Best IRC Clients for Windows 10 PC in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

Internet is a blessing in itself but its working needs many software, programs and servers. Now that Internet has developed, some people might think that chat rooms are too old school. This is not the case. Chat rooms are still widely operational on the Internet and people are using them for dating, casual chatting and spending free time.

What is IRC Clients for Windows ?

IRC refers to a network of chat rooms. In this network, every chat room is actually a server which maintain a network in itself. Once you are connected to a server, you can connect with other people who are in the same network. IRC is abbreviation of Internet Relay Chat and it allows connected computers to communicate among themselves. So, if you are connected to an IRC, you can send messages and data files.

Originally, IRC clients were used for academic purposes. After that, their use in the war during Gulf War Period became common. During the early 2000s, everyone was using chat rooms but then social media apps came along. These apps lowered the popularity of IRC clients. However, people still use IRC as an alternative to emails and phones.

List of Best IRC Clients for Windows 10 PC in 2023

There are plenty of IRC clients. Some of them are comparatively new while others have been around since the start of this century. Looking at the features of these clients, you can choose the best one for yourself.

1. mIRC

Best IRC Clients for Windows 10 PC in 2023: mIRC
Best IRC Clients for Windows 10 PC in 2023: mIRC

This is a popular IRC client for Windows. It has plenty of features that have evolved over time. The IRC client has been working for the past twenty years. It allows the users to share and communicate with other users. Now, users can also play with others on their IRC network.

The interface is quite clean and practical.

does not require pro level of knowledge. There are several features like tray notifications, spoken messages, buddy lists, multi-server connections, message logging and file transfer. One thing that makes this client stand out is the scripting language. It can be used for mIRC automation and also for creating apps for gaming or communication.

2. Ice Chat

Ice Chat

According to the developers, this is the chat that cool people are using. It can be used in Windows Vista and Windows 10. You can set up an account, choose a nick name and then connect with your friends in different channels. The IRC allows you connect to multiple servers at once. You can also customize the look of the chat by changing the theme, written your aliases or making popups in the editor. There is also an option to add plugins, for better experience.

3. Hydral IRC

Hydral IRC

If you are someone who is looking for an easy way to enter into the IRC world, then this is your pick. The IRC was made with the intention of making the interface easy for common people. It does not cost a single penny and you can just register for free. Once you have registered, you can add plugins in your network, go to social media sites and search on different search engines. Moreover, there is an option for custom notifications.



KV IRC has been around for about a decade now. Over the years, it has developed a lot to make the interface user-friendly. Along with having scripting support, the IRC also allows many customizations. One thing that makes it different from other IRCs is that it is portable. Instead of having to install it, the users can access it from the drive. It is compatible with Windows and Mac, both. This IRC is for people who want 'no boundaries on the net'.

5. X Chat

X Chat

X Chat is another popular IRC that is a free source. If you have friends on different channels, you can use this IRC as it allows multiple-server connectivity. You can transfer files, have private chats, public chats, add keyboard shortcuts and enjoy SSL support. This IRC is for Windows and Linux.

6. Thrash IRC

Thrash IRC

According to the developers, this is the best IRC out there. It does live up to the claim since it has a variety of features. You will find all the features present in all other IRCs in this one. On top of that, it also has smileys, which is a feature lacking in most other IRCs. Most importantly, there are no ads and no spywares. So, you can enjoy a stable and feature-filled IRC experience.

7. Quassel


With Quassel, the developers took a modern take on IRC clients. You can get all the features that you would expect a good IRC to have, from chatting to connectivity. Since it is cross-platform, it can run on Mac, Linux and Windows. One of the best features of Quassel is that the user connects as soon as he or she gets back. When they are gone, they disconnect. So, they never miss out on anything happening in the network.

8. Nettalk


This is an IRC client that comes from Germany. Just like most other IRC clients on the list, this is also free. It can run on any OS and is very user-friendly. The default layout is great for beginners to work with. Users can install plugins which makes multi-tasking easier. You can chat and be updated with your social media networks at the same time.

Another salient feature of Nettalk is that it has multiple languages, including German, Chinese, English, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish and Dutch. The colors and background pictures are configurable while automatic command completion feature is present too.

9. Smuxi


Smuxi is for those people who want to stay connected on different machines. Since it is distributed, you can connect on any device without any data loss. Your messages and chats will remain saved. Moreover, users can add customizations such as background color, time stamp format, fonts and much more.

10. Hexchat


Hexchat does not only sound like X chat but also is designed like it. It is very user-friendly. Also, it is free of cost for Windows and Linux. Just like Nettalk, it has a feature for multiple language input. The interface is customizable and very easy to understand. Users can use scripting languages such as Perl and Python on this IRC. You can join multiple networks on Hexchat.

11. Irrsi


Irrsi has been around since 1990s and it is a user-friendly IRC. It comes with Perl by default for scripting in the IRC. There are many customization options available. You can change the theme for each message or chat. By adding plugins, you can add support for SILC and ICB.

12. IRC Cloud

IRC Cloud

IRC Cloud helps you in staying connection with the world from anywhere. It is regularly updated. Users can chat in real time and do not have to schedule chatting times. You can send YouTube video, vines and so much more in chat. The interface is quite simple so even beginners will find it easy to work with. If you want to keep your discussions private, there is a feature for private chat rooms. The IRC also has apps for iOS and Android so you receive notifications on your mobile device.

13. Adi IRC


This is another free IRC client that gets regular upgrades. The developers upgrade in on monthly basis. In this IRC, you have access to multiple features, such as adjustable nick column, background images, message logging, full screen, advanced server list etc. It is portable and you can carry it around in a USB stick. Along with the installation folder, you can also take scripts and configurations.

14. Pidgin


Pidgin offers extensive connectivity. You can connect to multiple messaging channels at once. Furthermore, there is support for chat networks like Yahoo, MSC, AIM, Jabber and Google Talk. You can send messages, files and emoticons to your friends. There is no downloading fee as Pidgin is free of cost. You can add third party plugins on this IRC too.

15. Weechat


Weechat is a fast, free and light IRC client for Windows. It is quite customizable and comes with proxy support, authentication, DCC, nick list and multi-server connectivity. Scripting is made easier with built-in manager and support for 8 scripting languages.

Conclusion of Windows Best IRC Clients

The IRC is compatible on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac and Haiku. It is fully document and many languages are supported. It is a modular free program in which you can add many plugins. You can connect to the IRC through browser, Android device or Emacs. So, you can stay connected to the chat groups and other users at all times.

All of these IRC clients are great in their own way. You can choose the one you want based on different features like portability, connectivity options and customizations. Some of these clients come with integrated channels and multiple connectivity options. If you want extensive connectivity, then you can choose these IRC clients. As a beginner, you can start with a free and open source IRC to connect with anyone from around the globe.

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