Effective and Reliable Ways to Make Money on Steam in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

The opportunity to make money on Steam is enormous. Steam users vary and a good example are gamers, designers, game developers and even programmers.

As a gamer, you can make a lot of money online simply by broadcasting your gameplay experience. As a developer, the opportunity is there to grab extra cash from the games you develop and sell online. Programmers also earn money from providing freelance game design service on the internet. No matter who you are, the opportunity is there to make money and carve out another income stream.

Everyone in life wants to make money from doing nothing. In better terms, everyone in life wants to make money from doing what they love. Imagine getting paid for playing video games or getting paid for watching movies online. That is simply amazing and that's what the Steam app will offer you.

What is Steam? - Link

What is Steam?
What is Steam?

Steam is an online video game digital platform that offers gamers the chance to play amazing video games and also share their gameplay experience with online viewers. This software is provided by Valve and it helps gamers to make money in different ways while they get to store it in their steam wallets or cash it out.

Steam was launched by Valve Corporation in 2003 with the aim of helping gamers to update games automatically and it has gone ahead to become the biggest gaming platform in the world. Steam is arguably the best !

Steam has sold out games worth $4.0 billion USD over the years and it expanded its goal by hosting third party video games to providing a friendly user interface that sets up users such as coders, designers and game developers to make money.

In this guide, I will introduce you to the best ways to make money on Steam.

Effective Ways to Make Money on Steam

Here are effective and reliable ways to make money on Steam;

Distribute Original Games on Steam Direct

One of the best ways to make direct income in form of real cash is by distributing original games on Steam Direct. This method offers the chance to get paid based on how much revenue you can generate from game sales. You can also generate income through in-game purchases. This is a major way of earning on Steam.

You can decide to develop your own game or outsource the project to a game developer and then sell it later on Steam Direct. Once you develop a game, you will be required to invest $100 USD to add the game to Steam. Money generated from game sales and in-game purchases can be transferred to your bank account.

Developing games comes with its own challenges such as the high level of time and effort required. You will also need to invest a lot in getting a developer to assist you with it. Furthermore, Stream has set stricter rules on game distribution.

Distribute Original Games on SteamDirect
Distribute Original Games on Steam Direct

So to make money from distributing games on Steam Direct, you have to offer interesting games that people will love to play. Ensure the screenshots and game trailers are unique so that gamers will highly anticipate the release date.

Make sure you integrate Stream related features into your game. That will make it accepted and loved by Steam users. Finally, ensure you interact and stay active.

NOTE : 30% of your earnings on game distribution and sales goes to Steam.

Acquire and Sell Cosmetic Crates

A good way to make money on Steam is by selling cosmetic crates. These are rewards earned from certain in-game achievements. You can earn cosmetic crates by playing games frequently on Steam while you get to participate in activities.

Acquire and Sell Cosmetic Crates
Acquire and Sell Cosmetic Crates

Users of Steam can purchase cosmetic crates with in-game currency or real cash.

You can sell your cosmetics crates to other gamers that needs it while you get paid in return. Certain games offers cosmetic crates as reward based on different achievements and a good example is PUGB. It rewards gamers with battle points when they kill given in-game targets and also last for long on the battle field.

Selling cosmetic crates is a very effective way to earn money on Steam.

Provide Freelance Coding and Game Development Service

Providing professional service as a freelance coder or designer is a very effective and lucrative way of making money on Steam. Game developers constantly look out for professional designers and coders to help them out when building or developing a game. Therefore, big money making opportunities presents itself to those willing to offer freelance coding and game development service on Steam.

You can make a lot of money on Steam if you're very good with video game development. This aspect however, requires programming skills because you must be ready to offer the best. It is very lucrative due to the fact that gamers on Steam are willing to pay a lot of money to use the service of a game developer.

Provide Freelance Coding and GameDevelopment Service
Provide Freelance Coding and Game Development Service

Due to how competitive this niche is, you must be willing to stay active and interact frequently with Steam users so as to figure out job opportunities.

Another good way to provide freelance service as a designer is to create unique artworks and in-game add-ons for the benefit of gamers on Steam. If they love it, you will you get paid. This is one of the best ways to money on Steam.

Collect Item Drops and Trade them for Cash

There are series of games on Steam that drop valuable items off the platform and these items can come in form of exchange cards. Generally, users of steam make money by looking out for these dropped items just to take advantage of them.

You can collect item drops and trade them for cash the moment you realize the items are gaining some value. However, you need to know which dropped items to buy and when to sell them. The first thing you need to do is to visit the Steam market to browse a list of item drops you can purchase. These dropped items are cheap to acquire but can easily be traded for cash when their value increases.

Collect Item Drops and Trade them forCash
Collect Item Drops and Trade them for Cash

The fascinating thing about this money making opportunity on Steam is the fact that dropped items can be sold for a higher price than the actual price of a game.

This simply means a game that costs $5.0 USD might drop items that can offer you as much as $8.0 USD. This is an effective way of making money on Steam.

Holding Unto Pre-Order Items

When a new game is about to be released, pre-order items are dropped for anticipating users of Steam to purchase. Once they purchase these pre-order items, they hold unto it for a particular period of time until it's needed.

Upon the release of a new video game, some pre-order items are exclusive.

You will have to look out for these pre-order items on the Steam Marketplace. Holding unto a purchased pre-order item can generate a lot of money for you when the game is finally released. The launching of the game will attract gamers and help build interest in the pre-order items they initially purchased.

Exclusively pre-order items becomes more valuable when the game becomes a top seller on Steam. This means you can make hundreds of dollars from the pre-purchased items after a long period of time. This approach is great.

A good example of pre-order items are cosmetic sets. Pre-order items from a game are cheap when purchasing it but becomes much more expensive when the game is finally launched. It's like purchasing a landed property at a cheap price and selling it years later after its value must have appreciated.

Stack Up Steam Trading Cards

Stacking up trading cards and selling them is another effective way to make money on Steam. Steam trading cards can be exchanged for Steam Wallet Credits which can later be cashed out. You can acquire trading cards by playing several games available on Steam. The list of games that offers them are endless.

The longer you play a game the more trading cards you can stack up on Steam.

This means that the number of hours spent playing games on Steam can help you acquire a lot of trading cards that will generate extra cash for you. When a new game is released, you can acquire 3 trading cards after you must have played it for few hours. So the longer you play, the more trading cards you get to stack up.

Look out for booster pack of cards weekly. These packs contains 3 trading cards and can be either sold or opened for a chance to get more valuable foiled cards.


You can make a lot of money on Steam if you follow this guide and apply the effective ways suggested. While you might not be getting direct cash to your bank account from the Steam Market, you can earn money and save it in your wallet.

Money saved up in your Steam Wallet can then be used to purchase in-game items. You must have built a huge money in your Steam Wallet for you to cash it out. You also need to exercise patience when if you want to earn money on Steam as it is not one of those get rich quick scheme. Ensure you study this guide.

Make sure you join the Steam Community to learn more.

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