Roblox Password Guessing - How to Secure Your Roblox Account

Top Roblox Passwords

by Dan Sullivan

Roblox can be seen as a unique game software that allows users to develop or create games. It also will enable you to play games designed by other Roblox users. Roblox has over 90 million users who are actively using the system every month. It also offers users a platform for earning money by allowing them to code their games and offer games passes. So with Roblox, users can create, sell, and buy several essential gaming gadgets.

Roblox has a particular currency known as Robux, which you can only use to trade on the platform for buying accessories like gear and the rest. You can also use Robux to purchase games.

The hacking process, which involves repeatedly guessing a password stored by a computer, is known as password guessing. The idea here is to keep guessing for the password and search for it against an available cryptographic combination. The goal could be to have an unauthorized entry to a particular system or helping a Roblox user retrieve a lost password.

Password guessing in Roblox is mostly a hacking process, where unauthorized users try to access a particular account. By way of guessing the password to hijacking the account, which they can use for entirely individual purposes or activity on the platform, steal the Robux items or malicious acts. However, the Roblox community's password guessing act is highly forbidden, and accounts noticed to have guessed other users' passwords are banned.

Techniques for Roblox Password Guessing

Roblox, just as mentioned earlier, is not just a platform to play games, but it also allows its users to create and develop games and characters which can be traded on the website to other users. Based on this fact and features, some users wouldn't want to go through the normal process of building an account, and instead, they choose to hack over other accounts. So they use so many passwords guessing options available to them to crack the security principles. These players who want to hack into accounts of other users use a list of passwords and accounts to try their luck.

Many websites offer most of these password guessing lists for free, and of course, some sites provide advanced password guessing lists.

Here are some of the types of techniques used in password guessing for Roblox users.

1. Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

This method has to do with checking out the victim's social media handles. The hacker or fellow that is guessing the password gets access to vital information about the victim like the birth dates, spouse or partner, children, pet, and the rest. With this information, hacking the victims' accounts could be less stressful because they can provide the hacker with clues on the password.

Other cool software can be used to assist this technique in guessing the password used by the victim. They include:

Dictionary Attack software

The dictionary attack software is one of the common tools used by hackers when it comes to guessing passwords in Roblox.

The software acts by way of providing the hacker with passwords that are commonly used. The hacker then keeps trying each of them until one work, which grants him or her access to the victim's account.

Rainbow table

The Rainbow table is another simple tool used by hackers to guess the password of the victim. Rainbow table is a software that runs a test on the victims' information provided, after which it suggests the victim's username and password.

2. Phishing Emails

The phishing email is another common technique employed by password guessers to hack the accounts of their victims. This method is usually successful most of the time. With this technique, delicate information is obtained from people mostly by sending emails containing unusual links. When the victim clicks on, it helps them retrieve vital information used in password guessing.

Another technique is creating a website and asking for login credentials from the users, which is used for password guessing. The goal here is to trick people, so they get to release delicate information, including credit card details, passwords, etc.

3. Keylogger and Malware

Keylogger and Malware

This technique requires a high level of expertise because to break an account with this method, and the hacker will have to use some of the latest apps.

This technique involves creating malicious software, which is not an easy task and will take a very skilled hacker to do a great job. The malicious software will have to be installed on the victim's PC, after which it goes in search of vital information on the victim's computer, which it sends back to the host.

This software is found on malware apps torrents, websites, etc. And most users choose to download these apps without thinking of any malware or virus that could be present.

Top Roblox Password Guessing Targets

Password guessers do have different motives or reasons for hacking other users' accounts, but here is a list of the top password guessers' targets.

  • Roblox game creators or developers that are successful
  • Users that have outstanding groups of all kinds
  • Administrators in Roblox
  • Famous and exceptional clothes designers
  • Users that possess incredibly wealthy Roblox account or possess a lot of items.
  • Users with old accounts on Roblox
  • Users that have a unique ID

