How to Download Instagram Videos? - Best Methods in 2023

by Dan Sullivan

Have you ever come across an amazing videos on Instagram?. And you so much love it and want to keep it stored on your local device.

Why a Need to Download Instagram Videos

Yes, we know there are lots of Instagram videos that are worth saving. So what do you do in this situation. How do you go about getting this video to your local device?. It's very easy to do and simple like ABC. With the right method and following the instructions given below. You will definitely have your desired Instagram video on your local device. This article, has been written to provide some simple methods. Methods you can use to download any Instagram video of your choice. You can not only download from post, but also from IGTV and Insta stories. The methods we will be providing are quite simple to use. And they are efficient and easy to use.

So what are these methods. These methods include the following; But before then, we know we have individuals who might be hearing Instagram for the first time. Instagram is a fun place to be as an online user. Instagram is a social media platform where you can do lots of stuffs. You can a whole loads of pictures, videos, captions and the likes. With over 100mllion daily upload, you can never be bored. At the moment of reading the article, users of Instagram are uploading pictures and videos. It is one of the most downloaded apps on Android google play store and iOS apple store.

Why a Need to Download Instagram Videos
Why a Need to Download Instagram Videos

Downloading Instagram pictures into your mobile device is very easy, you can easily screenshot the image based on your device setting. But to download videos, its not as simple as the pictures. There are ways to go about it.

Next, Why do I need to download a video from Instagram?. Well, we all have our reasons for needing to do something. But for videos on Instagram, there are several reasons why you want to download a video. These reasons could be any of the following;

  • A funny meme video that you want to show family and friends
  • A video tutorial on 'How-to' do something like makeup, cooking, fashion and the likes.
  • An heartwarming video like one of a cat playing piano.

Best Ways to Download Instagram Videos in 2023

Great thing, about Instagram is there are lots of videos section you can explore on the search page. Lots of videos that are worth watching again and again offline. So that's why you need to know ways of saving these videos from Instagram. They include the following;

1. Using the screen recorder function on your device.

Just as we explained the pictures being saved on your local device using screenshot. Some device have something similar to screenshot. It's a screen recorder, it records all the current happenings on your device. Simply open your Instagram app, go to the video you wish to save. Strategy the screen recording when the video starts, and stop it when the video ends. Different device have different settings for their screen recorder. Some device have the screen recorder km default, while others require you to turning it on.

If your device lacks a screen recorder, not to worry. We have provided a list of third party screen recorder applications you can use . And it also works for devices that already have an in built screen recorder. So the list of some legit and good third party screen recorder apps includes the following;

  • AZ screen recorder (link)
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder (link)
  • Video Recorder by Inshot (link)

With this above listed apps, you can easily pick one to use. Even if you have an in built screen recorder, these apps will still work for you. Well, the in built screen recorder is still good for the normal phone users.

2. Using a Video Downloader for Instagram App for your device

We have some impressive and amazing Video downloader app for your Instagram. Like the name suggests, it allows you to download any video from the social media platform with the likes of Instagram. And its quite easy to use, simply download and install the app on your mobile device.

Afterwards, open your Instagram app and go to the desired video. On the video, you will find three dots at the top right corner of the video. Tap on the dots and a list will pop-up. Click on the copy link tab.

Then, launch your Video Downloader for Instagram. The copied link from the video, paste it in the required section (an empty field). Click on the Download Button of the app interface. And your video will start downloading. You have your video on your local device memory. Another feature about this app, it can be used to download pictures also.

3. Making use of the browsers to download videos to your local device.

We have some browsers like Blaze (Browser and File manager), Phoenix Browser and etc. These browsers are tools which can download files from any social media platform. You can easily download these browsers, login to your Instagram account on the app. Then, visit the page where you have your desired video. Some browsers pops up a download icon on the screen. Others put a download icon on the video when it starts playing. Then you can download and save your video on your local device.

4. Using Instagram Video Downloader Online tools for the PC users.

If you have a PC, and you make use of it to visit the Instagram site. You can still download your videos on your PC. There are various online tools to make use of online. They are easy to use and navigate around. They have a user friendly interface for their users. Downloads are quite fast and are light weight in size. We have complied a list of some of the best Instagram video downloader tool for you. Visit these sites and make use of them. Just visit the video you wish to download. Click on the three dots, and select copy link. The copied link is usually pasted in these tools. These tools are;

Just follow the above instructions, and enjoy your video offline.

5. Making use of Modified Instagram App, to download Videos easily

Currently, most apps that is meant for social media are usually modified. These modified apps usually come with advance and great looking features. For Instagram, the modded app comes with features like

  • Downloading of videos and pictures easily
  • Zooming in on profile pictures
  • Saving multiple pictures and videos at once on your device
  • Free access to personalize your viewing
  • Increased time length for videos

One great thing is, you can have both set of apps on your device. Nothing stops either apps from working at the same time. You can use both at the same time. So what are the types of nodded apps we have?. We have gone great lengths just to get these apps name for you. You can search for them online and download. Enjoy them. They include the following;

  • InstagramPlus
  • InstagramXtreme
  • OGInstagram
  • GBInstagram

With these listed nodded apps for Instagram, you can download videos easily. All you need to do is get the apps and install any of your choice. Open and register with your Instagram account details. Visit the video you want to download. Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the video. Then, select download. For multiple pictures and videos. You can pick the one you want or download all. Note, you should try using a dummy account to login. Avoid using your main account when using the nodded version. Yes, we know they have advanced and sexy looking features. But try to stay safe with your account. Use a dummy account always.

6. Dredown , an online web tool you should try out

Dredown  , an online web tool you should try out
Dredown , an online web tool you should try out

Most people still refer this app by its former name, Instadown. It is one of the best, authentic and most original tool for Downloading videos on Instagram. Its easy to use and navigate around. It has a cool and nice looking user interface. You use it similarly to others listed above. Open your Instagram, visit the video. Click on the threw dots, select copy link. Paste the copied link into the Dredown box and click download. Simple as ABC, and you have your file on your local device.

Great feature about this app, it works not only for Instagram. It works for other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Vevo, Vine, Metacafe, Twitch, etc. All you need is the link to your desired post..

In conclusion

We have listed some of the best and simple methods to download your favored Instagram video. Depending on what suits you, you can pick any of the provided method. So you can start using any of the provided method and saving your desired video on your local device. All these methods are quite easy and very straightforward to use. Just follow the steps provided and enjoy the methods. Well, we come to an end for the post. Hope we were able to provide some adequate tips on the probably solution. Thank you for reading.


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