How to Reload Your Walmart MoneyCard in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

The immense popularity of Walmart among US citizens has made it a growing and successful brand. People in the United States look forward to Walmart for their daily needs. Whether it is a tiny pin or a flat TV, Walmart got you covered.

You might be thinking that there are many other such stores too, so what makes Walmart stand out? Walmart cares about its customers, and that is exhibited quite prominently in the features it provides to the customers. Other than online shopping and payment facilities, the store offers money cards and gift cards to their buyers for a convenient shopping experience.

Cards by Walmart - Reload Link

Cards by Walmart
Cards by Walmart

Walmart offers a wide variety of money cards for people regardless if they are a customer of the store or not. It provides debit cards that do not need a linked bank account like a credit card and can be reloaded by a number of different ways. Cards offered by Walmart include

1. MoneyCard Basic

2. MoneyCard Plus

3. MoneyCard Preferred

If you do not know about the characteristics of these cards, let us explain them to you briefly.

Walmart MoneyCard : Basic

· Can be purchased over the internet - absolutely free of cost

· Only $3 monthly fees

· No reload fee with Walmart Check Cashing or direct deposit

· $3 reload fee using Rapid Reload

· No ATM fee at MoneyPass ATMs

· 2% foreign transaction fee

Walmart MoneyCard : Plus

· Can be bought for $3

· Monthly fee same as the Basic MoneyCard but it can be waived off if $1,000 deposited in the last month

· No reload fee with Walmart Check Cashing or direct deposit

· $3 fee by reloading through Rapid Reload

· Free transactions at MoneyPass ATMs

· 2% foreign transaction fee

Walmart MoneyCard : Preferred

· Purchase value of $4

· Free reload through direct deposit, Rapid Reload, and Walmart Check Cashing

· Waive-able monthly fee of $3 that is waived off on a deposit of $500 in the previous month.

· Fees can also be suspended if you have government benefits direct deposit or a paycheck.

· $0 ATM fee at MoneyPass ATMs

· 2% foreign transaction fees

Summary of Walmart MoneyCard Features in 2023

Walmart Basic MoneyCard

Walmart Plus MoneyCard

Walmart Preferred MoneyCard

Buy for $0 off the internet

Buy for $3

Buy for $4

Free reload through Walmart Cash Checking or Direct Deposit

Free reload through Walmart Cash Checking or Direct Deposit

Free reload through Walmart Cash Checking, Direct deposits and Rapid Reload.

$3 monthly fees

Monthly fees waived off at deposit of $1000 in previous month

Monthly fees waived off at deposit of $500 in previous month

One notable feature of the MoneyCard by Walmart is that it is not restricted only to Walmart stores . You can use it at almost every store that accepts MasterCard or Visa Card. The card makes it very easy to shop without the hassle of carrying money and gives you an added benefit of online shopping. That makes life so much easier!

Benefits of having a Walmart MoneyCard

Having a Walmart MoneyCard can be of great advantage. The most major of these being the availability of plastic money even if you are short of cash at any retail. You can use the MoneyCard at almost all retailers that accept Visa Card or MasterCard and provides fraud protection like any other debit card. This card also enables you to send funds around the United States. Other benefits include the transfer of free checks, money orders, online bills and payments , and several others.

Best Ways to Reload Your Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart gives several options for the card reload to make it comfortable for the users. If you are looking for alternative options to recharge your MoneyCard other than the one you are already using, we got some choices for you:

1. Walmart Check Cashing - Reload Link

Walmart Check Cashing
Walmart Check Cashing

Walmart Check cashing can be a comfortable reload option for you if you use your paycheck or the government benefits check at the counter. The amount through the check is transferred directly to your card, and no fee is charged for the transfer. Yet, there might be a check-cashing fee. The citizens of New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island can specifically benefit from this loading option.

2. Walmart Rapid Reload - Reload Link

Walmart Rapid Reload
Walmart Rapid Reload

Walmart's rapid reload is one of the most convenient options as it is available at Walmart and some other retailers like Green Dot too. You can add money to your MoneyCard by merely swiping your card at any Walmart register.

