Alternative Sites Like Rabb.It to Watch Videos With Loved Ones in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

Watching and streaming videos online can be very entertaining but it gets much more interesting if you do that with your loved ones. Sharing amazing experience together with your friends and family is great but it becomes difficult when you are all far apart. Sites like can make this possible.

What is is a web based sync platform that allows people listen to music , play games and stream videos online while chatting at the same time. This site is used to watch movies and series with friends and family not within the same location. You can also listen to music and go shopping in a synchronized environment. was acquired by Kast in 2019 few months after its service stopped working due to investors pulling out of the business.

We will introduce readers to highly rated alternatives in this guide and other Rabbit-like sites that allows groups of people to stream videos and chat online simultaneously.

Sites Like Rabb.It to Watch Videos With Loved Ones in 2023

Here is a list of 10 different alternatives to

YouTube Videos :

Watch2gether - Site Link


This site has amazing features and it is a very good alternative to Watch2gether allows you create a room without registration and share links with your friends to gain access when planning to watch videos together. You can listen to music and watch videos with your friends and family after few clicks due to its user friendly interface.

It provides a platform that allows people spend time with friends and family who are far away. This is a perfect site for sharing movies and TV shows experience with your partner if you are in a long distance relationship. Just as the name implies, it will bring you together no matter the distance.

Unique Benefits :

  • You can browse and shop on Amazon with your distant partner.
  • It has a synchronized player for audio and video play.
  • It has an in-built integrated chat room.
  • You can create a playlist and watch contents from YouTube and other sites.

Wavelength - Site Link


Wavelength allows people to socialize with their loved ones through live chat. You can stream videos for free on this site and it acts like a social media platform that allows you connect with your friends and family who are not in close proximity with you.

Wavelength gives you complete control over who gets to join your live chat room and you can build a playlist that meets your demands. This is one of the best sites that acts as a good alternative to Ensure you check it out.

Unique Benefits :

  • You can create public and private chat rooms.
  • It allows you create and share your dynamic playlist in a live chat.
  • It offers a clean and accessible user interface with amazing features.
  • It allows you invite friends to watch videos with you in your virtual room.

Kosmi - Site Link


Kosmi provides ultimate digital hangout service. You can stream and share videos with friends in different location on this platform. This site does not require sign up or installation and it is one of the best alternatives to

You can create a virtual hangout with your friends with Kosmi through its public lobby feature. This lobby is a chat room that allows you communicate with your friends and even strangers online. This site uses web technology such as WebSockets to provide an amazing real time experience within the comfort of your home. Enjoy SNES and NES Party , as well as the Texas Holdem Poker game on this amazing site.

Unique Benefits :

  • You can watch synchronized videos on any streaming site.
  • You can play multiplayer video games with your friends.
  • Chat and communicate with friends over a webcam enabled feature.
  • You can share your browser tab or screen for watching shows on Netflix.

TogetherTube - Site Link


This is one of the best alternative sites like Rabbit that offers premium real time music listening and video watching experience. This site supports most streaming platforms such as YouTube , Vimeo and SoundCloud .

Users within a private or public chat room can add contents from any supported streaming platform to a playlist and everyone gets to vote for the one to watch. This is a quite interesting feature that adds spice to the video sharing experience. There are series of other amazing features, so visit the site to check them out.

Unique Benefits:

  • It has a synchronized playback feature and requires no sign up.
  • It has a voting system that allows users to vote within a chat room.
  • You can search and play videos you want through its search feature.
  • You can create a free private or public room and share the link with friends.

Synaptop - Site Link


This is a beautiful site that offers a platform for watching movies with friends online. You can access this site from any web browser and collaborate with people you love in real-time. You can also install the app on your mobile device.

We highly recommend this site because you can play games and even read books together with your loved ones. The text chat feature allows users to share their experience when it comes to listening to music or watching videos online.

This service is free , so visit the website link to discover more about Synaptop.

