How To View A Private Instagram Account in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

Nearly every person today has an account on the Instagram social media platform. According to the preferences of any individual, some may love to set their profile as public, while others would like it private. This means that only those who follow that person or user would be able to view their private profile. So how do view the profile of anyone without necessarily following the person on Instagram? Today we would let you know all you need to do to do just that.

Why Viewing a Private Instagram Account ?

This article covers how you can view a private Instagram profile of any user of Instagram. Also, some tools that are used to view private Instagram profiles will also be expatiated on, and they are available on the Internet as well.

In order to grasp everything much easier, we will first look briefly on what a private account is on Instagram. Instagram has evolved into one of the most used, and most popular Social Networks out there on the Internet. Several millions of people share their photos on a daily basis using this platform, while making use of stories and captions on their distinct accounts. While doing this, one of the main topics that users consider is that of Privacy; not just on Instagram, but on all social media websites and platforms. Therefore, Instagram provides two options for its users to choose regarding user privacy, either a Public profile or a Private one.

Hence, if you prefer to make your profile or account private, it is only those users that follow you that will be able to view and come across your stories, posts, and your other activities. For the users that do not follow you, they wouldn't have viewing access to your profile, save your profile picture, and your bio. And if they open your profile, Instagram prompts them, 'This account is private. Follow to see their pictures and videos'. When anyone wants to follow, they will then get a follow request; this request can either be accepted or rejected. If you want your account to be kept away and restricted from unscrupulous individuals and stalkers, then making your profile private would be a great option.

How You Can Make Your Instagram Account Private

If your Instagram account has already been created as public, and you wish to have it private, but do not really know how to set it up that way, the method and its procedures are well outlined below. Follow through with its steps:

  • Firstly, open the Instagram application on your device or smartphone by tapping on its icon. Then log in with your correct details; a username and password, or simply use Facebook.
  • Next, visit your profile and select the horizontal lines(they are three in number).
  • Afterwards, select the Gear icon to access the Settings.
  • Touch the 'Privacy' option and then select 'Account Privacy'.
  • Lastly, locate the toggle the On Position just before the Private account.
How You Can Make Your Instagram Account Private
How You Can Make Your Instagram Account Private

That's all that needs to be done. Your account will now be private, and it is only those that follow you that will be able to see your activities on Instagram, including videos, stories, and photos.

Five Ways You Can View Private Instagram Accounts

You would have to follow the user if you wish to view stories, posts and profile from a private Instagram account. These are the five methods that anyone can use to view private accounts on Instagram. These methods are pretty simple to apply, and anyone may utilize them without any trouble whatsoever.

1. Follow Them

Follow Them
Follow Them

The easiest and most straightforward method that allows any user on Instagram to see the profile of any private account is following them. All you need do is to visit their profile and touch the 'Follow' option. This will then send a follow request to them from you, and you would need to wait for them to accept your request to follow them, before you can now view their account fully: posts, stories, photos, videos, highlights, and much more.

2. Follow Them With A Different Account

Do you wish to view a private account but do not necessarily want to follow them? Its easy, as all you need to do is create a separate account for this purpose. This account can also be used to follow those private accounts, when you do not want to let some Instagram users know that you are following them. This separate account should consist of completely fake details and random profile information, and then follow them with this fake account(ensure that this account does not look completely fake at a glance, for example; create an account related to pets such as cats or dogs or something similar, so it doesn't give itself away as fake and the person will accept the request).

Follow Them With A Different Account
Follow Them With A Different Account

3. Search For That Username on Google

Most people usually user the exact same, or a similar username on nearly all their social network profiles. This means that you could search that exact username on Google, for instance, and you would get to see their profiles on the other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and so on. Their posts, activities and videos, as well as their profile can also be seen on those platforms, if they are not configured as private.

Search For That Username on Google
Search For That Username on Google

Another thing is, some of these social media websites could contain the user's videos and photos, from when their profile was previously public, before it went private. This means that you can check them out and look at the older photos, videos and posts there.

4. Follow Them With A Friend's Account

If for some reason you do not wish to follow them with your own Instagram account, and you wouldn't want to create another bogus account, then you can use the account of a friend for this purpose. Simply ask that friend to follow the person and then, send you a screenshot of their respective posts, stories and profiles. It is even better if the both of you are good friends, as you can easily access their account on your smartphone, and then look at that private Instagram account, which is a much simpler method.

5. Send A Message To Them

If you already sent a request to follow the user, but they are not accepting the request, then you can just send them a private message asking them to do it. When they check your message and are assured that you mean no harm, they will ultimately do the needful. It is therefore necessary that you include why you wish to follow them (if they don't know you), or who you are (if they do not recognize you). And that's it.

How Genuine Are Instagram Private Account Viewer Tools?

If you make a search on any search engine such as Google on the ways that you can view an account on Instagram without following it/them, there are several tools that usually appear in the search results that claim to get it done. Some of them include websites and applications on the Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Some of these tools were tested by our team, and we noticed the following:

That these tools which claim to help its users view private Instagram accounts are cheap scams. They are completely fake and do nothing, and some even steal user information.

What they usually ask of their users are to perform some unnecessary tasks, such as downloading extra applications in order to 'verify you are human', and then surveys with several ads.

Other tools might require that you log in to your Instagram account using their site or application, before you can access private information. Doing this results would most likely result in your account getting blocked or disabled by Instagram, probably even bring viruses into your device.

So it just happened that we couldn't find any tool that would actually work. Therefore, we would advise every reader to not make use of these scam apps or tools, and just utilize these methods that have been listed above, just to be safe.


So the above listed are the ways that you can easily access the content on a private Instagram account. If you do not wish to make use of them, the other way is simply to wait until they make their account public again, which means that anybody (you included) can look at their profile in detail and see their videos, posts, stories and more. But it is not recommended to wait for that long, as they may possibly never make it public again. Nevertheless, whatever you do, do not fall for these fake private account viewer sites on the net and their tools, as they are all fake and could result in your account getting banned.

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any comments or suggestion, please use the comment section below and we would happily get back to you as soon as possible.

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