How to Design a Great Creative Flyer or Poster

by Dan Sullivan

A flyer is a single printed sheet, unfolded, and design used to attract people's attention to a product, an idea, an event, and other related usefulness. On most occasions, a flyer conveys simple messages and a very quick, depending on how catchy it is. It is often called different names, depending on the usage. Sometimes, leaflets, circulars, posters, inserts, and are often distributed by hands or pasted where they can be seen by potential customers or people interested in the content.

Most of the time, flyers are printed on a single side, but there is no law guiding against using both-sided for print. Depending on a budget or usage, various choices of sizes of a flyer to pick from, the most common size is the A4/ letter size (8.5" x 11''). It can be printed in several colors of ink but most often than not is printed in a full-color mode which make it catchier and more attractive.

The main essence of flyers/posters is to pass messages and create awareness. Still, it has a relatively short life because often after the main event or product launch is achieved, the uses reduced, and the flyer is discarded. However, if the flyer's need is not for a one-time event, it can be printed on a more durable paper to retain the quality over time and make it more durable for it to be referred to again or be passed from hand to hand.

Tips to focus on creating a tremendous creative flyer or poster

Tips to focus on creating a tremendous creative flyer or poster
Tips to focus on creating a tremendous creative flyer or poster

Because printing flyers are possible on a low budget, most small-scale businesses employed it as marketing. But to have increased effectiveness, there are tips to focus on is creating a tremendous creative flyer or poster.

Make the Content Succinct and Brief

Considering that many things are competing for the attention of an average individual, the content of a flyer needs to be as brief as possible to create a converged focus on the central theme of the flyer. This will make it easy for any individual interacting with the flyer/poster to find the central theme of the flyer even more time will be taken to check some more information. But it needs to be understood that many individuals will not dedicate so much time to interact with a flyer.

Let the Headline be Catchy

Another tip here is after getting the central theme of the flyer, a significant headline should be coined, and it should be made catchy so that it does not take long for anyone interacting with the flyer/poster to get the main idea of the flyer. For example, is if the flyer is for product launching, it has to be written so very bold or design in a way that it is more like the first thing to be seen on the flyer.

Divide the Copy into Sections

Articulations of the content of the flyer will make it more interesting. There are times that many details will be needed on the flyer if the flyer is an informational flyer, how attractive the flyer will be now depending on the arrangement of the information on the flyer.

Have definite call-to-action (CTA)

Have definite call-to-action (CTA)
Have definite call-to-action (CTA)

Call to action is the main essence of the flyer. It is the marketing strategy that instructs such individuals interacting with the flyer of what to do to enjoy the benefit of the offer in the flyer. However, CTA is not as relatable in flyers as in other marketing tools like articles, but they can be spelled out and made more outstanding so that it will be easy to know what to do. "Order Now" or "Join Us" can be the simple information that will act as the call-to-action.

Use the Target Audience's Language

In achieving high effectiveness, the target audience has to understand the content, and as such, it must be in the language they will understand.

Understand Color Usage

In design, every artist had to understand what is called "color psychology." In the designing flyer, colors that will support the message must be used to evoke some particular emotion from the audience.

Guide against Excessive Fonts

One of the bad practices in designing a flyer is using too many fonts because it can be very distracting and choky. A flyer must be easy to read and must not be cluttered. At least two or three fonts are right while size, weight, and others can be employed to show hierarchy in the design.

Use Quality and High-Resolution Images

Images also are tools employed to attract readers to the flyer. But blurry images can be more repelling as a quality one would have drawn. A significant website shows trade images, and many of them offer those stock images for free. These include Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Pixabay, Pexels, UIHere, and many others.

Summary of Best Tools to Design a Great Creative Flyer or Poster

Here is a summary of the tools listed above.

ToolsPriceOutstanding features
Adobe PhotoshopFree Trial/Subscription
  • Excellent user interface
  • Pre-designed flyer and poster templates
CorelDrawFree trial/subscription ($499 for full version)
  • Great set of tools for vector graphics
  • Affordable
RonyaSoft Poster DesignerFree trial /$ 29.95 for Home License /$49.95 for Business License/$695 for Enterprise License
  • Comprehensive clipart gallery
  • Cheap and not bulky in size
  • Different option of scripts
  • Multitude of plugins

Tools for Creating Flyer/Poster

Having explained the tip to achieve marketing effectiveness using flyers, creating flyers needs to be discussed. Various tools can be used to create amazing flyers. Some are for mobile phones, PC and some are online-based apps.

Adobe Photoshop - Flyer or Poster Creator


Adobe photoshop is rated as an industry-standard application that can be used for plyer design, photo manipulation, photo editing, and retouching. It is a fantastic application that is easy to use, and it comprises more friendly and straightforward tools for great creative creation. The later addition now comes with a flyer template, making it easy for users to create content with little effort. It can be tried on a free trial, but there will be a need to subscribe for a license to continue using after that.

Canva - Flyer or Poster Creator


Canva is an online-based app that runs without any need to install an application. It is a tool that offers trials for free but has a premium version for it. It can be used to create amazing flyers and posters. The fantastic thing about the application is the fonts collection without installing any of the fonts on your PC or Phone. It also comes with a template that makes it easier to use. Another fantastic fact is that there is a mobile application for it but can only be used with the internet.

CorelDraw - Flyer or Poster Creator


CorelDraw is an application that is known for its toolset and a more excellent workflow. It is useful in creating graphics illustration, flyer, editing, and some other great toolset. The application comes with some more features that, in a way, compete with the leader of the industry, Adobe. It has a free trial also but needs a subscription of about $500.

Lucidpress - Flyer or Poster Creator


This works like Canva but offers a significant advantage in that it does not add watermark to designed made on the free version, it has a friendly user interface and several templates to pick from when designing, and these templates can be easily and fully customized. More like the other installed application, it has very high functionality, and the designed contents can be exported in a different format.

Inkscape - Flyer or Poster Creator


Inkscape is yet another fantastic and powerful tool for designers of graphics to leverage on in creating flyers, artworks, and if mastered web designs. It comes with flexible editing tools, and it offers support for numerous formats of files. It has excellent editing functions for SVG graphics, which allows the design to retain quality irrespective of scaling or exported size. It is effortless to use, and it can be a recommended application and software for beginners in design.

RonyaSoft Poster Designer - Flyer or Poster Creator

 RonyaSoftPoster Designer
RonyaSoftPoster Designer

RonyaSoft Poster Designer is a very fresh and faster alternative to other design software that can seem complicated to non-designers. Beginners will get the most of the application by doing the basic flyer though some refined features can look to absent, which makes it too basic for an advanced designer. It also comes with templates customized to the fullest with images, vector graphics, and text. It has infographic templates that are good for education-based content.

GIMP - Flyer or Poster Creator

How to Design a Great Creative Flyer or Poster: GIMP
How to Design a Great Creative Flyer or Poster: GIMP

GIMP is a powerful software for image manipulation that allows users to create great creative posters. It is very fantastic software if it can be mastered. Experts believe it is one of the best tools after Adobe Photoshop because of its capability to create professional graphics. It is an open-source tool but is full of features that are very competitive with most paid software.


Numerous tools can be used, but listed above are the proven ones with amazing features. Understanding what to do in creating a flyer gives the independence of choosing any tool to use. Designing a flyer is not first using the tool, but taking to cognizance the tips to make a great flyer, understand the uniqueness of flyers, and be creatively made.

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