Is It True: Regret Sacrificing Love for Money?

by Dan Sullivan

Recently, I carried out a survey on what people preferred: Love vs. Money? I got over 20 replies; 14 chose Love while 6 chose Money. At that moment, the reason why they chose Love over Money was unknown to me, but I was desperate to find out. Would you ever regret sacrificing Love for Money or do the opposite? If you are reading this, it is a question for you to answer honestly. When you do, the rest of this article will make more sense to you.

Love and Money

Love and Money
Love and Money

At a very tender age, most people are interested in making money while a few are into finding Love. The truth is: you need both of them. If you cannot do both simultaneously, then try focusing on building relationships with people. At different stages of our lives, we are destined to make more money than we have ever made, but true love comes once in a lifetime.

Most relationships crashing today is either because the Love wasn't enough to sustain the relationship or both parties grew apart. True Love would always be enough to withstand any storm, but Money has no destination - it would always be sought after.

Still, this doesn't diminish the value or relevance of Money. In fact, make sure you work for and find Money because it is part of those things that keep a relationship. They say, "Love is sweet; with money, it becomes sweeter." How do you even expect to hold the relationship without Money involved? - You would want to visit the fanciest restaurant, the most beautiful beach, go on vacations, and do lovely things to make memories.

Actually, the problem arises when you are trying to avoid Love, and your primary focus is on making money; it doesn't work that way. You need to understand that with true Love comes true happiness. There are lots of billionaires today who identify their success to their partners/wives. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, who is one of the top 10 richest men in the world today, never goes a day without appreciating his wife in his speech. The same goes for Barack Obama - his wife, Michelle, who stood by him through tough times, was always recognized in his speech.

It is bliss finding the right person to love and still making more money at the same time. There are other billionaires whose marriages have crashed for one reason or another, and they wish they could have done better before now. For example, Jeff Bezos: is the richest man in the world right now, but his marriage crashed. No amount of money could buy back what has been truly lost. Some of these people were interested in making money, and they forgot the essential thing - Love.

As a young adult who is curious about what to choose, you need Love, then you need Money because it is a foundation for greatness.

How to find true Love?

How to findtrue Love?
How to find true Love?

Finding true Love could be hard, and it could also be comfortable at the same time. It depends on how you have presented yourself to people. For some, they find it through communication, some through joint activities, and others through vision compatibility. However, Ed Sheeran once said: "People fall in love in mysterious ways."

Often, people who share the same vision fall in Love with themselves more than any other set of people. This is even where making Money becomes easier because such a person would motivate and give you all the support you need to be successful. Both of you don't necessarily have to practice the same thing, ensuring you share similar visions and understand each other really matters.

So, if you are having problems finding true Love, here are secrets to know.

Stay Original : If you want to find true love or you want someone to genuinely fall in love with you, be yourself. Don't be someone else. Many relationships are wrong because one person fell in Love with a shadow of another. When you stay original, such a person can see through you and find desirable attributes about you.

Show Confidence : One of the most vital characteristics anyone must possess is the ability to show confidence. Try to handle situations without fretting. It is a common phenomenon that a confident person always feels safe.

Express your feelings : Always let people know how you truly feel about something. Do not express pleasure when you are displeased or the other way around; doing this shows you are capable of pretending about how you feel.

Stay Cheerful : A good reason why people would find you approachable is if they see you are cheerful and happy. In fact, it would reflect on these people, making them comfortable around you. They would also believe you are their "happy place" when things get bad.

Be Optimistic : Most importantly, show that you are positive about things working out. Even when it seems like it won't, optimism builds relationship, intimacy, and trust.

You would notice that once you start showing all these attributes, there would definitely be someone who would come around. Naturally, the person would be attracted to you. It is okay if you start out as friends and get to know each other better. Look for compatibility in all things you do together, spend more quality time, and see if he/she is the ONE. Even if he/she isn't, don't change who you are - the right one would come.

How to Make Money?

There is no other secret to making Money than hard work and commitment towards what you are doing. Everyone has something they love to do best - that is your craft. It is left to you to improve your craft and become better at what you do.

For you to make money, you must set visions and goals towards the business. Try and plan where you want to be in the next couple of years, resources you need to get there, potential limitations, and how to solve them. This would help you keep your eyes on the prize.

No business person you see today stumbled on wealth; all of them started from somewhere. Truly, capital is needed for business, and there are ways to go about it. However, if you don't have a dream or target, such capital would be wasted on irrelevant things.

Also, making money depends on the kind of influence around you. If you walk with people of dreams, the chances are that you would make it big in life; on the contrary, you could also end up not making it at all. Therefore, you need to watch the kind of relationships you keep because they determine where you would go in life.

Whatever business you venture into, make sure it is profitable and has the potentials to become more in the future.

How to balance both?

Now that you know how to make money as well as find true Love, who says you can't do both? What you need is a change of orientation and understanding that with true Love comes Money, and likewise, with Money comes endless possibilities in a genuine relationship.

It gets lonely when you are only making money, and there is no one there to give you moral and emotional support when you need one. Therefore, both need to work hand-in-hand.

When you love someone wholeheartedly, you would literally do anything for them to make them happy, including buying all their favorite stuff. As a matter of fact, you would be speaking the right love languages - words of affirmation and giving of gifts.

In addition, you can never tell if your major breakthrough would be from your partner. For instance, he or she could have a network where your services are needed. This big contract could change your life. Ask the influential men in the world today, some of them made it big, all thanks to the continual support of their wives.

Do you have Regrets?

I have heard so many people talk about having regrets falling in Love instead of making Money because the relationship didn't work out. When you look at things from a different perspective, you would understand that regrets sometimes come with a discovery - self-discovery.

If you fell in Love and it ended up not working out, it shouldn't be the time to regret taking that action in the first place; instead, a time to reflect and understand the kind of person you are and what you want. Most likely, you weren't with the right person, and you need to know more about yourself.

Now, this shouldn't stop you from giving Love another chance; only that this time, you need to be patient, careful, and discerning. Find out what you love about that person and see if you two are compatible together. If you decide not to give Love a chance and choose to focus on Money, you may be too far from happiness before you know it.


If you sacrifice Love, all because of Money, you would be making a huge mistake. You would regret such action in the end because one of the best things in life is finding someone to call your own. Money would always be in constant demand, and you could spend your entire life finding it, but do you know your opportunities are doubled when you're in true Love?

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Dan Sullivan is a renowned professor and esteemed education writer with a passion for inspiring students and transforming the field of education. With a diverse background in academia and practical teaching experience, he has become a leading figure in educational research and pedagogy.

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