Here is a list of Roblox top passwords

1. new123456

2. 10203456789

3. dragon boat

4. 1221221221

5. 1218345

6. courteous

7. passwordless

8. 11233455677

9. 121434

10. 12345678

11. 12301230

12. abc1a2b3c

13. 690690690

14. 166166166

15. shadowless

16. letoutsigh

17. baseballtrend

18. mastermind

19. funding

20. monkeybar

21. thunderbolt

22. killeropinion

23. findme

24. trustnotwo

25. crimsonred

26. jordanbro

27. grassisgreen

28. crossroads

29. crazyisyou

30. hunter

31. camel ride

32. busterblock

33. gemofaperson

34. soccerlove

35. pricelesme

36. harleyshop

37. iloveyoutoo

38. batmandress

39. sunshinebright

40. andrewcool

41. jesuschrist

42. tiggerbrave

43. georgewalton

44. ilovemarry

45. crisscross

46. thomashardy

47. klastercash

48. hockeystadium

49. starwarsbravo

50. rangershot

51. lionking

52. danielsteel

53. 420420420

54. computer

55. 100100100

56. iloveyou

57. 666666

58. jaguar

59. educate

60. pepper

61. ferocious

62. 1010101

63. joshuasdad

64. 898989

65. barbieprincess

66. passwording

67. gingerbread

68. flawless

69. allowed

70. majestic

71. cheese

72. 1597053

73. accessmyaccount

74. ammendment

75. matthewsworld

76. summerade

77. biteme

78. loveyourcity

79. tremendous

80. ashleysuncle

81. nicoleson

82. 609609

83. yankeesgame

84. catlikedog

85. 0987654321

86. jenniferisright

87. balldallas

88. mattress

89. austincity

90. tailor

91. thunderous

92. courageous

93. cobwebs

94. 12c33c21

95. spiderweb

96. mustangwill

97. pussycat

98. playsafe

99. crude words

100. michaeljack

There are advanced techniques that can be used for password guessing in Roblox. However, you need the latest technology to be able to accomplish the developed method. The hacker here should be an expert who possesses a high level of knowledge to retrieve the vital data used to break or guess the Roblox password.

The advanced techniques used for password guessing are not free, and the price depends on its advancement.

The more advanced a Roblox password guessing technique is, the more costly it becomes. Most advanced lists are unbelievably expensive, and people don't mind purchasing them; maybe this is because they stand to gain more as the games provide it's users a platform they can use to make money.

How to Secure Your Account against Roblox Password Guessers

1. Allow for account pin activation.

This makes it possible for you to get notified every time there is a change in your settings like your password, phone number, username, pin enabling, date of birth, or two-factor authorization. This way, no unauthorized user can change any of your account settings without you knowing unless the person has the pin already.

2. Be at alert so your password won't be acquired physically.

Your Roblox account details can be stolen from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other device with your Roblox account information. In this case, your device might have been stolen. All you need to do is log in into your account in another device, change your details immediately, and log out your account from all sessions.

3. Try to confirm your Email and permit two-step verification.

By doing this, you get notified each time your Roblox account has been logged in from another device or location. Roblox would employ the hacker to input a code that has been sent to the Email of the registered user before it would approve the login. The method also lets you know when your account password is being guessed; this way, you can change your password to a stronger one.

Secure Your Roblox Account from Password Guessing

  • Make sure your password doesn't come with any information that can be easily identified. Information like your date of birth, Roblox username, and simple passwords like "roblox123."
  • Make sure your password is long.
  • Start utilizing a robust online password generator or password manager
  • Avoid making use of common letters in your password
  • Make sure not to share your password with anybody.
  • Be vigilant and careful of the app you download and the sites you access.

Here is a table highlighting the different techniques employed by hackers and the method they use to access your vital information and how you can protect your account details.

Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) Obtain vital information on from victims social media accounts, which the hacker uses to guess the Roblox password
  • Make sure your password is unique to every platform.
  • Avoid the use of simple letters in your password.
Phishing emails Obtain vital information from the victim by sending Email with unusual links, leading to the victims providing their login credentials.
  • Enable two-step verification
  • Be careful of the kind of links you click
Keylogger and malware Installs a malicious software on the victim's PC, searching for vital information on the PC and sending it back to the host.
  • Be careful of the apps you download and the websites you access.
  • Mind who you grant access to your PC.


Password guessing is an illegal act and Roblox, and different other games have a way of handling these acts. Roblox developers have a lot of punishment given to account that shows these illegal and tricky ways of playing the game, including blacking and blocking the player from having access to the game.

Roblox developers may have access to the Roblox guessing list because they have their game developers whose work is to deliver protection and security to the users and account. It is advised to avoid the use of password guessing as some accounts are provided with legal actions. However, most people still take the risk due to the enormous benefits they get from the game.

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