Turo vs Getaround - Which is the better peer-to-peer rental platforms ?

by Dan Sullivan

Have you ever hired a car? Then you will know the frustration that comes with the process. From going to the car hiring shop, standing in a queue, filling out enormous paperwork, and then getting to pay more for the car than you anticipated. You do not have to go through all those processes to rent a car anymore; all you need is a smartphone.

With peer to peer car renting services, car owners go on the platform to record their cars while those who require these cars and want to hire one of them go on the platform to search for available or free cars, select the one they like, then hire and pay for the vehicle. All this is done in your home's comfort or anywhere else through a convenient website or mobile application.

Also, as a personal car owner, peer to peer car renting services is one way to make money from your car by renting it out.

Did you know that your car spends more time packed at work or in the garage than you drive? Think about it: how many hours do you get to drive your car in a day?

Research has revealed that an average car spends 95% of the time stationed in a place. Meaning, your vehicle possibly spends six (6) hours on the go in a week, while it's packed or stationed in a garage or maybe parked in your office block for the rest one hundred and sixty-two (162) hours.

So instead of letting your car stay stationed for that long, why don't you earn cash by renting your car through this peer to peer renting platform?

Many platforms offer this peer to peer services where you can rent out your car or rent a car with ease. With many lists of such platforms available, it's quite challenging for you to choose which to rent your vehicle on or go to rent a car.

This article provides you with a comparison between the two (2) most popular peer-to-peer rental platforms:

1. Turo.

2. Getaround.

These two platforms provide you with a more beneficial and smooth replacement for traditional car rental businesses.

1. Turo - Link

Turo vs Getaround - Which is the better peer-to-peer rental platforms ?: Turo
Turo vs Getaround - Which is the better peer-to-peer rental platforms ?: Turo

They were previously known as RelayRides. The company has been in existence since the year 2010, with its headquarters situated in San Francisco.

It was rebranded in the year 2015 from RelayRides to Turo. This business operates in the United Kingdom, and in specific provinces in Canada, and in Germany. Please note that their services can also be found in different countries.

It is easy to sign up on Turo. Turo also ensures that the renter is thoroughly investigated ; this way, you don't have to worry about your car is in safe hands.

Basics of Turo

  • Let's say you want to rent a car, or maybe you are renting out your car via Turo, first things first. You will have to be at the age of twenty-one (21), at least. Then the next thing is to sign up on the Turo platform. You can do this either using your Facebook or Google account if you don't want to sign up directly.
  • As you sign up on the Turo platform, you will be required to provide some vital details or information and verify your identity.
  • After the above process, you can effortlessly rent a car on the platform by merely submitting your location and travel specification.
  • And as a car owner who signed up on the Turo platform, you get notified each time your car has been requested. You also get about eight hours (8) to react to the notification or information.
  • With Turo, you can protect your privacy by getting to choose where to meet the renter to hand over your car. This way, the renter doesn't need to know where you live.
  • Car renting on Turo is on an hourly basis. And the renter state the hours the car will be needed while the car owner gets to choose the rate at which he rents his car.

Amazingly the car owner can choose to customize his profile. This way, he gets to choose the rate per hour for his car. You also decide whether the renter has to come to get the car or deliver it himself and even choose whether to charge the renter for the car delivery.


  • You can find local car owners and renter easily on Turo.
  • A wide range of cars can be found on Turo, such as luxury and sports cars.
  • Turo has easy to navigate a website for its users.


  • Lots of hidden expenses in the form of delivery payments, gas, protection, and the rest
  • Security and insurance in Turo are not that worthwhile compared to that of traditional car renting.

2. Getaround - Link


Getaround, on the other hand, has been around since 2009. And just like Turo, its headquarters is located in San Francisco. Getaround starts its peer to peer car renting services in the year 2011 and combined with Drivy, a European car rental platform, in the year 2019, to be able to grow its presence globally.

Currently, Getaround is present in several US cities, including Miami, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Chicago, and others.

