Best EBAY Alternatives for Auctions or Shopping Online in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

Whenever you need a place to auction your products online, or simply buy sell goods online, where do you go to?. Yes we have online market place where you can find goods and services at a cheap rate. These are lucrative e-commerce platform that will provide you with the very best. And they will help you sell that product you want to sell. Unfortunately, there are cons with some of these online marketplace. Even the very best has its own backdrop in some areas. Today we will be discussing Alternatives to eBay. Ebay is one of the most popular and most used site for online marketplace. It is also one of the oldest site available online. Being established and launched in the year 1995, it has gone on to build massive reputation for it self.

What are the Best Ebay Alternatives You Should Try To Use

Well, in this modern era we have lots of similar e-commerce site you can use. They have provided tough competitions among themselves, making them improve more and more. Each site with its own set rules and regulations, fees on transactions and other fees on various stuffs. They all run their business in different ways, while considering their customers, profit gains, and rivals in the business. This article has listed some of the best alternatives to EBay and I am sure you won't regret trying them out. Without much ado, here are the top alternatives to EBay.

1. Amazon - Alternative Link


Starting from the top, its no surprise to find Amazon. They started as an online bookstore, before becoming one of the largest online marketplace you can find. What makes them a great alternative to EBay?. They offer a large and wide range of products (which they have over millions of products on their site).

They also have some features which makes it a better alternative to EBay, features like;

1. A large customer base which they provide lots of service to.

2. Plays a vital role when it comes to products pricing, since they are always favoring their buyers. Buyers are more likely to enjoy this feature.

3. For the seller, Amazon also puts in consideration of the sellers pocket. They allow sellers to list their products for free on their site, while EBay doesn't allow (on EBay you pay to have your product listed). Though on Amazon sellers will pay commissions on it sold.

Pros of using Amazon

  • As a seller, you have a huge customer base to work with, as Amazon has lots of users.
  • As a seller, you can list your products on Amazon site for free.
  • Buyers can get a wide range of products at a low cost price.

Cons of using Amazon

  • Lots of Competition for the sellers on the platform.
  • You compete with Amazon own offers as a sellers.

2. Etsy - Alternative Link


Are you looking for where to sell your homemade products, or probably craft supplies, maybe you want to sell out vintage items?. Then not to worry, Etsy is the perfect match for you. It is ranked as one of the best Seller site on the internet. When compared with EBay, they are also considered as one of the most famous brand to try out.

Some reviews have considered Etsy as a niche specific marketplace. Since they sell more of handmade products. Similar to EBay, they also charge sellers for listing their products on their site, though at a lower rate and more longevity.

Pros of using Etsy

  • One of the best site to sell high quality homemade products and vintage products.
  • They allow listing of products at a low rate and for up to 4months.
  • One of the best site to trade on, easy to use and well categorised products.
  • User friendly site

Cons of using Etsy

  • Bias towards a specific niche is an issue for some user.
  • Customer base not as large as EBay.

3. Newegg - Alternative Link


Are you looking for site where their niche is specifically Tech?. Well, This is the site you are searching for online. It's the best marketplace for anything tech and software. It is regarded as the number one marketplace for anything and everything associated with technologies. It rivals EBay when it comes to customer service and its one of the best store you can get online.

From softwares, to smartphones, computers, gaming products, electronic item etc. Newegg has got you covered in all aspect of technologies. They are found in over 50 countries around the world. A unique feature of the site is, they have different membership offer for their users who have products to sell. These membership offer include the following

1. Free

2. $29.95 per month

3. $99.95 per month

Each membership has its own feature, but the higher the membership the more unique features you enjoy. Ranging from flexibility, listings and other forms of support provided by Newegg. They also charge a commission fee, which is usually paid by the seller. The fee is very low around 8%-15%.

Pros of using Newegg

They have a global presence in more than 50countries.

They provide adequate service and have a user friendly customer service.

They offer different membership package for users.

Cons of using Newegg

Sadly, they offer one range of product which reduces the customer base. They have one specific niche they deal with.

4. Rakuten - Alternative Link


Another popular site that will give both Amazon and EBay a run for their money. It was previously known as before it was changed to Rakuten. Some even call the site, the Japanese Amazon due to itsy unending popularity among the internet users. Like EBay, they don't compete with the sellers on their platform. One great thing about this site, it has lots of big and major brands that make use of their platform. Brands like Lenovo, Dell, and Aieweave. They even offer their customers ability to customize their store to their own personal taste. One drawback about the site, it's the audience reach capacity. Rakuten is only available in 29+ countries around the world.

Similar to EBay but a bit expensive to EBay. They charge sellers for listing their products on their platform. They also charge commission fee for item sold by the sellers on the site. Not withstanding the fees, its a great alternative to EBay.

Pros of using Rakuten

  • Popularly known as the Japanese Amazon due to its popularity.
  • Large and wide range number of products to select from on the platform.
  • Available in 29+ countries, so lots of users have access to the site.
  • Personalized customization by users is allowed on the platform.

Cons of using Rakuten

  • The fee charged for listing and commissions on goods are high compared to others.

5. Walmart - Alternative Link


Another impressive and notable alternative to EBay is Walmart. They have a growing presence around the world. Gradually getting more and more customers to their side. It's a green ground for e-commerce sellers, who might want to use the opportunity now. Walmart already have lots of customers on ground, adding new online customers makes them one to look out for in the future.

Another great feature about this platform is, it is very easy to setup an account and opening an account is completely free. You are not required to pay any maintenance fee of any sort. You will pay a referral fee to Walmart for every sales you make on the platform.

Another thing to look out for is the kind of products you want to sell. You might end up selling similar products as Walmart. Making Walmart a direct competitor with you as a seller. Though, Walmart is a relatively new to the e-commerce thing. But they are gaining grounds fast and in a few years will be bigger, than a host of other older e-commerce site.

Pros of using Walmart

  • Free registration and quick easy setup of account.
  • No fee for listing products on the site.
  • Low commission fee paid for each sales made on the platform.
  • Large number and wide range of products to buy from as a buyer.
  • Cheap and low cost products are available on the platform.

Cons of using Walmart

  • You might end up competing with Walmart if you sell similar products as Walmart.
  • You might make low online sales as a seller due to Walmart e-commerce platform being green.

6. Bonanza - Alternative Link


Next on the list is Bonanza. A relatively new e-commerce platform which fast becoming a giant itself. As a seller, you should consider trying out this site as it is gradually gaining more grounds and customers. Recently, ranked high in the Seller's Choice award, due to having a good customer service. Buyers are trooping in because it is something new and fresh. Its catchy, and has lots of products on display for buyers. Though it doesn't boast the large number of products its counterpart. But it has more unique products on display for customers. They don't charge sellers for listing products on their site like EBay. Though, they charge a very low commission fee for each sales made on the platform.

Pros of using Bonanza

  • Product listing is totally free on the site.
  • Have lots of unique product on display for the buyers.
  • Good and quality customer service provided by the platform.
  • Have a wide range and large product database.

Cons of using Bonanza

  • You make more out of the site, if you sell unique items.
  • The customer base is just rising, you might make low sales.

In conclusion,

I hope you enjoy the article. As we were able to look at various alternatives to EBay. These alternatives are good and will be helpful when needed. Thanks for reading !!!

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