it easy for the site to protect the songs from been blocked online. Hence, the website is perfect for college students to spice up their day with their favorite music.


The websites listed and carefully discussed above are some of the efficient and reliable sources through which you can listen to unblocked music. You can go through the features and select the best you can use in your colleges, schools, and workplaces.

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