Best Sites to watch TV Shows Online for Free in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

You probably have a computer (or smartphone) nearby, right? Maybe you’re reading this on one of those, so I’ll assume the answer to that is yes. You also might have some free time on your hands… at some point in the near future.

I’m here to assure you that those two things are all you need to stream TV shows for free. If you have a television, you can probably stream from your laptop or smartphone to the big screen for extra relaxation points. Get comfortable, grab a snack and enjoy some quality programming without paying for Netflix or Hulu or a ticket to the movies.

Things to remember freeTV Shows Streaming Sites Online

1. Watch out for scams

The internet is a great place to find whatever you’re looking for, but it’s also a great place to get scammed out of a ton of your money. Sometimes websites that you come across on the fourth or fifth page of a google search aren’t super safe to use, especially if you’re explicitly looking for something free. Watch out for red flags like:

· Being asked for your credit or debit card information before you sign up to get a ‘free’ account

· Any suspicious buttons or advertisements on the site that might lead to bugs or viruses

· Being asked to input any personal information beyond your email address

· Links on websites or in profile bios that claim to offer free TV episodes or movies in an alternative location (these are probably scams)

2. Don’t ever download a Flash update if you’re asked to by a website other than!

If you’re asked to download Flash, your computer is in danger. Get off of the tab you’re on immediately! The site you’re using is probably trying to download malware onto your computer, which can compromise computer functions and put your personal data at risk.

3. You might not find every program you want for free

There are some programs that companies like Netflix or Hulu keep locked down. Why would these companies want their programs out on the web for free when they make money off of customers who pay to watch these shows?

Many scam websites claim that they have these programs for free, but you are required to click a link before viewing each free episode. I suggest avoiding these links if on a website you’re unfamiliar with.

Clicking on random links is likely to infest your computer with bugs or viruses, which might make your computer speed slower and puts your personal information at risk.

If you really can’t live without a show that Netflix or Hulu have behind lock and key, consider spending a few dollars a month on a subscription to one of these services. Remember, certain shows belong to certain streaming companies. Make sure you pay the right company if you have a specific show in mind.

4. If using an illegal site, be aware of piracy law

Downloading media illegally counts as a violation of copyright law, and that’s not something you can ignore if you begin pirating material. Pirating material doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be penalized, but if caught you’re liable to be fined for copyright violation.

Make sure you read up on piracy law if you’re going to take any big risks. Be aware that publishing illegally downloaded media anywhere can result in a charge of criminal copyright infringement, which is a felony and may lead to a sentencing of up to five years in prison.

List of Best Sites to watch TV Shows Online for Free in 2023

There are free TV episodes available online that you can attain in a relatively safe and legal fashion. The sites listed below are recommended for watching TV if you don’t want to pay for expensive TV watching services.

1. TubiTV - Site Link


I adore Tubi TV for the wide variety of shows and movies it offers. Tubi TV provides its content legally with use of licensing agreements, which makes me feel comfortable using it. This site has tons of content partners, so it’s possible that one of the shows only accessible to users of services like Hulu can be accessed on Tubi TV.

It should be noted that Tubi TV tracks your viewing history to better predict what media you might enjoy next, and that Tubi is basically an advertising platform. Sign up for TubiTV to get accurate TV and movie recommendations catered to your preferences.

This site supports itself through advertisements, so if you’re easily annoyed by these, Tubi TV isn’t for you. In case some advertisements are risky, be careful where you click! Unfortunately for my readers around the world, TubiTV is currently only available in the US, but the creators of this interface are working hard to reestablish its presence elsewhere.

2. Popcornflix - Site Link


This site is another good one because of its unusual content. For Popcornflix, you don’t need an account to watch shows or movies. Just click on the media you want to watch and it will start to play.

Critics of this site find flaw in its limited selection, but Popcornflix specializes in cult or niche content. If you can’t find a rare show on any other site or you’re looking for less popular things to watch, Popcornflix might be the perfect fit for you.

