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by Dan Sullivan

I'm sure you all remember the days of mp3 Player and walkman. We hold several memories of those days. Anybody who had any or both was considered big. If you weren't born during that time. Or you didn't make use of any of those devices, then, you need to accord more respect to us.

Well, as it is fondly said: everything has its own time and season. Now, the good old days of walkman and the likes are memories as other stuff have taken the front seat. A good example is our mobile devices, popularly called smartphones. With the inception of these mobile devices, we can now enjoy music/songs the more. Listening to music, singing and dancing along, to the rhythm of the beat is far easy now. Compared to those days when walkman and mp3 players were in vogue.

For your information, in those days, the only way out was to send mp3s to our personal computers. Afterward, send it all to our phone. What a tiring process. In our present time, we have the privilege of getting songs free right from the web. Get everything on our phones via web addresses and/or mobile applications. Latter, far easier than the former.

Best Free Music Downloader Apps for Android in 2023

In relation to music, we have a whole lot of mobile applications used for checking for your preferred music. Just below here, we have packaged for you, song applications and web addresses to download mp3 music or songs that interest you.

Please, take note, some of these applications mentioned below are no longer on play store. However, you can retrieve the apk file on the web space.

In no particular order, we have:

MIUI MusicPlayer - Music Downloader App

It features one of the topmost audio player. And it has an integrated operating system that actually gives you the privilege to look up for all kinds of music on the web space. It might interest you to know that it's not just music or songs. You are likewise free to get hold of songs free of charge, simply by using the application. The only thing it takes is for you to go on and look for your desired song. When you get to it, you click the download icon hanging beside it(on your right hand side).

Furthermore, this music player has been said to be the one and only true music player from the electronic company, Xiaomi. Xiaomi, was established about ten years ago and it has its head office at Haidian District, Beijing, China. With MIUI music player, you get access to songs online for free. No doubt, it promises a good user interface for easy navigation.

It doesn't stop there. It's got a radio integrated into its working system. Right on the tab, you get fast link to a dozen radio stations, at least. On these stations, you are free to access songs without any time limit. We can't but say that it's a wonderful application for music lovers.

Music Maniac - Music App

It sits on a convenient spot on the list of apps for downloading free songs. It's a wonderful app as it gives you the platform to look for lots of music, even mp3s on the general engines for searching all sort of stuff. With this, you can confidently search and listen to your preferred music.

Napster music - MP3 Downloader App

Napster music
Napster music

With Napster, the taste is different. You stand to get a long list of millions of songs, thirty million at least. You have the floor, as you're free to select whichever one you want to listen to. Plus, you can save for offline benefits. I do not know if there's anyone with a different opinion here. But, I believe, hardly is there anybody who likes tons of ads popping up on the screen all the time. Is there anyone who does like it?

Well, the good news is, this music downloader is devoid of all that. No ads or whatsoever. This, therefore enhances user experience and makes navigation easy. No need to hide the fact that it's an highly sort after application and it goes for a certain price( not free ). But, as the case may be, you can still taste the experience by going for the thirty days unrestricted trial.

Simple (mp3 downloader) - Music Downloader Link

As the name suggests, simple. It's easy to navigate. To add to it, you are free to search for songs through;

1. Artists

2. Albums

3. Genres

And be rest assured, you will always get your desired song the way you want it- mp3.

This downloader is a great tool for lovers of music who use Android devices. As you can get any song you wish to listen to conveniently either by downloading directly or streaming it.

Supercloud (Song Downloader) - Music MP3 Site

Super in its job. It presents to you a platform to download tons of music directly on mobile device (Android) easily. Takes no serious protocol. Just input either:

1. Name of album

2. Song title

3. Artist

When any of these has been typed into the search box, it only takes less than a minute for the application to process the info. Afterward, you get a drop down list on the result page. You select whichever is your best fit and it gets downloaded in a snap of a finger.

Apart from being able to get the songs on your Android device directly, you can also listen to any song online with the app. Whichever way you choose.

Don't worry, it's fast and reliable. Houses a myriad of songs in its database. With this amazing app, music lovers get to see variety. Streaming is also possible. So, tell me, O ye lovers of music, what more can you ask for?

Wynk music - Music Downloader App

Indians and other bollywood lovers, are you here? Come, let's gather for a selfie. This is for you. Wynk music is concentrated with tons of songs(Hindi songs) in its database. It has songs by amazing singers. Artist you'd love:

1. Shreya Ghoshal

2. Yo Yo Honey

3. Kishore Kumar and many other whatnots.

When it comes to music applications uniquely made for bollywood, Wynk music ranks first. And to give it more juice, it also houses songs from musicians from other countries.

Google PlayMusic - Music Downloader App

It is no novice in the music app world. It has a database of about thirty and five million songs. Plus, lovely features you cannot but enjoy. With Google play music, you can have personal group of songs for offline benefit.

Free Music (For Android) - Music Downloader App

Free Music(For Android)
Free Music(For Android)

Free music download for Android comes with a clean interface and easy to navigate. With this free app, you can get songs in mp3 format which are commissioned as " free for all."