Unique Benefits :

  • You can run apps and manage files on this platform.
  • The real-time collaboration feature makes it one of the best.
  • The control devices feature allows users to share files on any device.
  • You can play games, watch videos and text chat no matter the distance.

MyCircle.TV - Site Link


This site has a simple and user friendly interface. It is a UK based platform that offers 100% free service and requires no form of registration before users can gain access. You can seamlessly stream videos together with your friends and loved ones on top streaming sites like YouTube and Dailymotion.

You can share URL links of any content from different websites and have a good time watching together with your friends. This alternative is awesome because you don't have to create an account before using it. The video upload feature requires users uploading to myCloud rather than Google Drive.

Unique Benefits :

  • It has a social media feature that allows users to invite friends.
  • You can create a play list and upload personal videos on the site.
  • Easy to navigate platform that allows users set up a private chat room.
  • The chat room supports emoji that makes the experience much better.

SimulChat - Site Link


This web-based service allows users to listen to music, watch videos and play games online. It also supports text chat and provides convenience when watching videos. It's important to note that you need to have the copies of contents you want to watch as it won't allow you to live stream.

SimulChat also allows users to create a private chat room where they can share files with friends and family members. We included this site on our list because it has a special feature that allows users to make video calls through the platform.

Unique Benefits :

  • It has a voice call and video call feature.
  • You need to share your user ID to watch videos with your partner.
  • It has a feature that allows users to comment on videos being shared.
  • Friends can talk to each other when streaming videos on sites like YouTube.

Gaze - Site Link

Alternative Sites Like Rabb.It to Watch Videos With Loved Ones in 2023: Gaze
Alternative Sites Like Rabb.It to Watch Videos With Loved Ones in 2023: Gaze

This is another amazing alternative site like that allows users to enjoy quality video sharing experience with friends and family. The site has a text and video chat feature that gives users the best long distance movie night experience.

Gaze allows users to watch videos with people who are far away. It has a synch-watch feature that allows partners to pause, play and watch contents at the same time.

Gaze offers a great service when it comes to video sharing and it has a video call and insta-chat feature. It is just a perfect site for long distance relationship.

Unique Benefits :

  • It has a nice user interface and it is easy to navigate.
  • You can play videos from your device or from the internet.
  • It provides a unique features overview to enjoy an amazing experience.
  • You can try the demo option to understand better how the site works.

ShareTube - Site Link


You can watch and talk about videos with your friends on this alternative site. It is mainly designed for watching YouTube videos and it has a very simple interface that is easy to navigate.

ShareTube gives you access to join thousands of online users in one place. You can watch videos together and have an amazing experience with this wonderful platform. It is a good site because you don't have to create an account before making your private room or joining a public room.

Unique Benefits :

  • Watch synchronized YouTube videos.
  • You can create a playlist and invite friends to join you.
  • You can create a private room and customize the name.
  • To synch videos - Enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to watch.

Netflix Party - Site Link

Netflix Party
Netflix Party

Our list will not be complete without adding Netflix Party. Netflix has fast become the most used streaming site on the internet lately due to its library of interesting movies and TV series.

To use Netflix Party, you have to install a web browser extension for Chrome. Then you can sign in with the details of your Netflix account and select the video you want to watch together with your friends. This is a dedicated platform for watching Netflix shows with your loved ones as many sites won't offer this service. Link up with millions of online users on Netflix Party at any time.

Unique Benefits :

  • You can host long distance movie nights on this platform.
  • It synchronizes video playback and provides group chat feature.
  • You can chat with your friends while playing the synchronized video.
  • The major site that provides a perfect platform to watch Netflix together.

Conclusion of Best Rabb.It Alternatives

The alternative sites like listed and explained in this article are the ones we highly recommend but there are many other sites you can visit if you want additional options. These other alternatives are;

These and many more. Don't hesitate to check them out and share a wonderful time watching videos online with your friends and loved ones.

YouTube Video :

You can also share your thoughts about this article and other alternatives you know in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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