How to Find Contractors / Handymen Online with Sites like Angie's List

by Dan Sullivan

Finding home contractors these days is a big issue. Renovation and repairing services seem to make a great fuss. Finding trusted services appears difficult. High rates and orderly work is another thing people fret about. But, as the internet has a solution to every single problem. In the same way, many home contracting services have evolved recently. These sites serve to provide the best services to you. The access is quite easy and simple. So, before you become curious about the modus-operandi of them. Let's provide you with all the basic information of how they work.

What are home-contracting sites basically?

These are the websites that assure you provision of home services. Such as plumbing, roofing and painting etc. These sites have various categories where you can find the one you are in search of. Many sites offer monthly premium and membership. This makes you access all the services provided over a specific website. The websites make it convenient for you to find out the best professionals in your town. Not only the professionals. It also helps to find the reviews regarding the professional. This helps you choose a specific professional according to your interest and choice. The best thing about these websites is they help you in finding nearby workers. So, that it never takes up a whole day finding the best worker for your house. As home matters always involve full security and safety. So, finding skilled workers over here also saves you from the fear of having scammers. These sites are useful sources for finding out the best services with convenience and satisfaction.

Main Features of Angies List Alternatives

But as all that glitters is not gold. In the same way, precautions are necessary to observe. If you are thinking of hiring a professional in your home. First consider the type of service you are looking for. After selection, you need to observe the following steps. These measures can help you find the right home contractor. Moreover, this can save you from any trouble in the near future. These four basic steps you should follow are

Read : Whenever you surf through a website, always go through the reviews section. Find out about the experiences of other people. Go through a list of reviews. Never read a single or two. This helps you in building up a general idea about the website and its services. Reviews are very helpful in getting an idea about the overall services provided. The rates and work-quality both are also described within reviews.

Compare : Whether you have selected a particular website as your desired one. Still, why not have a comparison between it and other sites? This might be helpful for you. As, it gives you an overall idea about all the sites collectively. You can find out how each site manages the work load. Their work quality and rates can also be found. Make it a must. Because you can find amazing discountsthrough a collective comparison.

Check : As it is the matter of your home. It becomes very necessary to be careful about what you decide. Online sites are more at a risk of scam. Though, all the measures are taken to avoid it. Yet, the chance still persists. What you can do to avoid this is becoming careful. For this, always have a background check. You can take help from reviews. You can find out about the professional through his online social account. Not only rely on social experiences.But also look for other options. So, always have a complete check over the person you choose.

Contact : After going through the whole process, contact the person you are hiring. Reach to them personally. Discuss every single thing with them. This is important because it can save you from any future trouble. Discussion should be elaborate. It helps in conveying your demands to the person you are hiring. Always contact one or two days before you are going to hire. This will allow them and you both to be prepared. Whatever you want tell them, tell them in detail. Open-end conversation will allow both to carry out the work efficiently. Once a conversation will be carried out. It will help both to understand the requisites. You can also find how well they can meet them. They can find their own requisites as contractors. A detailed contact is always a great option to be carried out.

When it comes to home contracting websites. Angie's Liststands at the top. Most people rely on it. As it assures the provision of best home contractors around you. With its detailed categories it's the one you can choose. The best thing about Angie's list is its "Review Portal". This section, in particular only deals with the reviews. Here you can get genuine reviews about professional services. This aids a lot to the people who are looking for services. The services it provides are not only limited to houses. These services extend to company-level. Many companies have already hired professionals from the site. They also share their personal experience over the web. This makes it a site you can trust on. But, is it really worth it outside the USA? And how can you cope up with the payment procedure? since one has to pay a premium before using the services. Both these drawbacks put a big question mark on the overall performance of the website. Because, all the economic classes equally depend on home contractors. Meeting the needs of only a single class makes it really hard for the rest. So, if you face such problems. Angie's List is not the one for you then. You must be looking for some really amazing alternatives to it.

Sites like Angie's List to Get Good Contractors / Handymen Online

You don't need to sweat over it at all. Today we will tell you some of the best sites you can think of the next time you are about to go for a repair or renovation.

Home Advisor - Contractor Site Link

Home Advisor

Home Advisor is one of the best home contracting sites you can ask for. The reason for this is its amazing service. This can be your choice if you want to renovate your house in the near future. The site deals with home renovating ideas. It provides you with professionals that vow to take this procedure in their hands. The best thing about the site is their low-budget offers. With free access and a number of assistive tools, it provides instant service to the users. The site operates on the basis of access to the nearby professionals. There is also a review section The reviews are provided by the users who have availed the services. The site not only provides you with the contractors. But, there is a detailed procedure which allows you to find out the ways of proper search. The proper search procedure ensures that you find the contractor which is in accordance with your desire. It provides the possible renovation designs to you. You can select from those designs according to your personal choice. All the homework is nicely done in order to bring you the finest renovation services. Because, home for them is more than four walls.

Thumbtack - Contractor Site Link


How about all your work done within an eye's blink? Thumbtack is your solution then. It is very simple to use. Unlike Angie's List it does everything directly. You are just supposed to answer a few questions. These questions involve your home address. What type of work do you want? What are your expectations from the home contractor? What is your estimated budget? The answer to these questions takes you to the professionals. These professionals on the basis of your answers set up their portfolio. They share their details, like their charges, requirements and work experience. Based on this, you can later on select what type of contractor you want. The site is free to use except for the payment involved in home contracting services.

Houzz - Contractor Site Link


Similar to Home Advisor in its function, this site brings to you customized renovation designs You can buy home furnishings and other house decor equipment here. The review portal provides you with information. This information involves their past experiences with regard to the webservice. Also, the home decor ideas are given there in the community section. The site is free to use. It forms two units. One for the users. The users are people who need services. The second group is professionals who want their services to be used.

Porch - Contractor Site Link


Similar to Thumbtack, this site also involves direct questioning. An additional feature is, you can post the pictures of the house alongside answers. First you answer the questions. Then the site connects you to your desired professionals. These professionals contact you via text messages. If you are not willing to use a phone number, there is an email system. You can find your desired contractor. Not only this, you can talk to the professional about your demands. It is free to use. No extra charges are deducted except the service charges. A review and rating system is present. This helps you to find out more about the professional you are hiring. Moreover, the contractor also shares his previous work experience with you. This helps you in deciding the perfect home contractor for your house.

All these sites can be taken as the perfect alternatives to Angie's List. The services they provide are fine and proper. This makes it easier for you to access the best within minutes.

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