Top Free Movie Apps for Streaming Online for Android in 2023

Download Free Movies on Android Devices

by Dan Sullivan

Shake somebody beside you. Oh sorry, we can't do that for now due to the pandemic onset of covid-19 plaguing countries all around the globe. However, tell the next person to you that we're in the digital world. And in this digital world, we've got the free ride to employ all sorts of mobile applications for numerous kinds of things. Be it streaming music and/or videos, or getting connected to the internet, and many other whatnots. Everything is just at the tip of our fingers.

Why Downloading Free Movies on Android Devices?

Down here, you'd get practical ways on how to view your desired films and shows straight from your Android device(s) without having to cut corners or do anything illegal. Keep reading to get the full gist!

To put it in an easy to understand format, we've highlighted the common mobile applications where you can get every of your desired films downloaded or watch online. Whichever you prefer. That cleared, you need not continue the ultimate and somewhat frustrating search for your desired movie. As you can get them on these platforms in a snap of your finger with little or no stress at all. Therefore, stay clear from accessing illegal web addresses just to get what you've been seriously searching for.

One or two people might be doubting the authenticity of this. Like, how in the world can I get access to watch free-movie sites that interest me without maneuvering or visiting illegal sites? Relax, we'll set you on the path.

Just so you know, you can evidently get to see those films without having to drop any cash. How? It's simple, a good number of these sites give unrestricted trial version to fresh users. With this, you still get to have a taste or feeling of the experience. Then, you make your decision either to proceed with the service provider or look for an alternative option.

Simply making good use of the trial version of these common service providers, you have unlimited access to see your favorite films for a long time. Depending on how good you are, it could last for several months or even three hundred and sixty-five days as the case may be. If you're not satisfied or cut out for spending your cash just for unrestricted online streaming. You've also got other options like numerous ad-filled services at the side where you can choose to view your desired films and shows with no service charge. However, to tell you the gospel truth, you could find these ads very frustrating and nauseating.

Now, at this juncture, we give to you a well packaged drop down list of mobile applications that give you unrestricted access to watch your favorite movies. More so, you may decide to watch these films at a later time by saving them for offline purposes. Every of the application mentioned below has its own distinct element that grants you access to conveniently watch your desired movie from your easy chair. In cases whereby you do not have the extra cash to spend in the cinema house.

Best Free Movie Apps for Streaming Online for Android in 2023

Let's get right to it:

Netflix - Movie App Link


The popular site dedicated to streaming movies and shows online, Netflix, cannot but be on this list. Just so you know, it gives a free trial(30 days straight). This, i believe you'd agree with me is an ample time to test run all of its features and goodies. I tell you, you'll certainly get your desired film and most likely fall in love with some other series. Since it is known to continuously dish out new set of mouth watering material and/or content. You should expect nothing less than variety. Going down the memory lane, it is evidently among the first set of early comers. So, when talking about sites that can be well trusted in the game, Netflix takes a convenient spot on the list.

Amazon Prime Video - Movie App Link

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

I know you may be surprised to see it on the list. You're possibly having that clueless look on your face right now. Like, are you kidding me, Amazon? Yes, you read it correctly. Amazon has in one way or the other acquired a spot on the list.

Well, we all know it's quite popular for one thing, which is, a platform for making purchases. Yes, that's true. But, most of the time, popular sites like Amazon come up with secondary and even tertiary functions. And for Amazon, it's streaming movies online under the name, Amazon Prime.

With Amazon Prime, you stand the chance of getting a full month unrestricted trial. As you're given the free ride to enjoy and explore all it has to offer, including movies with quality resolutions. Just as you have a music library on several music app players. Amazon Prime presents a fully packed library containing lots of movies to entertain you. You also get common ones on the list.

Sony Crackle - Movie App Link

Sony Crackle
Sony Crackle

I don't want to spend any cash on streaming movies online. Is that you talking there? Then you've earned yourself one good app that doesn't request for any service charge. You can search through and get movies.

You have every of its inbuilt features at your disposal. Take for example, you can employ the 'thumb up' system of rating movies. Also, get suggestions of films in close association with the ones you're interested in. Meaning, it suggests movies to you based on the ones you've seen. That's why it is popularly referred to as the best mobile application for movie suggestions.

Vudu - Movie App Link

Top Free Movie Apps for Streaming Online for Android in 2023: Vudu
Top Free Movie Apps for Streaming Online for Android in 2023: Vudu

You love to re-watch old movies? Then this is for you. It's primarily an app for entertainment purposes. Remember how video clubs back then operate? Vudu is more or less like an upgraded version with office online. Like it happens in video clubs where you go to get movies. Vudu has recreated something of such, but online. On the platform, you can rent or buy ancient movies to be precise. It doesn't grant any freedom to see new or recent movies free of charge. But, for those set of people who love old movies, you can try it out.

Tubi - Movie App Link

Top Free Movie Apps for Streaming Online for Android in 2023: Tubi
Top Free Movie Apps for Streaming Online for Android in 2023: Tubi

It's a good mobile application for Android when it comes to watching films. It presents a large movie library that contains all kinds of movies from different genres. Examples are:

1. Horror

2. Thriller

3. Comedy and so on.

Not just movies, it also offers shows, Tv and/or theaters. It presents different categories for you to make your choice from.

Pluto Tv - Movie App Link

Pluto Tv
Pluto Tv

Pluto Tv qualifies or fits the description of a mobile app that's analogous to a Tv. Probably the reason for its name, Pluto Tv. It's a free application that offers you a whole lot of channels. A hundred Tv channels at least. Whichever way you want it, it's right at your service. Be it movies you can download or watch online.

HooplaDigital - Movie App Link


It works like a library(definitely online) where you can get comics, films amd even shows if you like. Totally free as it requires no service charge. The only thing you have to do is sign up. This calls for a card you'd get from the library in your locality. This platform is more or less a place for renting movies of all kinds.

With Hoopla digital, you get a mixture of features plus more than fifty thousand titles and more still counting. One little drawback is the fact that it needs you to provide a sort of card. This therefore, make it restricted to just some countries.

YouTube Movies & Shows - Movie App Link

YouTube Movies & Shows
YouTube Movies & Shows

It's not a point of argument when i say YouTube is among the well known sites in the world. Especially when it comes to streaming videos. It has a massive database which consist of all kinds of content in terms of videos. You can also get complete movies on the platform. Yes, you are bound to get movies in their full length. But, sincerely speaking, it requires a whole lot perseverance and calmness. Because it could be frustrating sometimes.

Still, it has been concentrated with all sorts of ads which makes it tiring sometimes. Due to this, most people opt in for the premium version of YouTube. See more on it on this platform.

Yidio - Movie App Link


With Yidio, your case is different. As it fosters more than seventy services in terms of streaming. Considering the interface, you are bound to have easy navigation. This then makes your streaming experience fun.

Although, it claims to have unrestricted content that are relatively easy to search for. But, one or two of them, Netflix for example demands you drop some cash to acquire the premium version.

To sum it all, searching for shows and films doesn't take ages like we have on some other platforms. Well, you come across quite a number of ads. But believe me you, it is far smaller compared to what you experience elsewhere.

To draw the curtain here, you'd agree with me that these applications come with their different packages and/or benefits. But, the best way to make a good selection is to go for the exact one that meets, hundred percent, your requirements. This way, you get the best out of it. Sincerely, tell us what you feel about this article.

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