10 Hulu Tips for Streaming TV Fans

by Dan Sullivan

Hulu may not have as much original content as Netflix, but it has become an important part of the streaming wars! With beloved franchises like Star Trek and critically acclaimed shows such as The Handmaid's Tale and Mrs. America to its name, Hulu has something for everyone. But does navigating this service feel a little overwhelming? Not anymore - we've got 10 tips so you can make your viewing experience smoother than ever before - from watch parties to tailored subtitles; there's no reason why you should miss out on all that fun stuff!

10 Hulu Tips for Streaming TV Fans
10 Hulu Tips for Streaming TV Fans

1. Profile

Are you ready to unlock the world of Hulu for yourself and your family? Just head over to its website or a TV interface like Xbox One or Roku, click on the top-right drop-down menu, and select Manage Profiles. Up to six people can create profiles that will store their own personalized list of shows and movies - no more cluttering up with stuff everyone else likes! The only downside is that at this time streaming via multiple users isn't allowed in one household…yet.

2. Add Favorites

Keep up with your TV obsessions and never miss out on the latest episodes! Just head over to Hulu.com or open the app, and tap that plus (+) button when you spot a show profile, carousel, or search result - it will be instantly saved in your "My Stuff" list for later viewing from either within the menu at bottom of page/app.

3. Remote Play

Make sure you're connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then effortlessly tap your way into a night of seamless entertainment. Whether it's Apple TV or Chromecast device: with Hulu's mobile app as a glanceable remote control - connecting and watching couldn't be easier! Search for what you want to watch on the app, then hit that iconic AirPlay (for Apple) or Cast Icon in the upper right corner (Chromecast). Now all your favorite shows are at fingertip reach without even leaving off the couch. Let bingeing commence!

4. Adjust Video Quality

To ensure an optimal streaming experience, Hulu offers the ultimate flexibility in video quality settings. On desktop, click the gear icon to select either Best Available or Data Saver for higher and lower picture qualities respectively; on mobile, you can choose between Auto, Low, Medium, and High - perfect if your WiFi is struggling under a data crunch! The Xbox One box also allows tuning of your visual entertainment depending on what fits best into your bandwidth constraints. Aim high? With 1080p HD available for those with 6Mbps connections - plus 4K support having been tested originally- there's no limit to how crisp visuals go at Hulu!

5. Protect Account

If you're worried about account protection or that someone has accessed your Hulu account on an unfamiliar device, don't fret! With a few clicks, you can easily and quickly revoke access to your account from any public or shared device. After login in with one username & password for the ultimate security of all profiles associated with it - including friends and family members - everyone will need their own individual passwords when they log back in again. All you need to do is go to Settings - Account and select the Privacy tab. After clicking on the "Protect your account" button, all devices will be disconnected from the current account.

There is another way to protect your account from outside access and it involves using VPN for TV. After installing Hulu VPN, the user will be protected from many types of hacking. Combined with logging out of your account after each session, your profile will be completely safe. Just use VeePN and you will be able to enjoy videos without limits and in high definition.

6. Premium Subscription

Get all the best entertainment in one convenient package - add a premium channel to your Hulu account! Log in and select Your Subscription, Manage from the top right. Scroll down for easy access to Showtime ($10.99 per month), HBO ($14.99), Cinemax ($9.99), and Starz($8.99). Expand your viewing pleasure today with just one monthly bill!

7. Access Outside the USA

With Hulu only available in the US, traveling outside of the country usually means you can't watch your favorite shows. But don't worry - paid VPN services offer an easy-peasy solution for international watchers! Whether it's Netflix or Hulu that needs unlocking, The Best VPNs have got you covered and will make sure wherever you are on this planet Earth, all your streaming desires remain fulfilled!

8. Picture-in-Picture

Hulu's picture-in-picture mode allows you to binge-watch your favorite show while searching for new content - without missing a beat! So go ahead, and explore the endless possibilities of shows and movies on offer. Plus, with its easy minimize feature, your video will continue playing in the corner until you get completely lost browsing through all that Hulu has to offer... just be careful not to fill up My Stuff before actually watching what's already stored there!

9. Turn on Dark Mode

Technology has changed the game for those who enjoy a night-time movie marathon: Flip on Hulu's dark mode, and you'll be sent to a world of cozy comfort. Never again will harsh blue light prevent your escape into epic galaxies like Deep Space Nine! Whether it's day or night, keep exploring this essential feature - the secret weapon in any streaming warrior's arsenal.

Turn on Dark Mode
Turn on Dark Mode

10. Host a Watch Party

Friday night has never been so much fun! With Hulu's Watch Party feature, you and seven of your friends can stay connected through a cross-country movie marathon. Catch up on the latest films or just have some laughs while revisiting old classics like Batman Begins-there's no better way to end the week with those who matter most in this socially distanced world.


As you can see, Hulu offers a wide range of features to suit every viewing need. From protecting your account to accessing content outside the US to hosting watch parties - there's something for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Turn on that TV and start streaming away!

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