Ways to Cut Car Insurance Costs - Best Tips and Ideas

by Dan Sullivan

Fitting up everything in your budget can be a tedious task when you have a lot to manage in a limited amount of money. Yet, some finances and expenditures cannot be omitted to cut on the budget, like your car insurance. In this period where everything is getting expensive, the car prices and insurance costs have also expressed a hike .

Car insurance is inevitable to save yourself from any massive damage later. But sometimes it gets difficult to pay a hefty amount of coverage cost now and then. What if we tell you that there are ways that can help to cut off your car insurance cost? Wouldn't it be the perfect thing to know? Undoubtedly!

Car Insurance - Definition

Car Insurance

Car insurance can be called as a contract or agreement between you and the insurance providers that helps to cover any losses relating to your car . However, you do not get this service for free. Every car insurance company has several policies to offer that you can select on your comfort. The coverage of the losses is also dependent on the premium package or policy you choose. By paying a small premium amount every six months or yearly, you can have the insurance company cover for any of the damage to your vehicle.

Through the premium amount might vary, the car insurance companies usually offer two kinds of insurance coverage.

Collision Insurance - Cost Type

Collision Insurance

This kind of insurance comes into the action of covering your damage when you hit any other vehicle. Collision insurance can be used when you encounter an accident on the road, and you are not sure who hit whom. Though the insurance company asks you to pay an amount to get your repaired vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance - Cost Type


The other insurance offered by companies is the comprehensive insurance that helps in any case of loss other than accidents. This might include theft, storms, vandalism, fire, anything!

To put both the kind of coverage in a simpler manner:

Collision Coverage Comprehensive Coverage
You collide with another vehicle An animal hits your car
You hit into a tree A tree falls on your car
Your car slides or rolls over The car catches a fire or gets stolen

What Does The Insurance Company Cover? - Details

What Does The Insurance Company Cover?

You might be glad to know that car insurance company not only pays for the damage caused to the automobile but also if the driver suffers any physical injuries. There are three types of coverage provided by auto insurance companies, including:

· Any natural or intentional damage to your car like vandalism, theft, etc.

· The cost of your treatment and rehabilitation, sometimes also includes funeral expenses.

· The payment to the other party in case of any injuries or damage to the car

Other benefits of having a car insurance

· It can help you if you do not have money in hand to pay for the car repair.

· Helps you pay for the other person's damage without going bankrupt

· Covers lawsuit and legal fees in case of an accident

· Aids you with the medical bills of injuries if you do not have health insurance.

Best Methods to Cut Car Insurance Costs

When there are so many benefits of having car insurance, nobody wants to miss having one. Let's tell you a few tips that can help reduce your car insurance costs.

1. Get Quotes - Cutting Cost Link

Get Quotes

It can be thought of as a universal law of shopping or buying anything that you do not go to one place and just buy it! It is said that you must survey the market before buying anything so that you can get it at the cheapest cost. The same is with selecting the right car insurance company. If you are new to car insurance or your car insurance with your service provider has to be renewed, you can consider having a look at the market to find out other companies that are offering cheap services.

But, cheap sometimes means terrible! So, it is of significant importance to make sure that you get the same facilities even if you are going for a more affordable option.

2. Multiple Driver Discounts - Cutting Cost Link

Multiple DriverDiscounts

If you are wondering that how multiple drivers can be entitled to reduced costs, let us tell you another tactic. Another observation shows that insurance companies tend to offer discounts to you if you are taking more than one insurance from the same company as they want to do more business from you.

Usually, auto insurance companies condition multiple drivers to be related by blood. Yet there are instances when you can get a discount with a friend or acquaintance too.

3. Student Discounts - Cutting Cost Link

Student Discounts

Owing to the limited money they get, students love to avail discounts anywhere they can. We know that you would be ready to pay a higher premium for the safety of your child, but you can cut the insurance cost if they have an excellent academic result. If your child is among the top 20% in his/her class or scores a B average , you can get a discount of up to 39% on their car insurance cost until they turn 25.