It comprises of a couple of segments:

1. Listen

2. Download

The download tab segment gives you the opportunity to input and search. Then the result gets displayed. For the other segment, you'll get songs you've saved and can also hit the play button.

Music Paradise - Music Downloader App


We all love free music downloads. That's what you get with Music Paradise( MP for short). You use an android device? Then, you're free to download your desired song right from YouTube and whichever site you deem fit. It is very much on demand today.

Download Manager(Advanced) - Music Downloader App


With Advanced download manager, you can do two things at the same time. Note, the speed isn't affected. What exactly are these two things?

1. With the app, you can arrange or set in order your files. So, it works as a file manager.

2. It's also possible for you to get files downloaded in any format of your choice. And as mentioned earlier, the speed is not affected.

Gtunes Music - Music Downloader App

The app is a definition of easy to use interface. Thus, making navigation easy. With this mobile app, you can;

1. Search

2. Download and also

3. Listen to tons of legit, free music of great quality.

You can do this on general sites, for example:




One good thing about the app is that you have the rare chance to make ring tone of your choice then place it for a specific contact. Isn't it amazing?

Rockmyrun - Music Downloader App


An app with its own class. With this music player, getting your body in shape isn't much of a big deal. That's why it's sometimes called best workout player. With this app, you get good list of mixed list of songs for your workout and even more.

As a user, you can either get the tracks downloaded or set them for offline purposes.

Mp3 Music Downloader (Free) - Music Downloader App

Mp3 MusicDownloader (Free)
Mp3 MusicDownloader (Free)

An app that permits you to download tons of music for free right on different platforms. More so, it shows you lyrics. Therefore, you can follow the song through the lyrics.

4shared Music - Music Downloader App

4shared Music
4shared Music

It's an app committed to searching for music file. It thus separates mp3 files from tons of other files. That's not all. It gives a space worth fifteen gigabyte to get your songs of interest uploaded and listen to them.

Free mp3 juice - Music Downloader App

Free mp3juice
Free mp3juice

Designed and created by MJ media. It saps files in mp3 format from other mp3 websites. With this free app, you can quickly search for songs through;

1. Band

2. Tags

3. Artist

YouTubeMusic - Music Downloader App

It's very easy to download music from YouTube. To do it:

1. Access YouTube on your Android device. Search for the exact song you want. Then, get the url copied out.

2. Open a new tab and input "conversion of YouTube to mp3 format." A result page with a drop down list of sites that permits getting the non-video format in mp3 gets displayed.

Best websites to download music free?

Jamendo Music - Music Downloader App

Its interface is clean and very well arranged. With this, you can search for tracks by:

1. Most common

2. Genre

3. Latest music and so on

Jamendo music also gives radio stations or channels for getting more music.

Live Music Archive - Music Downloader App

Live Music Archive
Live Music Archive

It focuses more on live concerts. It also has in it, filters which are used to streamline things either by real creator, name/title, or even date. The songs are open to all in mp3 or in some cases, FLAC.

Soundcloud - Music Downloader App

This gives content from upcoming artists and pros in the game. To be truthful, the songs on this platform are not all free. However, you're free to alter and even get some songs remixed.

NoiseTrade - Music Downloader App


Noise trade gives tons of albums totally free and are legit. Right from the landing page, you'll see fresh materials. You can also view the fresh or common segments.

Amazon - Music Downloader App


Amazon has also got tons of free music too. Just locate a track that's free and put it in tray or cart. Later, you continue the same way you buy stuff on it. Immediately you send the order, you get a link that directs you to a page where you'll find the track.

Soundclick - Music Downloader App


You get to see tracks you can stream for free. However, you still have a very good number of songs that you can download for free. It cuts across artists that are willing to allow you get through to their platform without any service charge.

Music Archive(Free) - Music Downloader App

Music Archive(Free)
Music Archive(Free)

It was created about eleven years ago. It was an arm of the radio project, WFMU. It presently gives a large number of free materials which cut across a lot of genres. You might see it ask a difficult job when you want to go through the list of songs. But, if you're a diehard fan of music, it shouldn't be much of a problem to you.

Datpiff - Music Downloader App


Lovers of rap songs and hip-hop, you'd like this. Finally, you have a site dedicated to satisfying your needs in terms of hip-hop songs. It gives free stuff from different musicians. It presents its music in form of mixtapes.

Musopen - Music Downloader App


We all have different tastes when it comes to music. And, as we've seen apps/sites dedicated to hip-hop and rap, we also have the one for classical songs. Nothing like copyright issues here as it gives a wide range of choices to choose from.

Besonic - Music Downloader App


Immediately you sign up, you get access to lots of music. Whichever way you want it, Besonic is right at your service. Either to listen or to see the videos. One thing that makes it standout is the feature called "Mood radio." With this amazing feature, you can get tracks that tally with your current mood.

Conclusively, we do hope that getting free tracks won't be a problem again. As you can pick any of the above-mentioned that goes well with your preferences. What do you think about this article?

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