Cheap Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Plans

by Dan Sullivan

Cheap Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Plans - Sometimes, free Wi-Fi internet access is ubiquitous. You may think wherever you go, you would always find them. But in reality, they are not ubiquitous.

Even if they are ubiquitous, sometimes use your Wi-Fi hotspot for faster internet speeds. These mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are affordable. Also, since they are always with you, they ensure that internet services are available wherever you go.

Are you always on the go? With inexpensive Wi-Fi cellular packages, you need not make those expensive purchases every month. Also, you can earn and reply directly to emails as you move.

Besides, you have favorite television shows, don’t you? With those packages, you can watch them online anytime you want.

Exceptionally, a cellular hotspot gives a huge advantage: it enables you to access the internet from home. Do you live off the beaten path? Satellite internet may be the only choice to use. But it has one downside to it: it is costly.

What is a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are cellular wireless access points. These cellular wireless access points are stand-alone devices that are slightly smaller than smartphones. They are less expensive, too.

People use them only for accessing the internet. You can connect any of your devices — from your laptop to your phone — to an access point for an instant use of the internet 4G LTE.

Another access point is by connecting an USB drive to a laptop. Also, if your mobile phone already has a wireless internet access point, you have an advantage.

Why? Because you can let others use your internet access by clicking the icon for the wireless internet access point. This method is practical but has some drawbacks.

Some of these drawbacks include a rapid use of your mobile data. Also, when you dial a number, the battery life of your phone quickly disappears. Finally, receiving phone calls weakens the connection speed.

Using mobile hotspots consumes energy a lot. They can use up the entire battery energy within a few hours if you are not concurrently charging the phone. Also, you cannot simultaneously make phone calls or surf the net on your mobile device.

My Experience on Cheap Mobile WiFi Hotspots

My Experience on Cheap Mobile WiFi Hotspots
My Experience on Cheap Mobile WiFi Hotspots

At my former job, I used a cellular internet access point for some years. I saved money and time, using the phone as an access point. I drove hundreds of miles almost every day. I worked in my car. So, I couldn’t do without a wireless internet access point.

If you regularly use the mobile internet, buy a cellular internet access point device. It saves phone battery while also giving constant access to the internet.

I prefer a spontaneous hotspot with battery power. Why? Because for many hours, I can plug it into the USB power port or run it on the battery.

From year to year, computers have been having a lower number of USB ports. However, battery-powered access points will continue to have enough space on them.

Therefore, these devices will continue to be relevant. They will also have enough ports for connecting accessories such as a wireless mouse or external speakers.

How Fast is Cheaper Mobile WiFi?

How Fast is Cheaper Mobile WiFi?
How Fast is Cheaper Mobile WiFi?

While the mobile Internet 5G is almost here, most Wi-Fi hotspot packages still offer 4G LTE services. The 4G LTE mobile service is the fastest cellular bandwidth available to mobile operators like AT&T and Sprint.

Many operators provide the 4G mobile communication standard services, but each operator may not provide the same speed of downloading and uploading. In some cases, you can achieve high connection speeds not less than 40Mbps.

However, in most cases, it will be just fast enough for streaming or connecting multiple devices. In those cases, it can vary from 5 to 12 Mbps.

If you are outside the 4G LTE range, most Wi-Fi hotspots still provide standard internet services. Even if you cannot stream a video, you can always reply to messages and surf the net.

The Best Mobile WiFi Hotspot Plans That Do Not Require a Contract

You notice that most Wi-Fi hotspots have a small starting price. The low price is because get a modem for the access point.

Fortunately, this device is much cheaper than a new smartphone. In most cases, the price of a hotspot device is not over 100 bucks.

All access point packages discussed do not require cellular mobiles. However, they are partners with at least one of the leading network services.

Do you occasionally use mobile access points or desire a package you can subscribe to on demand? Then you should first think of these companies. With them, the same fast quality internet service is available at a low price.

1. FreedomPop - Url


This company is the market leader in low-cost cellular WiFi and general cellular networks. You can get a cellular mobile point for as low as $39.99. The beautiful thing is that you can use over 5 devices on it.

FreedomPop may be the most inexpensive cellular access package, as it gives you up to 200 MB for free. To be realistic, there is not so much that you can do with this package though.

Still, with it, you can send at least 60 text email attachments. Also, you can access over 50 social network posts with 150 photos and attachments.

Streaming 60 minutes requires at least 1-gigabyte data for high-quality videos. As you can see, hence, 200 MB is not that much.

Thus, you only need to consider a free package for handling critical emails when you cannot get a public Wi-Fi network or wait for one to work.

FreedomPop gives you a free 2GB data package in the first month. After completing the trial period which is free, you must select an option for the 4 GB LTE data package:

· 200MB: Free

· 500MB: $7.99/month

· 1 GB: $13.99/month

· 2 GB: $19.99/month

· 3GB: $26.99/month

· 4 GB: $33.99/month

If you change over to the free data plan during the 30-day free trial, you will receive free data without interruption. However, if you do so after it ends, pay a refund fee of $15 per package. Interestingly, you can switch between the bonus packages monthly.

