The Importance of Brand Relevance in Today’s World

by Dan Sullivan

With a countless number of brands across the globe, it's never been tougher for companies to outsmart the competition and make waves in their respective markets. How can brands possibly stand out in a culture where there are thousands of options and high buyer expectations? Although an option like rebranding seems a bit risky, it may in fact have the chance of separating one brand from all the rest. Let's take a look at how this is possible.

Brands that succeed are ones who evolve with the times

To stay relevant, brands need to adapt to how consumers interact with media
To stay relevant, brands need to adapt to how consumers interact with media

Any brand, company, or even small business that does not place brand relevance as a top priority may find themselves losing clientele or viewership after just a short while. One of the biggest thing's brands should keep in mind is how they fit into the larger scope of not only their specific market, but also the business landscape as a whole. An outdated brand or marketing campaign that is released on any scale, whether large or small, is bound to stick out like a sore thumb in the face-paced, ever-changing environment in which we live.

For this reason, rebranding campaigns that focus on the refreshment of the brand's mission and overall goal are crucial for customer retention, trust, and loyalty. In the same way, it shows that the brand is aware of changes in the world and is up to the challenge of meeting those changes with fresh advertisements, instead of staying silent. This goes for industries across the globe in various sectors.

For example, the world's leading poker site, PokerStars recently launched their rebrand campaign with several commercials that highlight a new topic the popular cardroom had not previously featured in marketing: responsible gaming. In a new campaign, the platform debuted its first safer gaming T.V. advert, allowing PokerStars to present what they stand for beyond just their services and products. By taking a leap into rebranding, the company was able to recapture its audience's attention and generate excitement and conversation within the community.

In a similar way, the popular internet hosting company, GoDaddy decided to launch a rebrand and create an entirely new corporate persona. For the first time in 20 years, the site's logo was redone, welcoming an important shift for the company and its customers. Entirely new billboards and various other print and digital ads featuring the fresh look have been displayed in target areas across the country. This new brand identity sparked conversation among users and was undoubtedly a needed and memorable rebrand. It's clear that fresh, creative ideas and new aesthetics can go a long way in marketing but rebrands are even more effective for maintaining relevance in a saturated market.

A greater potential for increased engagement and sales

Ads in Times Square show how saturated the market is with hundreds of different brands vying for consumer attention
Ads in Times Square show how saturated the market is with hundreds of different brands vying for consumer attention

Although it is never 100% guaranteed, rebranding your business may lead to great benefits in terms of follower engagement and sales. After all, one of the most classic yet greatest marketing tools of all time is word-of-mouth and exciting, new campaigns are bound to get people talking rather than outdated, stale ads played in sequence. In fact, taking this type of risk can lead to great financial gain, but even If it doesn't go as planned, experience is truly the greatest teacher of them all.

A rebrand can also bring a company closer together in-house. By working as one to ensure that brand identity remains intact through such a big change, each member of the team works efficiently towards the same goal and the outcome is extremely rewarding. Not only can this cut down on internal costs, but it can also create an important new and exciting atmosphere within the company where each employee is also revitalized while crafting a fresh mission. These are all things worth considering when planning to connect with brand partners, and trying to build a fresh image for an established brand.

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