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by Dan Sullivan

How often is it that you carry cash to make payments now?

It won't be an exaggeration to call credit and debit cards, a blessing. In the past, not having money in your pocket meant running back home to get the cash. But, is it the same now? No, it isn't. In this modern era, you do not always need to carry some money, but only a piece of plastic (credit card) can save you from any hassle. Plastic money is the widely used form of payment across the globe as it saves you from counting and keeping the cash safe all the time.

Why do you need a credit card?

Having a credit card offers numerous advantages and not having to panic if there is no cash.

You don't need money

Yes, you read that right. Credit cards are not only saviors when you do not have cash, but also if you are short of money. While a debit card allows spending only what you have in your account, a credit card lets you pay more than that. Every credit card has a credit limit within which you can spend through the card, even if there is not enough money in your account. That's just great for days you are short on money.

Cashback and rewards

Several credit card issuers provide cash backs on specific purchases. Usually, cashback credit cards are different than the standard credit cards and give you notable cashback on spending on particular places according to their policy. Additionally, you can also earn rewards in the same way. Don't forget to learn in detail about the offers by your credit card provider first.

Universal acceptance

Credit cards are very commonly accepted universally and allow transactions in several countries and states. Merchants around the world do not appreciate debit cards despite them being from a well-known provider. With credit cards, it is also easy to know about the balance effortlessly online as vastly used worldwide.

How to check your credit card balance?

How tocheck your credit card balance?
How to check your credit card balance?

Credit cards allow users to spend more than the amount present in their accounts. Yet, sometimes it also leads to overspending. If you are spending without a definite estimation of the amount remaining in your card, it might cause trouble later. Keeping an eye on the spending is always a great idea while using your credit card.

1. Over the phone

Most credit card providers have over-the-phone balance checking service that lets you know the credit status immediately. To check your balance over the phone:

  • Call your issuer's customer care helpline
  • Enter the card number (or any other number they require) through the keypad
  • Follow the instructions
  • Either you would be told the balance or a customer representative may talk to you

You can also request for a representative to talk about any recent transaction

2. By the app

Almost all banks and service provider have their iOS and Android applications available for the convenience of users.

  • Download the app
  • Enter your username and password
  • Visit the balance section to know about your credit card balance

3. Through the website

Suppose you do not want to call the bank or download the app, no worries! The world is progressing, and technology allows you to access your bank without stepping out of your house. While you have an account in the bank, you can create an online account for the website and process all the bank-related chores online. To check your credit card balance through the website, just enter your account credentials, and the details pop up.

Credit Card Balance Checker Online Free

If you are reading until now, it's a bonus as we have the most straightforward method for you to try. It is not always necessary to contact your bank directly for the information by spending a lot of time. Several free credit card balance checkers are available online to check your credit card balance and be sure not to exceed the credit limit if you are already short on cash. You can easily access these websites without any extra charges and know about your credit details shortly.

1. Get my balance - CC Checker Link

Get my balance
Get my balance

Get my balance is one of the most widely used websites for checking the credit card balance. The site is popular as it is a product of the EML company whose name speaks for its authenticity. The EML company is a part of the MasterCard network in Australia and Europe . It is well-known for its secure network that allows transactions worldwide with minimum risk of frauds and scams.

The website is quite simple and straightforward and designed to facilitate its users to the most. To check your credit card balance online through the site, you have to follow a few easy steps.

  • Enter your 16 digit credit card number in the space given on the website
  • Put in the security code to ensure that it is you.

If you find this to be simple, let us tell you an even better option. If you do not want to go through the hassle of repeatedly mentioning the details, make an account on the website, and you are good to go!

2. Get your balance - CC Checker Link

Get your balance
Get your balance

As the names, the process, and integration of both websites are similar too. Get your balance is a simple to use website with a user-friendly interface. The developers have made it comfortable for usage, and it can be seen in the effort put for HIC (Human-computer interaction). The easy-to-use feature of this site enables new visitors to get accustomed to the website conveniently.

Get your balance is a popular website in many countries as it works in association with the US-Swiss Safe Harbor framework and the US-EU Safe Harbor framework. It ensures that your information is in safe hands and is not monitored by any third party. To check your credit card balance free at Get your balance, enter the credit card number and the pin code. The website is well-known for its credibility, and for the purpose, it requires you to create an account on the site - free of cost.

Having an account on the website has an additional advantage that you can track your account activity through emails and SMS.

3. Readycard - CC Checker Link


Readycard is a Minnesota based company and reasonably popular in the world of balance checkers. They provide FDIC insures a number of cards and the card deposits through Readycard. Readycard works by the same network as Visa Card or MasterCard, making it easy to access and provide service to their users.

To access your card balance details, visit the Ready card website and put in your credit card number. The next step is a captcha to ensure that it is not a bot, and a real human is accessing the site. It helps to save from scams and fraudulent trying to hack your card information.

The step by step process is as follows:

  • Click at Readycard
  • Click on the "check balance" icon on the home page
  • Add your card details
  • Answer the captcha
  • Click on "my card account"

After you have entered the details asked on the web page, your credit card balance will be displayed.

4. Creditmantri - CC Checker Link


Creditmantri is an India-based platform that has users around the globe. The website has a user-friendly interface and is quite easy to access even if you are using it for the first time. Creditmantri has quite a huge fan following and lets you check your credit card balance online through the site with no complications.

You can select your choice of a card according to the features offered, like the credit card limit and others. Moreover, the website provides you the report of monthly spending on your credit card. This way, you can track your expenditure and plan according to your budget. Creditmantri is also an excellent help in making loan-related decisions and maintaining financial health. What else would you need other than a site that covers everything from a personal loan, business loan, and short term loan to guide how to build your credit score!

People like creditmantri for all the facilities it provides and the security it offers, instantly showing your credit card balance free online.

How do Online Credit Card Money Checking websites Work?

When you make a transaction using a credit card, it doesn't sometimes show instantly. It can take up to 24 hours for the purchase to show up on the system and change the amount of money present in your card for usage.

Thus instead of calling your bank to know about the status, it is more convenient to check the credit card balance online through free websites or bank applications.

Why is it important to check credit card balance?

Credit cards allow you to make purchases and payments through the card without having money in the account. On the one side, it is handy, but the credit card's reckless use can also land you in trouble. Thus, it is essential to keep a note of your spending through the credit card and make budget plans accordingly. By checking your credit card balance online through free credit card balance checkers, you can know if your balance is positive, negative, and how much. This whole process makes life easy by helping you with your finances. However, credit cards are a great backing when you are short of money and perfect if appropriately managed.

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