4. Take Only What You Need - Cutting Cost Link

Take OnlyWhat You Need

Your car insurance service might be offering a vast list of advantages and coverage, but with a considerable cost for those services. One of the essential things to consider while buying auto insurance is to understand your needs. But, don't forget that if you drop any of the coverage plans, and later you face an incident, the insurance company must not be liable to pay for that loss.

Some services provide some extra benefits for the car you own, so don't miss to check out those!

5. Increase Your Deductibles - Cutting Cost Link

IncreaseYour Deductibles

Deductibles are some amount of money that you pay to your insurance company before they cover the cost of any mishap with you. The deductibles are usually between $250 to $1,000 depending on the policy. But, you can ask your insurance company and pay a higher amount in deductibles (if you can) to reduce the premium. Yes, it is as simple as that: Higher deductibles, lower annual premium.

6. Pay Yearly - Cutting Cost Link

Pay Yearly

It is quite likely that your insurance company offers a discount on paying your premium all at once instead of monthly installments. Paying the premium altogether might seem a big amount. Yet it saves you from paying some money every month and save a few bucks on hand.

7. Maintain Good Credit - Cutting Cost Link

MaintainGood Credit

The thought is simply that the insurance companies keep a check on your credit rating to check your performance generally. This helps the insurance company to ensure that you will pay your premiums in time. Bad credit can lead to higher premiums and vice versa.

8. Reduce Driving - Cutting Cost Link

Reduce Driving

It is always wise to inform your insurance company about changes in your commute. If you have started working from home or take a carpool, keeping the auto insurance company about the changes can prove to be beneficial for you. As you would be driving your vehicle on the roads less, it can be expected that the company would reduce your premium s.

9. Smaller Cars Have Lower Insurance Costs - Cutting Cost Link

SmallerCars Have Lower Insurance Costs

You might be eyeing on that SUV you have always wanted to have. Yet keep in mind that having a bigger car will cost you more insurance costs . When thinking of ways to cut the insurance cost, holding a small or hybrid vehicle can benefit you more than you think. Several car insurance companies offer you a discount on the insurance when you buy a hybrid or an alternative fuel car.

10. Install an Anti-Theft Device - Cutting Cost Link

Install anAnti-Theft Device

The anti-theft devices like LoJacks and Car alarms are common as they are quite promising towards the safety of your vehicle. Along with providing security to your car, these devices also enable you to obtain discounts from the insurance company. Some offer discounts up to 25% depending on the device you are using. So it is worth asking the representative of the auto insurance about different devices and the discount offered.

Other than these ideas to cut your insurance cost, you can save the insurance cost without any extra effort by these simple tips:

11. Drive Safe

According to personal injury attorneys in Austin, practicing safe driving is of utmost importance. Yes, we all know that this is a well-known fact that we must drive safely on the roads, yet the emphasis is inevitable in the era of increasing road accidents. Car insurance services give you discounts between 10%-23% on a better driving record. This is not only important to save insurance costs but also to save your life.

12. Take a Defensive Driving Course - Cutting Cost Link

Take aDefensive Driving Course

If you have not heard of this one before, you might think of taking the course! Discounts are offered to the customers who have completed a defensive driving course or accident prevention. Isn't it great that taking preventive measures against accidents can also save you cash? When getting new insurance or signing up for the course, make sure to inform your insurance company.

Bonus: You can also get the content of the defensive training course online.

13. Use Public Transport

What can be more helpful in avoiding accidents than not driving frequently? Using mass transit saves you from the chances of accidents. And reduced mileage is crucial in cutting your car insurance cost. It is seen that insurance companies offer lower rates to those who drive one mile per day as compared to those who drive three to four miles regularly. Making public transit a part of your routine can help to decrease the yearly premiums and make you eligible for applicable discounts too.

If you have trouble paying the premium for car insurance, not having insurance can be even more costly when you encounter any significant damage to your car. Use these tips to cut off your car insurance cost and yearly premiums too!

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