Best Free Proxy Server List in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

An anonymous way to use the internet is through a free proxy server. A couple of times, I have heard people call it web proxy - it is also correct. A Free Proxy Server allows you to browse the internet incognito like some web browsers, e.g., Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox. This means your discoverability is covered at 100%. What a proxy server does is to change an IP address by a process called data tunneling through global services. When this happens, a user's identity is concealed.

List of Best Free Proxy Server List in 2023

For so many reasons, people make use of proxy servers; some to hide their location or access blocked websites with country restrictions while others need privacy. So, if you belong to those categories of people, I will strongly recommend the 10 best free proxy server list below.



One of the best proxy servers to use is HideMyAss (HMS). It helps users access blocked websites regardless of their location in the world. In fact, it is one of the simplest ways to stay anonymous.

HideMyAss has a very distinct feature, and that is: it blocks insignificant ads, making it possible to use the server without disturbance. Simply, it can be used to stream videos, movies, and access restricted sites with ease. Also, the speed, strength, and flexibility are topnotch - what many users hope to find from most web proxy.

As one of the many things about HMS, it is available as a Google Chrome Extension; thus, Chrome users may have a seamless experience to browse incognito with it.

This web proxy speaks for itself from its name. This proxy server helps users access specific websites anonymously and easily. With, there are no logs because it supports top protocols such as OpenVPN, SSTP, SOCKS, and many others. In essence, it allows you to gain full control of the internet without being discovered.

Over 20 million users all around the world trust this proxy server because of its numerous benefits and features. It is accessible on all kinds of devices such as Windows Phone, Smartphone, MacBook, etc. On these devices, setting it up doesn't take too much; in a few minutes, you would be done.

Currently, is available on both Chrome Extension and Firefox Extension. It is fast, reliable and you can be rest assured that pop-up ads wouldn't be a problem.



Based on statistics, over 1 million people make use of Kproxy as their web proxy to access blocked and restricted websites. Quite a number of them gave positive reviews of Kproxy being a fast and an easy-to-access proxy server. Specifically, it does this with the help of its Bypass Filter feature - access to foreign content.

Kproxy was created in 2005, and ever since then, it has managed to stay on top of the list of the best free proxy servers available. While you may browse the internet incognito, this proxy server ensures maximum protection against hackers. Unlike some below-average free proxy servers that hackers gain access to steal personal passwords, bank account, and other vital information, Kproxy ensures a Two-Factor Authentication security protocol.

Pop-up ads aren't also a problem when it comes to Kproxy. It currently has its extension on Chrome Web Store and Add-ons for Firefox.



Proxify has been designed in order to protect you from hackers and trackers, and also to allow you to gain access to some restricted websites. With this proxy server, you can watch movies, download videos and check out sites privately and securely. There are quite a number of features this proxy server has; for instance, an encrypted connection enables the protection of data and the monitoring of network traffic simultaneously.

Proxify was born out of the desire to make internet users surf with ease and securely. Currently, there are over 200 countries that are significantly making use of Proxify on a daily basis to access restricted and blocked websites.

However, the limitation of its use is that the speed is not as fast as the rest. Also, there is little information about Proxify on its home page; hence, you may just have to depend on reviews.



One of the best free proxy servers to access YouTube videos is BlewPass. Its main aim is to unblock YouTube so that users can watch their favorite videos without their identity given away. There is nothing like internet filters and firewalls because the Bypass feature ignores all that.

BlewPass guarantees 100% safety and security while surfing incognito on the internet. This attribute is because it makes use of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to prevent data leakage. The service is so incredible. This is why it is often used to access even government-restricted sites. Also, speed is one thing most users would find intriguing. Since

The only con with BlewPass is that a few pop-up ads could be annoying sometimes when trying to access special sites.

Another free, yet fast proxy server on the list of best 10 is This server was specially designed for internet users to have maximum experience surfing the internet anonymously. It allows users to gain access to sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google and so on undetected.

Asides these sites listed above, there are other restricted sites can gain access to - especially those blocked by schools, the government, and so on. It will interest you to know that the speed of this web proxy is superb.

On the site, there are two options made available after entering the desired site; these options are Encrypt URL and Encrypt Page. Basically, this shows the proxy has an excellent encrypted connection for safety and privacy.

If there is one thing to dislike about, it has to be the pop-up ads on the page.

Getting a free proxy server that guarantees privacy as well as ultra-speed almost seem difficult, but makes it easy. The purpose of this web proxy is to ensure online privacy seamlessly. The Bypass Filter is a unique feature you will find helpful to access platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

You can easily route web pages and protect yourself against hackers at the same time. All these web pages to be viewed go through a Gigabit network; thus, ensuring safety through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. No matter where you are in the world, you can access blocked or restricted websites easily with

Still, there is a minor issue - annoying pop-up ads may limit performance.

Asides offering VPN services, it also offers free proxy services. It is a fast yet free way to stay online but be incognito, i.e., surf the internet without being discovered. What it does is to change the IP address, so it becomes untraceable. With, it is possible to unblock sites, stream videos and so on.

A commendable thing about is that it offers servers in different countries of the world; users are allowed to make a choice from those available. An outstanding pro about this proxy server is that it has topnotch online customer support as regards any issue that may be encountered. There is also a blog and media platforms for updates. currently has its extension available for download on Chrome, Opera, Yandex, and Firefox.



Perfect is a short description of 4everproxy. It is one of the best free proxy servers with easy-to-use servers. 4everproxy while being secure ensures maximum anonymity for users by changing their IP address while surfing the net. The security is aided by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted connection. This connection works in conjunction with the speed of the web proxy.

4everproxy is capable of doing what it could because of the in-built Bypass filters. This feature allows users to access platforms like YouTube and Facebook. In fact, it ensures browser history is undetected. A demerit of using this server is the pop-up ads may be found annoying.



Last on the list of top 10 best free proxy servers is hidester. This web proxy has amazing potential; in its short time, it does better than most proxy servers today. With a site simple to access and navigate, hidester ensures maximum anonymity to pages and blocked websites by changing IP addresses.

Hidester makes use of an automatic Security Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect users from hackers. Thus, important details such as bank details, personal info are well protected. Also, there wouldn't be any case of buffering using this web proxy because it has been designed seamlessly and fast.

In addition, hidester proxy extension is currently available for download on Chrome web store.

The only demerit of using hidester is that it works well only across the United States and Europe.


Above are 10 free proxy server that I have found quite effective in performance and ease of use. You may choose to use any of them depending on the information you have found about them. With the ever-increasing need for privacy, each of them ensures anonymity and access to any restricted websites.

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