How to Find the Perfect Apartment 2023

by Dan Sullivan

House-hunt is one of the most stressful things to do, especially when you are living in a densely populated city/town. It could be very difficult to find an apartment, and even if you do, it may not match the standard you want. This is why a better alternative was created to save people the trouble of house-hunting and still ending up disappointed - websites for apartments.

These websites have been designed to help people find all kinds of apartments for housing, work, and so on. This would make your search very easy and effortless. Although there are quite a lot of apartment-finding sites, only a few have shown reliability over the years. In this guide, I would bring you the 10 best websites to help you find the perfect apartment.

Best Websites to Find A Good Apartment

Below are 10 of the most popular, yet remarkable sites to get a great apartment.

Craigslist - Site Url


Craigslist is one of the top 3 websites to find apartments online. It has been designed with a set of filters that makes it easy to find apartments within a particular city or location. Using this site, you have the opportunity to search by either fee or no fee. Other filters include wheelchair accessibility, smoking and pet restrictions, laundry, parking, etc.

Generally, Craigslist has local sites throughout the world in which numerous listings are offered. The great thing is these listings are within a good price. A certainty is that you would be presented with a list view and dates for open houses.

Two major demerits to using Craigslist to look for apartments are poor user-interface, which limits navigation and; repetitive listings and rental scams.

Lovely - Site Url


One of the simplest and fastest ways to land rental is through Lovely. This site has a collection of rentals all over the world, most of which are from different sources. These rentals are often updated in real-time, and there have filters for convenience. A unique filter is the location search, i.e., it allows you to search and apply for a unit in any country/city of choice.

Interestingly, people can pay their rent through Lovely after they must have selected a rental and reviewed it carefully. If you end up loving the place, you can as well set up automatic deductions, but that would depend on the kind of plan you want. Lovely has a mobile application for both iPhone and Android, which allows you to get instant alerts for new listings easily.

The only limitation with Lovely is that its listings are mainly in large cities of the coast and Midwest.

PadMapper - Site Url


For people looking for where to stay in Canada and the United States, PadMapper is an ideal choice to use. This website makes it easy to hunt for an apartment without leaving your current location. It makes use of Apartment Guide and Airbnb as sources to get all these listings, even though they are not as many as they used to be.

For the first trial of PadMapper site, users would love the experience because it is simple with no extra features. Moreover, the "live near" mapping tool is quite the catch - it makes the site more usable as well as the built-in drawing tool for subsequent searches of different sections of a map. In addition, the mobile application makes it easy for property owners to post listings online. - Site Url

With millions of homes today, and many more to come, aims to find the perfect one for everyone. This is the best site to use if you are new to house-hunt because it has all the necessary tools to make sure you find an apartment easily without stress. This site is also suitable for experienced house-hunters, students, pet owners, and every other kind of person who wants a roof over their head.

It offers all kinds of features, but most importantly, a built-in moving center. This center often gives free moving quotes dependent on the size and location of the current apartment, packing time, and final destination. is indeed a site with good customer support. However, the selection of apartments seems to be smaller in size when compared to other sites, and the listings available are for apartment complexes.

HotPads - Site Url


What most people love about HotPads is the fact that there are numerous features available on the site to make sure apartment search is seamless. Here, you have an opportunity to pick a preferred location, and then a map of the area appears. On this map, there are building icons, which represent the listings available in that area. All of these make the website easy to use, even for beginners.

Additionally, the built-in search filters are quite incredible. These filters would narrow down your search to apartments with some of your favorite features, such as price range, number of baths and bedrooms, and so on. In general, the listings on HotPads range from apartment to house, townhouse, condo, and duplex.

Well, some see the numerous numbers of filters as a con.

Trulia - Site Url


Another way to discover a place where you will love to live is through Trulia. There are 3 main sections on the website for users: Buy; Rent; Sold. So, if you are looking to buy a property, or get an apartment for rent or sell your current apartment to buyers, the site is open to you; all you have to do is enter the location and search. This is super-fast and convenient to use.

What you would also love about Trulia is the fact that you can explore the neighborhood through photos and drone footage recorded on the site. This means you can get a deeper insight into where you want to rent or buy. Adding to this, there is a guide that would help you discover the kind of apartment you are looking for and things to consider before choosing a place.

Zumper - Site Url


A site where you would find an easy application for competitive apartments is Zumper. Currently, it is used by millions of people all over the world to find rooms, houses, condos, duplex, and so on. This is all because most people find them reliable, and their listings are top-notch in quality.

With a list of popular cities in the world, it is impossible not to find what you are looking for. The deals are quite lovely, even when it is sensitive to pricing considerations. Zumper has unique search filters, and with the help of a mobile application, it would be easy to get real-time alerts. However, this site is only limited by the few amounts of information given about an apartment or property.

Walk Score - Site Url

Walk Score
Walk Score

How would you feel about a site where you can improve your commute virtually? Walk Score is a site to discover where you can live in and have an insight into the neighborhood. The search button allows you to enter an address or location, which you consider moving to. Once you do that, you are enabled to view neighborhood restaurants, coffee shops, schools, parks, and so on. It would also help give commute reports for car, bike, bus, and foot options.

Also, this site, asides helping out with new apartments for rent and rentals, has a structure that would help you discover your lifestyle. For family owners, Walk Score is an ideal choice to use; it helps you make a proper plan towards relocation. In essence, it provides information that would save money and time. - Site Url

For people interested in apartment complexes, is a perfect website to use. It provides all the information needed, and this would mean a lot to renters. With a detailed overview of features in a location, there are also policies involved as well as proximity to important places. Indeed, it is a site that explicitly describes where a renter would love to move into.

For the listings, there are photos, videos, and floorplans available for interested users to check out. In addition, has a built-in calculator that would help find an estimate of rent to be paid. Most of the listings are owned by management companies - this is the only demerit of using the site. - Site Url

With a large number of listings, makes sure renters find what they are interested in. Even though the site requires specificity in order to find the perfect apartment, there is a map provided just in case. This map would help you find places you can live in within a city/country. The built-in drawing tool does a lot at specifying borders for geographic search.

Also, there is a polygon tool that helps narrow down listings into smaller units from a bigger one. However, this site is bilingual, i.e., English and Spanish; thus, it breaks language barrier to some extent. A guide is not available for all listings on this website.


Having reviewed 10 of the best websites to help you find the perfect apartment, making a choice shouldn't be that difficult. All you need to do is be specific with the location (city or country) you want, and you would get great results. Whatever choice you make, make sure the apartment is worth it.

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