3. ShareTV - TV Site Link


This site is one of my favorites even though it doesn’t directly play TV episodes. ShareTV is a relatively reliable service that provides links to third-party sites where your desired episodes can be streamed.

For narrowing down selection, you can choose between links to “free,” “purchase” and “subscription” sites. ShareTV provides links to paid services if you don’t select the “free” option. You can click on an episode that you want to watch to see its summary and where to watch it.

4. Yidio - Site Link


Much like ShareTV, Yidio shows third-party hosts where you can watch the episodes you want to. This site is organized and easy to use. Like ShareTV, you can select a “free” filter to limit searches to free streaming sites.

Yidio has a history of being out of date or having incorrect listings, so be careful when you use it. It covers basic pay services and has a discovery tool for you to either explore or find exactly what you want.

5. YouTube - Site Link


If you’re a 2000s baby, you’re probably pretty familiar with using YouTube to find recordings of TV episodes or bootleg musicals. This can be tricky because YouTube takes down all pirated content that it finds.

It’s important to know some key words for a TV show you want to watch in case the uploader couldn’t name the video accurately. For example, instead of “Episode 9 of Stranger Things,” the video might be named “MikeEleven 9” with some key words in its description. Only dedicated YouTube users know how to find the pirated content you’re looking for, so don’t be afraid to reach out to experienced friends.

YouTube might not be the best source for you to use if you’re looking for quality vids or episodes that are easy to access. Like I’ve mentioned before, piracy is punishable by law, so be careful if you’re trying to download or upload with YouTube. This interface isn’t intended to provide TV episodes, so content uploaded isn’t always high quality or well-recorded.

6. TVPlayer - Site Link


With a focus on British TV, TVPlayer has a ton of channels to surf if you’re looking for something new to watch. TVPlayer has a clean design that is easy for new users to navigate but be prepared to face a ton of advertisements if you use this free site. To start watching, create a free profile and verify it.

Something that isn’t so fun about this website are its aggressive prompts for you to subscribe to a premium account. The free version of TVPlayer isn’t nearly as accessible as the premium version, but this is to be expected; we all know that you get what you pay for. Not a ton of features of options are available on the free TVPlayer site, so consider using a different TV streaming site if this is liable to irritate you.

Higher-risk Sites for Free TV Watching Online

Don’t forget the safety tips from the beginning of this article as you explore these sites! Some can be really useful, but they carry more of a risk of viruses and unverified material than the others listed above.

1. - Site Link

This site specializes in movies, but it also has tons of free TV shows for your viewing pleasure! Get a VPN Service /if you have trouble accessing Fmovies. Some of the good ones as below:

Because this site isn’t technically legal, it might prove risky to use or difficult to find. Stay on the safe side by keeping your virus detectors up to date or visit sites like to ensure that you’re using a safe site.

2. Hotstar TV - Site Link

Hotstar TV
Hotstar TV

Hotstar TV might be safer than the other site on this list, but it’s still not entirely legal. With a huge selection of TV shows, music, live sports matches and movies, Hotstar TV is a popular choice for free streaming.

This site is very popular in India, so many TV shows and sports matches featured are Indian, which—if you don’t already watch Indian television—gives you a ton of fresh options to explore. Hotstar TV is easy to use and beloved by many TV watchers, but if you’re worried try a quick google search to see how safe the service is.

Conclusion of Streaming Sites for TV Shows Online for Free in 2023

As with any free online service, it’s important to be wary of links and advertisements when you’re using free TV websites. Keep your data and computer safe. Take the necessary precautions and ask your friends and relatives that work in IT to help you with security measures that you aren’t familiar with.

I hope you find the TV shows you’re looking for! Have fun, and don’t let fear hold you back from watching those shows you’ve been waiting to watch but didn’t know how to up until today. Happy streaming!

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