How to Make Money Recycling Ink Cartridges in 2023

Earn Extra Cash With Ink Cartridge Recycling

by Dan Sullivan

I can bet that if you check around your office or home, you will find a number of empty toner or ink cartridges. It is very easy to allow empty cartridges to accumulate.

Why a Need for Money Recycling Ink Cartridges in 2023

You don't want to dispose them probably because you know that they will eventually end up in a landfill. But, to refill them can be very messy. So gradually, they keep on accumulating in your drawer or on your desk, adding to the clutter. Someday, you will come around to do about them, maybe trash or refill them. The good news is, you can get paid to get rid of your empty toner or ink cartridges and at the same time be friendly environmentally.

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About 390 million ink cartridges get dumped into landfills every year world wide. This quickly adds up to above 1 million cartridges per day. The amount of this waste is not neccesarry. Ink cartridges are actually built in such a way that they can easily be reused. Taking some few extra steps can help reduce waste, help boost your bottom line and shrink your carbon footprint. Why would you want to dispose your empty ink cartridges when you can actually monetize them by recycling the cartridges. When you recycle a used printer cartridge, it helps you reduce amount of waste as well as contributing valuable components to be refilled and reused.

Recycling of toner and ink cartridges are a tested means of saving money on your office or home printing. The great news is that it doesn't matter how old the cartridges are or the type of ink cartridges they are, someone out there is willing to take them and pay you for the privilege. However, other recyclers only accept a certain type of cartridge, as a result, you might need to separate expended laser cartridges and inkjet, or send your old Dell, Canon, Epson, HP or IBM cartridges to different locations.

How to Make Money Recycling Ink Cartridges in 2023

But with some phone calls or a quick online research, you will have little or no difficulty in getting recyclers that will accept anything you have.

Sell empty Ink Cartridge on eBay

Sell empty Ink Cartridge on    eBay
Sell empty Ink Cartridge on eBay

There are several links on eBay that are selling recycled toner and ink cartridges. I bet you don't know that you can actually sell empty ink cartridges Ony eBay as well. The current demand for empty cartridges is unusually high. If you decides to list them for sale on eBay, you will get several buyers that are interested. Rather than attempting to guess the market, you can just leave them open for bidding. You can even set a minimum price depending on what people are getting for a similar product. Particularly with ink cartridge that is empty, you can collect them and eventually sell them in lot of ten or more.

Most of the bidders here will not bother themselves with sellers that list small items individually. It is important to establish the fact that laser cartridges lasts longer than ink cartridges, which makes them more valuable. This should be on your mind when you are checking for prices or competition for similar items. You will tend to average less than $5 each when you sell those empty ink cartridges. Although, you can make about twenty dollars each or more for a laser cartridges that are used fairly and in a good condition. To get a good result, the eBay list must be as detailed as possible, including details about the producer, the color and model, and whether the cartridge has been refilled before by you or someone else. If the cartridges has never been refilled, then you can tag them as a"virgin" cartridges, which will definitely increase the interest of the buyer.

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Recycle at an Office Supply stores

Recycle atan    Office Supply stores
Recycle atan Office Supply stores

There are about 5 large retail chains: Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Walmart and Best Buy - which are authorized to receive and recycle used toner or ink cartridges (not always both toner and ink cartridges) which are made by major manufacturers. You will receive a store credit of about $2 each, in return for your used cartridges. The credits may be cashed in on some other merchandise. Many stores have a limit to the credits they can give per month. For instance, there is a limit of just 10 cartridge credit a month at Staples and OfficeDepot. Many others will require that you first spend a particular sum of money on their business. Or you can enroll in their reward program for customers in order to be qualified for this types of credits. It will likely be in your best interest to sign up as a customer if you frequently recycle cartridges.

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Office supply stores like Staples and OfficeDepot recycle empty ink cartridges and also have a reward program for cartridge recycling. These stores gives $2 in store credit for every qualifying cartridge you turn in. Although you must make qualifying purchases and also be a member of the customer reward program, to be able to participate. And if you often shop at the stores, this may be a solution for you. You can also check out local mom and pop office supply store to see if their own program is similar.

Recycle Through a Buy Back Site

Recycle Through a Buy Back Site
Recycle Through a Buy Back Site

Many sites offer to buy empty ink cartridges, and some will even pay for the shipping fee. Several websites like Recycle 4 Charity, Dazz Cycle and Evolve Recycling pay a fair market value for expended ink cartridges. They can be sent through FedEx, mail or UPS. All you need do is check their website for instructions. The website works in various ways depending on the condition and the age of the cartridges, these companies pays about $4 for each used cartridge, and they can pay up to $20 for used toner cartridges.

The various prices they pay for some specific items are all listed on their website. This process is very simple. When you have seen your printer cartridge on their list, input the number of cartridge you want to return and calculate the due amount. Also remember to fill your contact details and your preferred method of payment.

They typically send prepaid shipping label to cover the cost of shipping. You will immediately get your payment when the goods arrive and are inspected. Ensure that you thoroughly check the website before you ship away your cartridges. You should also determine the ones each company will not accept and the ones that they will accept. For some companies, they charge a penalty fee for the cartridges they don't accept.

Community Fundraising

Community    Fundraising
Community Fundraising

Several organizations will recycle an empty ink cartridges while also helping you to raise funds for your community. For instance, FundingFactory is a simple and eco-friendly solution for your empty inkjet printer cartridges. This organization was founded in 1997. They have kept about 44 million pounds of various items out of landfills. This they have done simply by collecting empty ink cartridges. The mission of this organization is to recycle and also re-manufacture used inkjet printer cartridges. This helps the environment and give items a second life, while also offering a new way for organizations raise funds.

FundingFactory converts your used inkjet and toner cartridges into money to help fund your organization. With the 100% free fund raising program of FundingFactory and the help of your community, your organization will raise a much needed funds in no time. More than 136,736 organizations have collectively raised about $33.5 million in rewards and cash via the FundingFactory program. Clover technologies, the parent company of FundingFactory is the world's biggest recycler and collector of ink and toner cartridges.

Refill Them Yourself

Almost all types of ink cartridges can be refilled, and they can be refilled several times before they become unsuitable for that purpose. There are many easy to use refill kits that are available world wide, if you decide to refill them yourself. However, retailers like Costco and Walgreens will help refill it if you bring your empty ink cartridges and request for the service. This process can be very messy if proper care is not taken. But with a few trial and practice, you will become good at refilling and you will save some money when you refill them yourself

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There is a huge savings on cartridges when you refill them yourself instead of continuously buying new ones.

Recycling drives

You can decide to commence a recycling drive on your own by simply connecting buyers with cartridge sellers. This is done for two major reasons: firstly, to earn profit as a mediator and secondly for playing a role in protecting our environment. Follow this link if you want to recycle empty ink cartridges.

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