How To Make Money Online

by Dan Sullivan

Have you got a need for a few extra cash but your regular income is already packed with bills upon bills you need to settle? Then this article is just for you - just read till the end.

Making Money Fast

Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, you just lost your job or you're not willing to answer to any authority, there are legitimate jobs you can do online from your mobile phones, iPad, tablets and computers to earn some money from the comfort of your home. Some of the online jobs you can do to make extra money have been listed in this post as below. Feel free to try out any of them and enjoy the monetary rewards you'll get thereafter.

Article Writing

If there's any online job you can do and start to earn immediately, article writing is just the job. Even if you can't become a millionaire overnight from writing, you can still earn just enough to meet those extra financial needs in time. If you're quite creative with words or you're a good content writer, this online job is basically ideal for you.

Fiverr and iWriter are two renowned platforms through which you can make some money online by writing articles and website contents. They're pretty easy to startup and you begin to earn as soon as you are able to get jobs done.

Article Writing
Article Writing

Both platforms have different sign up processes that must be duly followed. While Fiverr requires you to sign up, set up your gigs and start selling, iWriter requires that a piece of your work be tested and vetted after which you can work on jobs that would be made available to you and earn correspondingly.

You only need to be time conscious while working on these platforms so that you can submit jobs before their deadlines as any deadline missed becomes a loss and probably a negative review for you.

Sell Your Stuff

There comes a time when some of your belongings would be unable to meet your immediate needs. At this point, selling some items you already have to get the one you want becomes ideal. If you're looking for extra cash to meet certain needs, selling off the onea you have can fetch you those extras.

While you can swap your items with a local pawnbroker, you can also choose to sell them in your garage if you live in a busy environment. However, you can also advertize and sell them to a larger crowd via online platforms such as eBay. Simply follow the registration and selling process on the platform to make some money from your old items instead of throwing them away.

Data Entry

Although this category of online job pays very minutely, it is still an easy and legitimate way to make money online. It involves computing available data on a spreed sheet as well as retrieving data from websites and pasting them on various work platforms.

If you're interested in data entry, visit platforms like Fiverr and Craigslist to start earning.


Another easy way to make legit money online is by responding to paid surveys on various online platforms. Platforms like the GlobalTestMarket and the Nielsen are two major platforms where users are paid for taking surveys on their web pages. On signing up with these platforms, your first day can earn you some income when you go through their surveys.

If you are in the habit of always ensuring your thoughts and opinions are conveyed to others, surveys might just be a perfect work-from-home means through which you can meet those needs not included in your budget. No matter how tired you might be after an exhaustive day at work,you can always answer a few questionnaires right before you drift off to sleep. Some sites pay on a monthly basis after you must have taken their surveys for at least once every week.

Digital Voice is another top-paying survey platform you can take surveys on to earn some income from the comfort of your home.

Web Development

Irrespective of the bad name some fraudulent developers have given to the web development industry, you can still earn legitimately from designing and developing websites.

You can create a list of websites in which you discover malware, alert their owners and make your offer for the repair of the damages done to their websites by the malware. You can use some malware scraper solutions like Scrapebox to discover and get rid of malware on various websites.

The interesting aspect of this online money making method is that you do not need to spend a lot of resources to create awareness. You only need to convince website owners of your genuity and probably show them a prove of the presence of a malware in their system to make them your clients.

Web Development
Web Development

Get Paid To & Rewards Websites

At this point, you might have concluded you're no good for any of the online jobs mentioned above. But don't give up already - not every online job needs you to rack your brain before you can earn a few dollars.

Some websites reward you with money for carrying out some interesting activities such as playing video games, going through emails and carrying out some transactions online. Unlike article writing, you can do these online activities at your leisure because you're not under any timeline.

QuickRewards and UniqPaid are two of the best websites on the net that pay users for carrying out these activities on their platform.

However, before you can begin to earn from QuickRewards, you must first be a citizen of either USA, Canada, or UK. As an American, you can withdraw as little as a few cents after you've earned them from playing games and watching videos.

Some other platforms such as Mr Rebates also rewards you via Cashback promotions when you make online purchases through their platform. Mr Rebates rewards you with a specified percentage for evey single purchase you make on their platform. You also get rewarded for clicking on the links that are available on their websites.

App Development

The world is gradually being digitalized and mobile applications have become somewhat indispensable features of this age. Nonetheless, the constant need to upgrade and modify already developed apps in order to optimize them for their respective devices always results in some technical issues in these devices. These problems make app developers very important human resources in the IT industry.

With your personalized website and adequate portfolio, you can develop applications and sell them on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Up work, People Per Hour and Freelancer. Depending on how often you get jobs on these platforms, you can earn as much as $500 on a monthly basis.

Provided you've acquired the necessary skills to design develop and develop applications, you can create your own website and let your potential customers be aware of what you do.

One very interesting fact about app development is that there's no restriction to what you can charge for your jobs - which customers would certainly pay provided you're good at what you do. Also given that applications are not unique to just one person, you get to have a lifetime commission from each use of your application provided you still retain ownership of such apps (this might not be possible when you develop applications for freelancing platforms as your customers may not want to negotiate in terms of the application ownership).

Rent a Room on AirBnB

If you've been thinking hard and long for ideas that can fetch you money as quick as possible, AirBnB might just be that idea. If you've got a room space you're not utilizing, you can let it out via AirBnb at a relatively similar rate with the market value of your space.

You would even earn more if you reside in urban and developed regions as thousands of people migrate into the city from the rural regions everyday and would appreciate the most affordable accommodating space they can find. You even get luckier if you reside around tourism centers as you get a regular rush of people seeking accommodation in your space.

These tips for making money online are genuine but not quick money making processes. Please note that patience, time and focus are required if you're going to raise reasonable funds from these platforms. You just need to take it easy and before you know it, you'll attain that financial stability you've always desired.

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