Basics of Getaround

  • Getaround allows its app users to sign up for free without any charges or fees.
  • All users must be of 19 years and above and must possess a driving experience proof.
  • Getaround, unlike Turo, allows car owners to charge renters on an hourly or daily basis. This way, renters won't be bound to the daily rate when they need the car for an errand. The car owners also get to choose the rate range for the hourly and daily car renting basis.
  • Signing up on Getaround is relatively easy and doesn't require much time. After signing up on Getaround, it leads to a list of vehicles and their pickup locations. Note, signing up for Getaround requires all renters and car owners to link their Facebook accounts to complete the signup process for identification.
  • Getaround comes with an eligibility standard, preventing the possibility of people's cars from getting into the wrong hands.
  • On Getaround, there is a fixed price of the daily and hourly renting of cars, so owners do not get to choose the rate at which they rent their cars.
  • Car owners on Getaround are not allowed to customize their profile, unlike car owners on Turo. And also, the car owners don't get to choose whether to deliver the car or let the renter pick it up; the owner drops off the vehicle in the pickup point while the renter picks it up.


  • Getaround is accessible to young renters and owners.
  • Hourly rates are inexpensive.
  • There is no need to come in contact with the renters and the use of keys.


  • Expensive daily rates
  • The car has to be returned at pick up point by the renter and picked up by the owner.

Summary of Turo vs Getaround

Summary of Turo vs Getaround
Summary of Turo vs Getaround

In summary, here is a table highlighting the criteria used in comparing the two peer to peer sharing services.




PRICEowner chooses the rate at which to rent the car + additional fees where applicableFixed-rate for cars + additional fees where applicable
AVAILABILITYAvailable in US, Canada, United Kingdom, and GermanyOnly available in major cities in the US
CUSTOMER SERVICEGreat customers serviceGreat customers service
AGE REQUIREMENTS21 years and above19 years and above

Comparison of Turo vs Getaround in Detail

With these details about each rental service, we have gotten to know about the two outstanding peer to peer renting services.

The next thing is to compare these two well-known platforms; this way, you will know which ones best for you.

Our criteria for this comparison will be based on;

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Customer service
  • Requirements

1. Price

The price of renting in any of these two platforms depends on some factors. When it comes to the rates, these two platforms share some similarities. Price for renting on these platforms vary based on the fact that in most cases, the car owners get to choose the rate at which they rent out their car and also on the fact that there are different rental periods ( weekly, daily, and hourly.)

However, due to additional charges, the prices for each platform vary from the other.

In addition to Turo's rental cost, there is an additional late fee, security deposit, ticket fee, toll fee, under 25 fee, additional mileage fee, fuel replacement fee.

While in Getaround, the additional fee includes a fee for damages, under 25 fees (varies), booking fee, the fee for late return, smoking fee, deposit for security, fuel replacement, license fee, and additional mileage fee.

2. Availability

These have to do with areas where these services are available.

Getaround is present in most major cities in the US, including Chicago, New Jersey, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland. Thus, Getaround is accessible for those traveling or living in the cities, as mentioned above of the US.

Turo, whose headquarters is also located in San Francisco, is not only accessible to people living in the US. Their services are also accessible by people living in Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. So with this, Turo is more accessible as its services are available for other countries and not just the big cities in the US.

3. Customer service

It's comforting to realize that both platforms have excellent customer service, where you can get support from anything that goes wrong.

Getaround and Turo apps come with an assistance phone number you can call anytime and a chat option to get quick replies to your questions.

4. Requirements

Requirements for Turo

  • You must have an account with Turo
  • Must possess a clear record in driving and no criminal history.
  • Have a legal and current driver's license.
  • Be at the age of 21 or more.
  • Proof to show you have been driving for at least two years for people under 25 years.
  • Mobile phone

Requirements for Getaround

  • Clean record in driving
  • A clear record in a drug-related incident for the past seven years
  • Undergo and finish a check on the driving record.
  • Must be 25 and more before you have access to some vehicles
  • Possess a license that is at least two years old
  • Must be 19 years, at least.


Getaround and Turo are unique platforms where you can rent your car as a car owner and earn some cash.

Although Turo is available in the US and beyond, Getaround is similarly getting to all US major cities.

The choice to choose between Turo and Getaround is entirely yours to make based on your particular priorities. But note that as a car owner, you get more flexibility and a greater rate for your car when you choose Turo.

Also, unlike Getaround, Turo does not accept young renters, and Turo also comes with a high lateness fee and damage fee. Getaround allows for young renters and comes with a lower rate.

I will say that both platforms provide excellent services, but it is left for you to choose which to use. And before selecting any of the platforms, do well to go through their terms and conditions.

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