You have to inform the cashier about the need to load your card. And you would be able to transfer between $20 and $1,100 immediately to your card. The best part is that the funds can be used within ten minutes of transfer . There is a $3 fee on each reload through the Rapid Reload, but the Preferred MoneyCard holders are exempted from this fee.

3. Direct deposit - Reload Link

Direct deposit
Direct deposit

A frequently used mode of load by the consumers is direct deposit as it allows you to load money through your paycheck or benefits check including

· Pension Payments

· Government Disability Benefits

· Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) payments

· Social Security benefits

· Veterans' benefits

· Many others

Additionally, it is relatively simple to transfer funds to your account through direct deposit.

The foremost step to deposit money to your MoneyCard is to ensure that your employer or benefits office offers direct deposit.

If you get a green flag, log in to your account to get the bank routing number and your direct deposit account number. Also, you can obtain the information via text.

Forward the bank routing and your direct deposit account number to your employer or benefits office to avail the facility

This service does not cost you anything and lets you deposit all parts of your check.

Employers can also notify the bank about the direct deposits a day or two before your payment is transferred. This way, the funds get transferred effortlessly.

4. Online Bank Transfer - Reload Link

Online Bank Transfer
Online Bank Transfer

If you don't like to step out of the house for reloading your cards, Online Bank Transfers can be an excellent option for you. Transferring money through your bank account is simple and easy on the pocket if you know the bank routing number.

To transfer money, locate your Walmart account and upload the necessary information on your bank website for successful bank transfers.

Standard bank transfers take around three business days without charging any transfer fee . If you want to transfer money urgently to your Walmart MoneyCard, same-day transfers can be made for $2.95 on cards other than the Basic MoneyCard.

5. MoneyPak - Reload Link


If you are looking for other location options that you can top up your MoneyCard at, MoneyPak is the right answer to your question.

Available at several locations like Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Walmart, and some others, MoneyPak can be quite an easy alternative. It is simple to reload your MoneyCard through MoneyPak as you can fins MoneyPak at any of these locations to add funds to your card. The card costs $5.95, but it can also act as a gift card to reload money to your friends and family's Walmart MoneyCard.

Anyhow, you need a MoneyPak account and activate the card in your name to add money to the card.

6. Card-to-card transfer - Reload Link

Card-to-card transfer
Card-to-card transfer

Various cards around the globe allow transfers from one card to the other of the same kind. Walmart also implies this technique to make transfers feasible for users. If any of your friends or family members use a Walmart MoneyCard, you can ask them to transfer the amount to your card . This saves you from the $3 reloading fee, and you get the money transferred to your card within one business day.

The process is as easy as it could be! The sender has to insert your phone number or email linked to your Walmart card for the transfer. Walmart deducts the mentioned amount from their card, and the process is done within the blink of an eye.

7. Tax returns - Reload Link

Tax returns
Tax returns

Who knew that tax returns can be used to load money to your Walmart card!

When you file your taxes through the internet , you just have to provide the essential information like your card number to Walmart. This helps Walmart to transfer the refunds you receive on your taxes . The process is entirely free of cost and probably takes you even less time than filing by mail. Yet, the standard IRS processing time applies.

8. Walmart MoneyCard Mobile App - Reload Link

Walmart MoneyCard Mobile App
Walmart MoneyCard Mobile App

The mobile app of Walmart can be considered a one-stop solution to almost all your Walmart related problems, including card reload. It lets you recharge your card by many checks , such as:

· Payroll checks

· Personal checks

· Money orders

· Cashier's checks

· Insurance Agency checks

· US Government issued checks

· Stock dividend checks

· Rebate checks

Now if you are wondering how to transfer money through the app by these checks, here is a step by step guideline for better understanding.

· Log in to the app (Make an account first if you don't have one)

· Select the DEPOSIT option and deposit the check

· Lastly, sign at the back of the check and mention "for mobile deposit only" above your signatures

Walmart says that you can use the Walmart mobile app to deposit checks to your Walmart MoneyCard directly by using the smartphone camera.

Get the Walmart app for iOS and Android at just one click.

These plentiful options by Walmart depict their customer satisfaction priorities and provide a wide range of reloading options for your Walmart MoneyCard. These can be quite helpful if you are looking for a choice that fits your circumstances in the best way.

Load your card however you like and shop-away!

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