How to Win Big at an Online Casino

by Dan Sullivan

How to Win Big at an Online Casino

How to Win Big at an Online Casino
How to Win Big at an Online Casino

We have all seen movies where the sympathetic main characters win loads of money in Las Vegas, however, the reality is that while some lucky punters will win big and some will break even, most people will lose. There is no bullet-proof trick of winning big but there are many tricks that can help you win occasionally and help you be in control of what you lose.

In this article, we are discussing these tips with a Portuguese iGaming expert, Martim Nabeiro.

Understand the Relationship Between Risk and Reward

Different casino games and bets have different odds and payouts. For example, if you bet on red in roulette, you have an almost 50% chance of winning but winning only pays even money. If you bet on a single number the payout is 35 to 1 but your chances are only 1 to 37 (or 38). Usually, the riskier bets come with a higher house edge too so winning big is made even more difficult by the casinos.

Online casinos that operate in Portugal such as betclic casino online tend to have slightly lower house edges than brick-and-mortar establishments so your chances to win at an online casino are higher than in physical casinos. Most casino online portugal will display the house edge information on their site so you can make an educated decision about which game to play.

Only Play at Licensed Casinos

You should only play at licensed casinos that accept Portuguese players. It is easy to make sure a casino is licensed as the licensing information is normally clearly visible at the bottom of the landing page. Reputable licensing authorities are, for example, the MGA, the UK Gambling Commission, or the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

Be Clear on the Game Rules

While there are games that require no skill, knowing the rules can pay off. If you don't understand the bets, you have fewer chances of winning. For example, craps have many possible bets and there are lots to remember about how the game goes. There are very risky bets in craps and you are unlikely to win with these.

When it comes to strategy games such as blackjack or poker, it is very important for you to know the rules before you sit down to play. Especially in poker, inexperienced players often pay the price of making poor decisions. Other players may very well notice when somebody doesn't know what they are doing and can take advantage of this.

If you are not sure about the rules yet, it is worth practicing with free games. Most online casinos offer free games where you earn points instead of real money. Get as much practice as possible before you start wagering your hard-earned cash.

Be in Control of your Bankroll

We advise setting a win/loss limit for yourself and sticking to it. It is easy to get carried away when you have won a lot of money, thinking that you are invincible, just to find yourself broke after half an hour.

On the other hand, losing a lot of money can lead to chasing losses where you desperately believe that you will win back everything on your next bet. Decide in advance how much profit you want to make and once you reach it stop playing. Similarly, if you have lost what you decided to risk, don't fund your account again for a while.

Play Jackpot Games

The great thing about slot games is that you can play them with very variable wagers. You may win the casino jackpot with a €1 wager if you are very lucky. There is no reason why not to play jackpot games. Especially if a game hasn't paid out a jackpot for a while it is a good time to start playing on it. Games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune have paid out over €10 million to lucky players.

You can find other types of jackpot games as well such as poker or blackjack. Again, there is no reason not to opt for these games instead of the regular ones, and this way you can boost your chances of winning big.


There is no fail-proof method of winning big in casinos but playing at licensed places, being in control of your bankroll, and knowing the game rules can help. You should try to play jackpot games to maximize your potential win amount.

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