There is no contract with FreedomPop. So, the pay is monthly. If you do not want to use your cellular access point for a month, you can pause and renew your subscription later without having to pay cancellation fees.

Earn Bonus Internet

If you refer friends and relatives to FreedomPop, you will receive 10 MB of free data! You can also get free data by bidding and taking surveys with FreedomPop partners.

2. BoostMobile - Url


Network Used: AT&T

Boost Mobile provides its clients up to 10 GB of data per month. This should be enough all your needs like your regular trips and simultaneous connections to any of your devices. Also, you could have several hours of streaming videos in your free time.

Boost Mobile Data Plans

The mobile WiFi hotspot has two options.

· 1 GB: $25 per month

· 10 GB: $50 per month

Even though it has two package options, Boost may be a good choice if you need a lot of data or little.

Whichever package you choose, purchase a Boost mobile hotspot device with SIM cards all at a worth of $59.98.

This cellular access point provides up to 10 hours of battery life and can simultaneously connect up to 10 devices.

3. Net10Wireless - Url


Networks Used: AT&T, T Mobile, Sprint, Verizon

Net10 Wireless is an excellent prepaid mobile hotspot service. It has four of the leading network providers as partners. It gives its clients the best internet coverage for as cheap as possible.

The four leading network providers that Net10 has partnerships with are:

· AT&T

· Sprint

· T-Mobile

· Verizon

An advantage of Net10 is that it allows its users to select the provider of their choice.

No matter the provider you pick, the ZTE mobile hotspot is inexpensive. With just $29, you can get 13 hours of battery life.

And if you are economical, you may not mind getting a reconditioned hotspot that works well, like it is new. It will cost you just $9.99.

Net10 Wireless Data Plans

After you select your hotspot tool, you can consider one of the three plans:

· 500 MB: $10 every 14 days

· 1 GB: $20 every 30 days

· 2.5 GB: $30 every 30 days

· 5 GB: $50 every 60 days

Besides its basic plans, Net10 also offers an “add-on” pack that enables you to top up your data balance anytime.

4. Karma - Url


Network Used: Sprint

Karma makes it considerably easy to get free data. Every time a fellow Karma member uses your Karma Go Device, you get a bonus. The bonus can be up to 100 MB. Those members will use the internet without consuming from your data balance.

You also get a bonus of $1 for every new member that joins through you. The only downside to Karma is its huge upfront cost.

Karma Data Plans

Karma offers four primary plans to its clients. Depending on your data usage rate, you can pick any that is convenient for you. They are:

· Drift Plan: $3 per month plus $10 per gigabyte used

· 5 GB: $39.99 per month

· 10 GB: $79.99 per month

· 20 GB: $99.99 per month

The Drift Plan allows you to buy data whenever you need it. Hence, it may be your best shot if you are an occasional user. Even though Karma may be an expensive choice, it has excellent plans that can cater to your various data needs.

5. NetZero - Url


Perhaps, NetZero is the cheapest mobile hotspot plan you will ever use. With it, you can save some bucks. However, it has a limited range of coverage. It is available majorly in the eastern and Pacific coastal states of the United States.

If you are in any of these states, you surely should not deny yourself the cheap plans NetZero provides.

NetZero Data Plans

NetZero posts its mobile hotspot devices to its clients’ mails within three to five days of a request. The mobile hotspot devices, at $79.95, are relatively cheap for the value they give.

With NetZero, you can also use the modem of another carrier as long as it is eligible. The six different monthly plans it offers are:

· 200MB: Free

· 500MB: $17.95

· 1GB: $27.95

· 2 GB: $42.95

· 4 GB: $63.95

· 6 GB: $89.95

Despite its cheap plans, the negatives for NetZero are the monthly fees and the limited duration of the free plans.

6. StraightTalk Wireless - Url

StraightTalk Wireless
StraightTalk Wireless

Networks Used: Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile

You can easily start a Straight Talk Wireless subscription plan online. Also, you can make registrations at any Walmart store around you. Straight Talk Wireless offers a benefit. It is the benefit of almost-everywhere-you-go coverage. It makes this possible through the towers of the leading providers.

Its mobile hotspot is relatively affordable. It is as cheap as $9.99. But if you want an advanced model, you can get one for $19.99. With its plans, however, you can connect only five devices.

Straight Talk Wireless Mobile Plans

· 1 GB: $15 every 30 days

· 2 GB: $25 every 30 days

· 4 GB: $40 every 60 days

· 5 GB: $50 every 60 days

· 7 GB: $75 every 60 days

You can adjust any of those plans any time. You can also enjoy some rewards by using them.

Other excellent cheap mobile WiFi hotspot plans that do not require a contract include H2O, Bolt, MetroPCS, and AT$T.


The prevalence of digital devices and their usefulness have made data a necessity. The good news is: you can get some cheap and standard mobile WiFi hotspot plans.

Once you decide your monthly internet consumption rate, you can easily choose a network provider.

However, ensure that the provider you choose has good coverage in your area. You can then select a plan based on your needs.

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